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so i know i did not do a favorites thread last month, i apologize. but here it is ! what beauty things have you been loving the past couple of months ?


i have 2 fragrances: TOCCA - colette and D.S. & DURGA siberian snow. both of these are perfect for grey cold days. now, where i live it's been insanely warm for february, but we still get spurts, and sometimes i can create the "feeling" of the seasons even if the weather is failing to cooperate. colette is cozy and a bit sweet, with juniper berries adding a lovely crispness. siberian snow is a stark and chilled amber and incense with mint (a proper herbaceous mint, rather than a mentholated one); it's designed for women though i think it is very much unisex. 


PIXI x CAROLINE HIRONS double cleanse. this should come as no surprise. i particularly love the cream cleanser (crossing all my fingers and toes they end up releasing it separately as i'm getting through it much quicker than the balm). i love cream cleansers, particularly this time of year, and this is my favorite one i've ever used. unlike so many cream cleansers, though, it contains no shea butter (which can trigger break outs on me), and feels quite 'thin' (somewhere between a milk and a cream, much like the consistency of soft creams). it almost feels like it sinks into the skin, but then still wipes off completely clean with a washcloth. in love.


NARS soft matte complete concealer. this is my new favorite concealer. it is my color (chantilly), it actually covers my under eye dark circles (wow) and it blends so easily and seamlessly. i can't imagine being without it now. i had been devoted to the radiant creamy concealer for yearrrrrrs, but these days need more help with the dark bags under my eyes. this has done it.


NARS velvet lip liner. i'm super picky about my lip pencils: they can't be too dry, but what i hate more is if they're too slippy. what i love about the nars liner--these are the proper lip pencils, not the fat velvet matte ones--is that they're a bit thick. i think this is likely polarizing, but the texture helps anything i put on top of it (lipstick, or the velvet lip glides which work magnificently with these) bind to my lips. i find these liners make my lips look fuller and plumper. i want all of them.


AVEDA dry remedy hair oil. this stuff is everything i've ever wanted. a PROPER hair oil that is SILICONE FREE !!!! the past year i've learned that i can't use silicones in my hair--i just need too much product to be effective, then the silicone ends up weighing down the hair and causing breakage. this aveda oil is my hair's best friend--it drinks it up but never weighs it down. adore.


BITE BEAUTY amuse bouche lipstick - fig. i almost left this one out and i can't believe it because it's been my favorite surprise of the month ! fig is special. on me, i find it to be a skin brightening pink. while it doesn't look particularly natural, it doesn't scream LOOK AT MY PINK LIPSTICK either. i can't quite explain it. but for me, this one is a keeper, and quite possibly my new favorite shade from the amuse bouche line.



Hi @jemly! Here are my current Favorites.

*Dior Nail Glow - Clean, fresh, long lasting. I don't wear a colored polish very often, so this makes me feel a bit more put together. 

*Nars Audacious Lipstick 'Rita' Special Edition packaging -  It's true. I bought this partly because I loved the packaging. I mentioned the other day that I wore a red lipstick just to go grocery shopping. This was it. I'm playing catch up for all the years I didn't wear lipstick. Lipstick makes me happy.

*May Lindstrom The Honey Mud - I use this as a cleanser and a weekly mask. I will repurchase, even with her recent announcement of price increase. I enjoy this cleanser tremendously. It is gentle, nourishing and the smell is downright addictive. 

*Savannah Bee Company Acacia Honey - I guess I'm on a Honey kick. I use honey in my coffee, tea & on food. I eat Raw Honeycomb daily. I think Honey has some amazing health benefits. 

*EcoTan Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub - I had my eye on this for a while. I follow Ecotan on Instagram. I waited until they offered a free shipping deal and went for it. This is my third bottle. It offers serious exfoliation, smells great and is Certified Organic. It doesn't take much. Soft skin. 

This was fun! Have a great day, everyone!! Smiley Happy


That's my absolute favorite honey.  I like their orange blossom one as well. Smiley Happy


Yay monthly faves! I picked up a few new things this past month and have been really happy with them:


NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer (in Vanilla) - Yup, this is a fave of mine as well. It doesn't give me as much coverage as the KVD Conclear Creme, but it also doesn't look as heavy. The colour is also a perfect match.


Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Foundation (in Fair Neutral) - Broke down and bought this after all the hype I've seen. I had to see what it's about, and thus far I really like it! It's a lot more lightweight and sheer than I expected, but can be built up. The shade is also perfect. I think this will be my go-to foundation all summer.


Benefit Goof Proof Pencil (#2) - I've been really critical of this pencil, I did not think it deserved the ridiculous amount of praise it was getting. But lately it's been my go-to for quick, perfect brows, and the colour is great. So I guess I need to lighten up on it. Smiley Tongue


Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow - Such a beautiful bronzer. The shade is perfect and it blends so beautifully. 


Drybar Blonde Ale shampoo - Still obsessed with this stuff, and it's been nearly a year. It's the best purple shampoo.


I wondered if anyone had tried the Blonde Ale shampoo! I'll need a good purple shampoo after mine from the hairdressers runs out, and couldn't decide! Is it drying at all? I like to use it every second wash it keep my hair bright, but it's very drying. @Asche


@Haleyhale I wouldn't describe it as drying, but I don't find it especially hydrating either. It's just a great purple shampoo. I use it 2-3 times a week and my hair doesn't feel dried out at all (but I also use hair masks regularly). 


Ok, excellent, I will try it! I also use a lot of hair masks since dying it, I just keep trying new ones, DS sized ones, samples. Where before I wouldn't get any samples or perks for hair but it's become my new search. @Asche


I hope you love it as much as I do! Smiley Happy


@Asche  I've been so curious about Filmstar Bronze and Glow.  Does it have an orange tones to it?  I'm pretty fair and it's difficult to find a good bronzer shade.  Thank.



Stila Magnificent Metals- as you can see, I almost have all shades Smiley Happy

Marc Jacobs Enamored Nail Polish in Sunday's Cool

Dior Lip Glow in Berry


Love your collection! Now I'm even more excited to get my hands on some of the Stila metals Smiley Very Happy


Burberry Sheer Fluid-Tried a sample, I'm in love.

Wayne Goss Air Brush-Finally used it. I bought it when it first came out, and its sat unused. I wasn't sure what to use it with. 

Perfume Vials- I love these things. So great to try out new scents. Especially expensive ones I couldn't afford otherwise Smiley Very Happy


Isn't the Air Brush lovely Smiley Very Happy 


NARS Misconduct blush - I don't think it's any secret what a blush addict I am, but I adore this.  If Sin, Douceur and Orgasm had a baby, this would be it.

NARS Mauritanie Matte Multiple - I've been waiting for this shade since NARS was first planning to release it (2014 summer, I believe?) I don't know why there aren't more red-toned multiples, but this brickish one is just perfect for that rusty, 90s flush.

Kevin Murphy Angel Wash - after changing my hair to steel grey last month it was recommended I get both a color depositing violet shampoo and a shampoo meant for blonde/grey hair. The color depositing one is just meh, but this one smells lovely and leaves my hair soft and silky. 

Bite Beauty Porcini - I love a good brown lipstick, and this is a good brown lipstick.  I was completely surprised by how flattering a yellow toned brown could be.

BECCA Prismatic Amethyst - it's purple, it's opal-y/pearlescent and it's a highlighter.  Need I say more?  It's also a lot more subtle than I've come to expect from BECCA (which is A-OK with me!)

Mahalo Love+ Roses - this serum is so lovely, it pains me to think that once I'm finished it, there's currently no way to repurchase it, as it was a limited run included in a Valentine's/winter box.  It makes my dehydrated skin feel so smooth, soft and comfortable, and the aroma is just heavenly. It's full of coffee, rose, sandalwood, cocoa and lots of skin hydrating oils.

Suqqu Designing Color Eyes Aoshizuku - I had a sea change in my opinion of blue eyeshadows late last year, and I've come to love navies quite a bit. I like this particular quad because of the interesting combination of indigo and tan - it comes off as a rather masculine pairing, like a crisp blue blazer with khakis.


Glad to hear you are loving Nars Misconduct. Smiley Happy I'm eager to get my hands on that one. 


@Mochapj A 3-way baby? Only from NARS hahaha 😂


Well...they do have another blush called Threesome. Smiley Tongue


@Asche Ah, there it is. 


I want Misconduct and Mauritanie <3




Guerlain Meteorites: I finally bought my first tin of Meteorites, and I'm in love. They're so gorgeous and luxurious.


Besame lipstick in Wild Orchid: Good staying power and stunning, vintage color. BT got me hooked on Besame; thanks, guys! 


Dior Lip Glow in Berry: I've been keeping this in my purse for an afternoon touch up since I keep my lipstick collection at home instead of bringing the one I used in the morning with me. I learned my lesson after losing a favorite YSL lippie probably on the NYC subway some years ago!


Commodity Mimosa: I can't even express how much I love this fragrance! It was one of my best discoveries during the fragrance challenge.


Chanel Le Rouge Crayon de Couleur in No. 7 Fuschia: So vibrant and lovely.


RMS Living Luminizer: My current favorite highlighter. I'm wondering if the Nars highlighter palette will dethrone this one when it arrives in a few days, though!


Oh, and I figured it was fitting to show off my orchid (that I've managed to keep alive for two years!) while talking about Besame Wild Orchid.




such a gorgeous photo--i wish i could keep an orchid alive Smiley Sad


@txcatx, beautiful picture as always!  That Guerlain 😍


This is such a beautiful, bright spring composition <3 Your Guerlain balls look pristine Smiley Very Happy


Here are some of my favorites thanks to the recent eyeshadow and perfume challenges!


TarteDon’t Quit Your Day Dream Palette

TarteManeater Palette

Marc Jacobs – Decadence

Dolce & Gabbana – Dolce

Elizabeth & James Nirvana Bourbon


Product Pictures

Tarte - Maneater (left)
Tarte - Don't Quit You're Daydream (right)
(Pictures from Google)

(Perfume pictures from Sephora)
Marc Jacobs - Decadence

Dolce & Gabanna - Doce

Elizabeth & James - Bourbon


Several favorites this month!  

May Lindstrom The Honey Mud and Blue Cocoon - the Most heavenly things I've ever put on my face. I've had Blue Cocoon forever from the CH Cult Beauty Box, but I was never really sure how to use it. Since @Mochapj shared her inside expertise, I've fallen in love and picked up the honey mud.  Love love love them so much and can't wait to get more ML.

Lancome highlighter from one of the Sephora favorites glow on the go, maybe.  It's gorgeous, silky and lasts, the perfect blend of silvery champagne and gold.

Kari Gran lip whip tinted.  I got this a long time ago as a gift. I swear it used to cost $40 or something and I never wanted to use it up. But I see now it's only $15 or so, and so I'm using it every night. It stays on and rivals the Bite Agave lip mask for my favorite lip product.

Sephora brushes 90 and 92 for foundation and or setting powder. Super soft and work great.

Smashbox X-rated Mascara.  Not sure what it is, but this really seems to grab and extend all my lashes.


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