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Pan It! - 2021 Challenge πŸ†

Welcome to the 2021 Pan It Challenge !!



HUGE round of applause for the 2020 Panners πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ Despite an incredibly hectic year I couldn't be more proud of each and every one of you who spent even a second thinking about your projects.  It was a huge inspiration for me and I'm sure others as well.  Cannot wait to see your new projects and whatever this year has in store for us!


The "Rules"

To accommodate a variety of interests, you all are encouraged to pick items to pan that are most suitable to your collections.  For some, this might mean focusing on a particular type of product (like lipstick) and for others this may include a larger variety spanning your entire makeup or skincare routine.


Getting Started (please share the following)

  • Which item(s) you would like to work on
  • How long you will work on said item
  • Goal: explore a new item, revisit an old item, decide whether to keep pass or trash, and/or completely finish item, etc.
  • Starting photo of item

Please Use This Thread To...

  • share what item(s) you are working on,
  • provide comparative progress photos of your item(s) monthly (at the beginning of the month when possible),
  • ask questions,
  • encourage others,
  • motivate others with the looks you create with your item(s)

Tips and Tricks to Panning/Getting Some Use Out of Your Stash:


  • Take photos!!  When you think you aren’t making a dent in anything look back at those photos, I’m certain you’ll see some changes πŸ˜ƒ
  • If you goal is to hit pan or use something up entirely, try concentrating your brush/applicator in the same area each time you use it
  • Multitask your products: eyeshadows as highlighter, lipstick as blush, eyeshadow as brow powder, etc. 
  • Layer eyeshadow to create different colors (this is especially helpful to get use out of shades you’re not fond of).
  • Have shadows with a ton of fall out?  Use water
  • Watching the progress of others’ can be fun but try not compare your progress to theirs.  We all use our makeup differently and have different goals.
  • Don’t restrict yourself to only using the item(s) you are working on.  It’s more than OK to incorporate other items or take a break!
  • Makeup should be fun….if you begin to dread doing your makeup because you made a commitment to use a product that you now hate, TOSS IT!  Do not force yourself to use up something you don’t like.  Move on to something else!  (This includes excluding particular shades from your goals if focusing on palettes, etc.)

Ideas to Help You Pan Those Items:

  • Roll the dice: number your items and use a random number generator to pick what you will use each (day/week/month/etc.) 
  • Layer/Mask: items you are less fond of under things you like
  • Pan a Look: at the beginning of the week pick a look that you can wear everyday
  • Recreate: a look worn by a fellow BICer, celebrity, etc.
  • Spice up an "everyday" look by adding subtle pops of color (in the crease or on the lower lash line, mix lip products to make shades wearable, etc.)

Past Panning Challenges:


.... and for good measure, 



Re: Pan It! - 2021 Challenge πŸ†

Forgive me; I wasn't going to add a new seasonal pan; then a perfect idea fell into my head and so we have:


     πŸ Fall For Lipstick! πŸ’„πŸ


Fall is my biggest Lipstick season of the year. Why not go crazy with it?


 Join me if you like and choose your goals to suit yourself. My goal is to work through as much of lipstick collection as possible, using each 1-2 times minimum, then rolling in more. I'm going to focus on groups of four at a time, for variety, and to get through the week easily. I may let the odd gloss or lip oil slip in here & there. This pan will end on the first day of Winter, Dec. 21st, 2021.


I'll update maybe 2x/month, just posting the names and pic of, & that I hit my goals on them. I'm aiming to re-acquaint myself with colors I haven't picked up in ages and maybe decide which of the many nude browns & warm baby pinks I don't really need. 


Here's my starting line-up:  Wet-n-Wild Liquid Catsuit in Sea Seduction (navy shimmer)

                                            Avon Ultra color Rich lipstick in Purple Hazed (shimmery, slightly iridescent pinkish-lavender)

                                            NYX lipstick in 1998 (90s style greyed taupe)

                                            Benefit They're Real! Double the Lip in Lusty Rose (liner and lipstick in one tube, soft red rose)


Nice assortment?Nice assortment?

Re: Pan It! - 2021 Challenge πŸ†

@heavyhedon Great idea! I do hope you post some of your looks in the Lipstick Challenge thread!

Re: Pan It! - 2021 Challenge πŸ†

@Samtian -- will do!

Re: Pan It! - 2021 Challenge πŸ†

September Panning Update:


 Regular panning has not gone that beautifully during the summer; hard for me to do more than eye makeup in the heat; but a couple of cool things happened, along with finishing up 5 by Fall:



Dirty Little Secrets blush in Kitty Pink, which had pan then shattered, was re-pressed, and through using it any time I blush at all, I've hit tiny baby pan again!


baby pan!!!baby pan!!!


Used all but maybe one use of the Becca First Light primer; ready to say goodbye to this.


more panning 1 003.JPG


Have decided that It's clearly not going to happen that I'll hit pan this year on a dozen blushes & highlighters from Pixi Beauty kit 2nd Edition (big surprise), and using up the whole Too Faced White Chip mini palette either, so i'm going to keep using them but focus on hitting pan on a single shade in each, then choose another, and so on. 


Pans to focus on marked with white paper here: 


Great fall shadeGreat fall shadeDeep dips but no pan yetDeep dips but no pan yet 


Those are the current goals, still using a UD sample highlighter in Sin with no end in sight.

Re: Pan It! - 2021 Challenge πŸ†

Five by Fall Final Update~


Thank you @itsfi for joining me in this seasonal pan! It was a fun way to move through parts of my collection I've ignored. My take on this pan was usage, and I used: 4 glosses, a highlighter, an eyeliner, & a mascara 5 times each.


Also got several uses each from another liner & mascara,.a lip oil, a liquid blush and a cream blush (multistick), finishing up the lip oil and finding the second liner to be unusable. 


 Welcome Fall, I am ready (mostly) πŸ‚πŸπŸ‚πŸ

Re: Pan It! - 2021 Challenge πŸ†

@heavyhedon good work!!!

Re: Pan It! - 2021 Challenge πŸ†

Thanks @Samtian -- A very limited pan seems to be my best way to pan.

Re: Pan It! - 2021 Challenge πŸ†

5 by fall: final update πŸ

5 by fall - 9.21.2021.jpg

Happy fall, panners! πŸƒπŸ‚ Here's where things came out with @heavyhedon's fun seasonal sub-challenge! 


Ellis Brooklyn BEE Eau de Parfum - DONE! Woohoo! I think the line at the bottom of this rollerball smeared but I was able to work through this perfume - yes! Once I figured out that this fragrance works best on my skin when I'm not wearing any competing scents, it was one I reached for every day and sometimes multiple times throughout the day. 


I liked the softening and moisturizing properties from I'm From Rice Toner. The high concentration of rice extract in the product added some brightness to my complexion with continued use. The glass bottle is very nice too though I was extra careful when handling it. This is a product I would happily use again, but I feel like I have a slight preference for the Laneige Skin Cream products, which are similar and come in both a toner/moisturizer and mist form. I wasn't quite able to finish the I'm From Rice Toner before fall but I will finish up the bottle before the end of this month. Yaaaay!


I made steady, consistent progress on the other products and plan to continue reaching for and working through them. I happened upon a good pairing of the Illume Eternal Nomad Thai Lily Body Butter with one of my body mists and can see myself reaching more for that combination moving forward.


The Missha Misa Cho Bo Yang BB Cream No. 23 isn't a perfect match for my skin tone but mixing it with my moisturizer helps with the color and it gives me an extra layer of moisturizer after my spf.


There is a lot of product in this Guerlain KissKiss Roselip Tinted Lip Balm - Pink Me Up. It adds a nice hint of color on my lips while keeping my lips soft and lightly moisturized. I like that I can build up the color a little with a few more layers. This one will continue to be one of the lip balms I keep in my purse. 

Re: Pan It! - 2021 Challenge πŸ†

@itsfi Woo good job!

Re: Pan It! - 2021 Challenge πŸ†

Thank you @Samtian! I like chipping away at my current stash. Nice to see things whittling down … and making space for um, more things?! Hahaha! 😝 

Re: Pan It! - 2021 Challenge πŸ†

@itsfi -- thanks for the stellar update, wow, I can't remember the last time i finished any form of perfume/cologne/body mist, but it had to be at least 30 years ago. That's mammoth!


It's so cool reading the details of your pan here, and gives me ideas for some of my own stuff moving forward. 

Re: Pan It! - 2021 Challenge πŸ†

@heavyhedon, fragrance has really been a source of comfort and calm for me these last 18 months. I don't burn candles as frequently in the summer so perfumes and body lotions fill that space during the warmer seasons. I sometimes like to add one spritz in the air in my car for my commute, my own little bit of aromatherapy on the drive home. πŸ€£                                                                                                                                               

Re: Pan It! - 2021 Challenge πŸ†

Five by Fall update!


 Well, this whole rolling thing rolls along, just a few more days till Fall! πŸπŸ‚πŸ


Used the Ciate Lip Lustre 5 times; same with (finally) the L'oreal Voluminous Mascara in Violet; it's on it's last legs too.


About the purple liner (Lancome), I had to melt it to use it the 3rd and 4th times, no matter how down far I sharpened; it's just crumbling off my face as I use it-- unacceptable. So, 4 times used and now it's been tossed.


I have thus used all the original items and have only a Bite Multi-stick in Gelato and Benefit Dandelion Dew liquid face color to use a couple more times. Seems silly to roll a bunch more products in knowing I can't make 5 uses by the end, but I'm rolling in 2 more anyway, 2 nearly used up minis I got through Ipsy:


Ciate Lip Oil In Mango Lime Burst, and Uoma Drama Bomb mascara. If i use them both 2,3 times more, they'll be gone, I think, and that will make 5 lippies rolled into in this pan. 


Not much left!Not much left!pan fall 4 006.JPG


Thanks for reading!

Re: Pan It! - 2021 Challenge πŸ†

@heavyhedon Great job!!

Re: Pan It! - 2021 Challenge πŸ†

@Samtian -- aw, thanks! I'm happy to have used so many items even a few times.

Re: Pan It! - 2021 Challenge πŸ†

@heavyhedon, wow! Excellent work on the Ciate gloss and Uoma mascara! Is the Uoma mascara one you would repurchase?

Re: Pan It! - 2021 Challenge πŸ†



I think so, yes, it ticks all the boxes. I had a mini, and I'd likely purchase 2 minis over one full just because I liked the way this one worked. Some wands work poorly in a mini compared to full, but not Drama Bomb. Also it's very black and with almost a little glossy quality to it, which I like. 

Re: Pan It! - 2021 Challenge πŸ†

Ahhh, good info @heavyhedon. Thank you! I prefer mini's when it to mascara so it's great to know that the wand on the mini Uoma mascara works well.

Re: Pan It! - 2021 Challenge πŸ†

Nice job, @heavyhedon!! 

Re: Pan It! - 2021 Challenge πŸ†

Another  Five by Fall! Update:


Easily used the Avon Fruity Lip Juice in Pineapple 5 times; just used it every day starting Monday, keeping it with me all day too. This usage-based pan makes for many posts, but it's also got me wearing products I might not have touched for months. 

So, out with the Pineapple Gloss, and in with Ciate Lip Lustre in Kiss Me:


Not a shade I wear much in Fall.Not a shade I wear much in Fall.

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