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so i know i did not do a favorites thread last month, i apologize. but here it is ! what beauty things have you been loving the past couple of months ?


i have 2 fragrances: TOCCA - colette and D.S. & DURGA siberian snow. both of these are perfect for grey cold days. now, where i live it's been insanely warm for february, but we still get spurts, and sometimes i can create the "feeling" of the seasons even if the weather is failing to cooperate. colette is cozy and a bit sweet, with juniper berries adding a lovely crispness. siberian snow is a stark and chilled amber and incense with mint (a proper herbaceous mint, rather than a mentholated one); it's designed for women though i think it is very much unisex. 


PIXI x CAROLINE HIRONS double cleanse. this should come as no surprise. i particularly love the cream cleanser (crossing all my fingers and toes they end up releasing it separately as i'm getting through it much quicker than the balm). i love cream cleansers, particularly this time of year, and this is my favorite one i've ever used. unlike so many cream cleansers, though, it contains no shea butter (which can trigger break outs on me), and feels quite 'thin' (somewhere between a milk and a cream, much like the consistency of soft creams). it almost feels like it sinks into the skin, but then still wipes off completely clean with a washcloth. in love.


NARS soft matte complete concealer. this is my new favorite concealer. it is my color (chantilly), it actually covers my under eye dark circles (wow) and it blends so easily and seamlessly. i can't imagine being without it now. i had been devoted to the radiant creamy concealer for yearrrrrrs, but these days need more help with the dark bags under my eyes. this has done it.


NARS velvet lip liner. i'm super picky about my lip pencils: they can't be too dry, but what i hate more is if they're too slippy. what i love about the nars liner--these are the proper lip pencils, not the fat velvet matte ones--is that they're a bit thick. i think this is likely polarizing, but the texture helps anything i put on top of it (lipstick, or the velvet lip glides which work magnificently with these) bind to my lips. i find these liners make my lips look fuller and plumper. i want all of them.


AVEDA dry remedy hair oil. this stuff is everything i've ever wanted. a PROPER hair oil that is SILICONE FREE !!!! the past year i've learned that i can't use silicones in my hair--i just need too much product to be effective, then the silicone ends up weighing down the hair and causing breakage. this aveda oil is my hair's best friend--it drinks it up but never weighs it down. adore.


BITE BEAUTY amuse bouche lipstick - fig. i almost left this one out and i can't believe it because it's been my favorite surprise of the month ! fig is special. on me, i find it to be a skin brightening pink. while it doesn't look particularly natural, it doesn't scream LOOK AT MY PINK LIPSTICK either. i can't quite explain it. but for me, this one is a keeper, and quite possibly my new favorite shade from the amuse bouche line.




  1. 20170312_111729.jpgelf pomade. 4 dollars. Better than abh, or just a dupe for it. This is medium brown and its xool toned. I love it.



Mary kay pressed powder in ivory, this is bringing my love back for pressed powders. It was a gift and i love it.

Jordana contour, for it being drugstore its pretty great and cool toned.

Pixi highlighter in london listre helps me achieve a natural look, been using this a lot.

Giorgio armani fabric foundation. I love this a bit more than nars velvet foundation, it is amazing and it doesnt slip around.


Shiro cosmetics war of five armies. Perfect brown for smoky shade. Leans on the warm side.


Milan8 makeup setting spray. The scent is amazing and i just love everything about it. Makeup stays put.

Tarte gel liner. Thia tube makea it impossible for it to dry out and its matte black , love.


Nyx bad blood...this..os just perfection. Vampire red.








Good to see you back on here @Blackwhiskey 



Just a few of my favorites

  • Estee Lauder Doublewear foundation- stays put all day long. If I set it I have no creasing or wear around nose area!! Paired with boscia white charcoal makeup setting spray and I'm hooked. 
  • Bite multistick in papaya- got this when they first came out with the formula used it a few times and put it away. I recently came back to this and love it still. 
  • Bite agave mask, why did I wait so long to try it!
  • kate Somerville retinol eye cream, I recently decided to start retinol around my eye area because i need to get serious about my anti aging. 
  • Nars blush that was vib rouge gift. Such a pretty color I keep going back to this.  
  • Botanics hot cloth cleansing balm- relatively inexpensive <10$, gently removes makeup a and cleanses without stripping my skin. Skin feels so soft and smooth after using this. It includes a Muslin cloth. 



Thanks for continuing to do these threads, @jemly! I do so love them, and I hope to participate more often than I have been lately.




  • May Lindstrom Skin Jasmine Garden and Blue Cocoon | I was very recently turned on to this brand by our dear @Mochapj and I discovered the joy that is May Lindstrom Skin. Everything about the brand presentation is just gorgeous and the products are extremely high quality and truly a luxury experience -- one that my skin just drinks up.
  • Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet | The Vinosource Sorbet is a forever favorite. I swear it is pure sorcery in the way it instantly calms and clears my irritable skin. This is by far my most frequently restocked beauty product.
  • L'Occitane Aromachologie Massage Oil | This oil has been a lifesaver for my dry winter skin this year, and it doesn't leave me feeling sticky, tacky or greasy. I like to put a little in the bath and I smooth it all over my body after showering. It softens and conditions skin and hair.
  • BITE Beauty 'Almond' Multistick | I can't believe it took me this long to try the BITE Multisticks! I got this as a mini from a Sephora promo in February, and wearing it only twice has me completely and deeply in love. 'Almond' is the perfect moody rust red for around my eyes. I will have to try really hard to not wear this one day after day! I can't wait to try more colors.
  • Jo Malone Amber & Patchouli | This particular fragrance was regrettably discontinued just before the company's plans to launch the Cologne Intense line in smaller volumes. I have a few mini sizes stocked up, but I wish I bit the bullet and spent the money on the full size... but it just wasn't in the budget. I hope I can find something identical to it!
  • The Woods by Brooklyn Soap Company | I bought this fragrance for myself last week after trying it on a few times in anthropologie during January and February, and it is scheduled to arrive today! This is my first full-size fragrance purchase in many years, and I am so excited to display and wear it. It is marketed as a men's fragrance, but I find it delightfully unisex in a way that leans masculine -- very earthy, woodsy and spicy.


An elusive faerie sighting. Good to see you around, @Gwenhwyfar. Hopefully you've been doing good.

I was so excited about this Amber & Patchouli combo until I read it was discontinued. Boo! Sounds lovely though.The Woods sounds like something I'll need to smell, too.


Hi, @EvangelineDamon! Nice to see you too. Smiley Happy


After writing this, I went to Nordstrom after work today and had them order a bottle for me, haha... There is still a lot of stock floating around at stores, so it's worth going in and inquiring. My store still had a tester bottle and made me a bunch of samples as well.


If you like woodsy, incensey fragrances, I am certain you will enjoy both! I have only been able to find The Woods at anthropologie. I'm not even sure it is available to order direct from Brooklyn Soap.


My favorites this month have been:


Algenist Genius Serum - really feels amazing on my skin. I use it at night ten minutes or so after I apply my retinol, and my skin just drinks it up. It has good ingredients and the packaging is hygienic. I'm just not thrilled about the price.


Juice beauty cc cream - hydrating, contains spf, gives light coverage that I can blend concealer into to create a more natural fuller coverage look.


Ciate fierce flicks eyeliner - hasn't dried out on me in the slightest and gives a really strong point to my wings


Milk makeup tattoo stamps (heart and star) - I bought these on a whim thinking that my daughter might like them, but I've been having a ton of fun with them myself!


Julep blush stick in sweet peach - hydrating, super easy to blend, extremely light peach color that gives a very subtle blush to very pale skin


Bite amuse bouche lipstick in Meringue - pale peachy-pink-nude. Love the feel and flavor of these. This color in particular is very flattering and seems to go with everything.


Atelier cologne vanille insensée - This fragrance has a very soft beautiful vanilla aroma that no one seems to get offended by




  • NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer - love this stuff so much. I haven't touched my HG MUFE Full Coverage Concealer since I bought this on the first of February. I'm pretty sure once this will be a staple in my life for as long as NARS makes it.
  • Rouge Bunny Rouge Liquid Bronzer - As If It Were Still Summer (what a name); description is even better - for those interested, in the spoiler
    Gloriously glamorous and inexorably captivating, you’ll be transformed into a Sun Angel, even in the midst of the greyest winter.

    This liquid formula of the future will magnify your youth and summer glow timelessly. Offering you an elegant glow with the greatest transparency, extremely luminous and smoothing, the Bronzing Liquid’s ultra-light texture is exceptionally easy to dispense and to blend – for a streak-free and lasting result.
    Loving it. So lovely and subtle; can be applied on top of foundation (what I do), beneath it or mixed in with a moisturizer. 
  • NARS Audacious Vanessa, Apoline and Brigitte - wore lots of nudes this month as I was going through my shadows. 
  • Odacite samples - love everything behind the making of this brand. I wish Sephora would bring them into the family and beg the owner for a chat on BT. Especially love the cell energy and the oily/acne serum concentrates. (I picked up the pimple duo from Costco without even trying it) 
  • Nest Passiflora - I've always loved this one and assumed its getting discontinued by its appearance in the sale section. I had a small bottle of it that I was scared to use but now that I've stocked up during the 3X points promotion, I can enjoy it again.
  • One With Nature bar soap, dead sea mud - has nice exfoliating qualities. Die dry skin, die.
  • Finally found a "natural" toothpaste that has a decent taste to it and keeps my mouth feeling extra clean, Redmond Earthpaste in cinnamon
  • GTS Heart Beet Kombucha - found it at a place that sells it cheaper than any other places around here. I usually go for the mango or guava one but this just might be my new favourite. Also saw a Cayennade for the first time. It was nice, reminded me of their LE Turmeric/Gratitude one from last year


@EvangelineDamon this list made me so happy Smiley Happy


That is such a lovely, fitting name for a bronzer!


I've been wishing Sephora would add Odacite for a while as well.  They make some of my HG products.  I did not realize they were in Costco now!? I will have to keep an eye out for that, thanks!!


Thank you @Mochapj for two things actually, for your words but also, you were the first person I saw ever post about odacite, months and months ago. You've seemed to turn us all on to this awesome brand & I'm so grateful for that.


The Costco deal just popped up within the past week or so. It looks like there's only that one duo (2 for $32.99, which even included US shipping) 

I'm hoping with the more people buying it, maybe Costco will expand their offerings from the brand. I just couldn't pass up that deal.


Aww, thanks girl!  I'm so glad it's been working out for so many people.


I was quite taken with the founder's story and when it worked well for me I just wanted to share it with everyone Smiley Happy


I'll have to keep my eye out on Costco - that duo is one of the regular sets I purchase Smiley Wink


i love your favorites @EvangelineDamon !! i've recently discovered--after nearly a decade of resistance--that i don't hate bronzer after all. AND i was just telling someone how Rouge Bunny Rouge is on my radar of a brand i want to try next. i'll remember this !


Thank you for continuing this tradition, @jemly


Also, I think you should definitely try this bronzer (or even their liquid highlighters, they have an icy white (sea of clouds)) and a gorgeous pink (sea of tranquility) that are my absolute favourite highlighters. & I once hate liquid/creams. 

Also, I'm a matte girl but this bronzer has a subtle radiance to it; almost as if you were kissed by the sun. So natural.

If you ever need swatches, let me know!




Some of my favorites for February! I've been really into a golden/bronzey eyes and pink/rosey blush and lips kind of look!

Items are:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette by Mario: I love the jewel toned earthy shades of this. I've been using the mattes as transition colors and colors like So Hollywood, NYC, Marina and 5th Avenue a lot. Ahhh I didn't touch it for awhile and now I can't stop!

ColourPop Super Shock Eyeshadow in Glow: Matte vanilla, biegey color. I use this as a base color to set my primer in place Smiley Happy

ColourPop Blotted Lips: I love all 3 colors. I can't stop using them! One or two of them always reside in my purse. Easy to reapply and love the blotted look.


NARS Velvet Lip Glide in Bound: Got it in my Sephora Play Box, tried it and fell in love. I may need a full size version of it soon. It doesn't emphasize any dryness on my lips if I do have any, and the pigmentation is amazing with just one coat. Hydrating too!


Sephora Lashcraft Mascara: Got this in my Play Box and I am honestly surprised how much I am liking this. I'm usually a fiber mascara type of girl, or like Chanel Le Volume. This has exceeded my expectations! Gives great length, a little volume and stays put for quite awhile. Warning if you get super watery eyes though.


NARS Unfiltered II Palette: This blush palette has been one of my most versatile items in my golden-pinky phase. Pinks, peaches, and rose colored blushes. With a beautiful champagne highlighter. I'm glad I picked it up.


Armani Power Fabric Foundation: I honestly wasn't looking for a new foundation, but here I am. The staying power of this lasts longer than my Lasting Silk and it feels like a second skin. Love it! Not heavy or mask-like at all.


Maison Margiela perfume in Beach Walk: I am digging this probably because I haven't been to a beach in 3 years or more Smiley Sad lol It's fresh, crisp, and reminds me of a sunny beach day! Without all the sunblock smell. I didn't get a picture of it though.



Too Faced Sweet Peach palette

I can not stop using this thing, I am obsessed with it! It has pushed me outside of my comfort zone and it inspires creativity. I've come up with tons of different shadow combinations and have loved all the looks that I have gotten on it. Very happy to have this in my collection!


Burberry Cameo Blush in No. 2 Light Glow

This is such a beautiful matte blush that just seems to go with any look. I also really like the packaging and the scent. Very luxe Smiley Very Happy


Commodity Gold

Just want to shout out the 31 Days of Perfume Challenge because that was awesome! Discovered some great scents and also weeded out some not so great ones from my sample collection. This scent in particular has me head over heels! It is just so pretty and I get lots of compliments on it. Highly recommend.


Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder in Medium

This little contour duo was an impulse buy and it turned out great! The contour powder really is fantastic and looks so natural. I am not as impressed with the highlight but that may be because I prefer Becca level shine when in comes to highlight. 


NARS Lip Glide in Bound

Amazing find in this month's Play box! Such a beautiful color that pairs really well with the Burberry blush and the formula is perfect. Not drying at all, so creamy but lightweight and very pigmented. 


Besame Brightening Powder in Violet

This stuff really works! The powder is finely milled and packs a punch. The scent is nice but not overpowering. Perfect size for travel too. I wish they sold that mini trio kit year round! 


I love your selections, too! The Sweet Peach palette may have gotten mixed reviews, but I seriously love it. 


And seems like a bunch of us have gotten hooked on Commodity fragrances!


I'm so happy you love your palette too @txcatx! And yes, we definitely have a Commodity fan club going for sure lol. If Commodity pops up on the Rewards Bazaar it's going to be crazy Smiley Tongue


I bought a bunch of stuff at the end of the month which I love so far but want to use a little more before I add it to my list, so they'll probably show up in March. February's list is relatively short. 


Erborian Yuza Double Lotion - I don't think I've ever INSTANTLY loved a skincare product the way I did with this. I look forward to my skincare routine all the time because I enjoy using this so much. I went to the Erborian site right after getting this and ordered a bunch more stuff that Sephora doesn't offer. It FINALLY shipped today. (The site functionality is not great btw so I'd recommend avoiding if you can!)


Caudalie Lip Conditioner - I always have about three tubes of this floating around and I managed to use up all three at the same time! I have a new one arriving Thursday or Friday.


Nars Unfiltered Cheek Palette I - Great colors that I never thought my skin tone could pull off but are surprisingly wearable with a light hand. (I'm getting an error message trying to upload an image and Sephora no longer has it for sale Smiley Sad )






@starsandbucks I'm so glad someone else shares my enthusiasm for the Erborian Yuza Double Lotion! I'm on my third bottle since discovering it late last year. Keep an eye out for sales from their direct site as they sometimes have killer deals! 


Oooh thank you for the heads up! I'm already thinking about getting a backup so I will for sure keep my eye out looking for a good sale! I can't wait for my order to arrive from them!

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