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2500 points for $100

I was told in store they were rolling out a new reward of $100 when exchanging 2500 beauty points, I checked on Tuesday and Thursday and called to check but I never saw anything?! Is this real? or a scam? LMK

Re: 2500 points for $100

i don't get it either. i was told the same, and never saw it show up at 9am est on the dot.  so i called back and someone else at Sephora told me once you hit 2500 points you will be emailed a code within 24 hours, which i didn't receive and am thinking that's not correct either. come on sephora! it does just seem like a tease.

Re: 2500 points for $100

@Melissa1313 sephora runs on pacific time - you need to check at 9am pacific time.

RE: Re: 2500 points for $100

I saw it thank you!!! I was too slow tho! At least I know the elusive card exists tho Smiley Wink thanks Kim! Now I’ll be stalking the rewards **gahhh**

Re: 2500 points for $100

sorry, i meant to type pst. it was 1pm est my time. nothing showed up. and i kept hitting refresh. so there is no code, we just need to keep hitting refresh and hopefully it will show up? not sure why we can't just exchange them given we've earned such a large number. the gift card goes back directly to the store.

Re: 2500 points for $100

@Melissa1313 I can see it there right now! in the USA anyways

Re: 2500 points for $100

gah meant 12 est! i should stop typing so fast.

Re: 2500 points for $100


The changes to the Rewards program, including the $100 Rouge Reward, are slowly rolling out between now and the end of the month. I don't think the Rouge Reward has gone live yet, and I get the impression it will be one of the last items added. I'd expect to see them on either Tuesday or Thursday this coming week. 

Re: 2500 points for $100

Hello @luisthithi!

Rouge Rewards launch every Tuesday and Thursday at 9am in the Rewards Bazaar. If the Rouge Reward is not displayed in the Rewards Bazaar for you, that would indicate that the limited supply has sold out. We are sorry you couldn’t redeem it this time, but Sephora will continue to release additional quantities of Rouge Rewards every Tuesday and Thursday, so hopefully you can get one in the future!

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