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so i know i did not do a favorites thread last month, i apologize. but here it is ! what beauty things have you been loving the past couple of months ?


i have 2 fragrances: TOCCA - colette and D.S. & DURGA siberian snow. both of these are perfect for grey cold days. now, where i live it's been insanely warm for february, but we still get spurts, and sometimes i can create the "feeling" of the seasons even if the weather is failing to cooperate. colette is cozy and a bit sweet, with juniper berries adding a lovely crispness. siberian snow is a stark and chilled amber and incense with mint (a proper herbaceous mint, rather than a mentholated one); it's designed for women though i think it is very much unisex. 


PIXI x CAROLINE HIRONS double cleanse. this should come as no surprise. i particularly love the cream cleanser (crossing all my fingers and toes they end up releasing it separately as i'm getting through it much quicker than the balm). i love cream cleansers, particularly this time of year, and this is my favorite one i've ever used. unlike so many cream cleansers, though, it contains no shea butter (which can trigger break outs on me), and feels quite 'thin' (somewhere between a milk and a cream, much like the consistency of soft creams). it almost feels like it sinks into the skin, but then still wipes off completely clean with a washcloth. in love.


NARS soft matte complete concealer. this is my new favorite concealer. it is my color (chantilly), it actually covers my under eye dark circles (wow) and it blends so easily and seamlessly. i can't imagine being without it now. i had been devoted to the radiant creamy concealer for yearrrrrrs, but these days need more help with the dark bags under my eyes. this has done it.


NARS velvet lip liner. i'm super picky about my lip pencils: they can't be too dry, but what i hate more is if they're too slippy. what i love about the nars liner--these are the proper lip pencils, not the fat velvet matte ones--is that they're a bit thick. i think this is likely polarizing, but the texture helps anything i put on top of it (lipstick, or the velvet lip glides which work magnificently with these) bind to my lips. i find these liners make my lips look fuller and plumper. i want all of them.


AVEDA dry remedy hair oil. this stuff is everything i've ever wanted. a PROPER hair oil that is SILICONE FREE !!!! the past year i've learned that i can't use silicones in my hair--i just need too much product to be effective, then the silicone ends up weighing down the hair and causing breakage. this aveda oil is my hair's best friend--it drinks it up but never weighs it down. adore.


BITE BEAUTY amuse bouche lipstick - fig. i almost left this one out and i can't believe it because it's been my favorite surprise of the month ! fig is special. on me, i find it to be a skin brightening pink. while it doesn't look particularly natural, it doesn't scream LOOK AT MY PINK LIPSTICK either. i can't quite explain it. but for me, this one is a keeper, and quite possibly my new favorite shade from the amuse bouche line.



An elusive faerie sighting. Good to see you around, @Gwenhwyfar. Hopefully you've been doing good.

I was so excited about this Amber & Patchouli combo until I read it was discontinued. Boo! Sounds lovely though.The Woods sounds like something I'll need to smell, too.


Hi, @EvangelineDamon! Nice to see you too. Smiley Happy


After writing this, I went to Nordstrom after work today and had them order a bottle for me, haha... There is still a lot of stock floating around at stores, so it's worth going in and inquiring. My store still had a tester bottle and made me a bunch of samples as well.


If you like woodsy, incensey fragrances, I am certain you will enjoy both! I have only been able to find The Woods at anthropologie. I'm not even sure it is available to order direct from Brooklyn Soap.


Just a few of my favorites

  • Estee Lauder Doublewear foundation- stays put all day long. If I set it I have no creasing or wear around nose area!! Paired with boscia white charcoal makeup setting spray and I'm hooked. 
  • Bite multistick in papaya- got this when they first came out with the formula used it a few times and put it away. I recently came back to this and love it still. 
  • Bite agave mask, why did I wait so long to try it!
  • kate Somerville retinol eye cream, I recently decided to start retinol around my eye area because i need to get serious about my anti aging. 
  • Nars blush that was vib rouge gift. Such a pretty color I keep going back to this.  
  • Botanics hot cloth cleansing balm- relatively inexpensive <10$, gently removes makeup a and cleanses without stripping my skin. Skin feels so soft and smooth after using this. It includes a Muslin cloth. 




  1. elf pomade. 4 dollars. Better than abh, or just a dupe for it. This is medium brown and its xool toned. I love it.


Mary kay pressed powder in ivory, this is bringing my love back for pressed powders. It was a gift and i love it.

Jordana contour, for it being drugstore its pretty great and cool toned.

Pixi highlighter in london listre helps me achieve a natural look, been using this a lot.

Giorgio armani fabric foundation. I love this a bit more than nars velvet foundation, it is amazing and it doesnt slip around.


Shiro cosmetics war of five armies. Perfect brown for smoky shade. Leans on the warm side.


Milan8 makeup setting spray. The scent is amazing and i just love everything about it. Makeup stays put.

Tarte gel liner. Thia tube makea it impossible for it to dry out and its matte black , love.


Nyx bad blood...this..os just perfection. Vampire red.







Good to see you back on here @Blackwhiskey 

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