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  1. My name is Mary (nick name jozeyah here). I'm 40rs old and have never really used anything on my face except face cleansers and maybe odd moisture cream. My big concern now is in a few years after being very ill with an organ disease, I found within 2 years My face seemed to age like was 5 or more yrs older. All the above probs with eye lines, bad over lip lines, side cheek lines, and forehead. Thus I've had people think I was 45 when I was 38. I would like to not only find anti aging reverse type products but something to help maintain and possibly make My skin look a few yrs younger. 2nd I would like to get my face much brighter looking as it's quite (dull) due medical reasons i certainly don't have alot of money to go sampling I need something that's been guaranteed by a big % of women to work. I would like some advice and advice on a routine where I'm not in mirror constantly. I would like to oy half to use like 2 products before makeup as I never wore any kind foundation and have no clue on it. I?like ysl tint I tried. But my aging in all aspects and color is priority. Any advice to get back that early 30s look I'd appreciate 

Re: Wrinkles

@jozeyah If you're looking for the biggest bang for your buck my suggestion would be to find a simple cleanser, moisturizer, SPF and treatment steps.  

There are a lot of cleansers to choose from and in my personal opinion a cleanser is somewhere you don't need to spend big money.  Cereve and Cetaphil both make great ones at drugstore prices.  

A good simple moisturizer can also do wonders and can be used both night and day.  Again, Cereve makes wonderful versions that are easy on the budget.

A good SPF over top of your moisturizer is the best anti-aging product going.  I always say go SPF 50plus.  Do not rely on the sunscreen built into a moisturizer or make up and make sure you reapply. 

Treatment is where you're likely to find a lot of different suggestions.  Most would agree that Differin Gel or a prescription Tretinoin are what dermatologists recommend for anti-aging.  Differin can be bought at most pharmacies in the US but Tretinoin is prescription through your doctor.  Any of these treatments make it super important to wear SPF as they can make your skin photo sensitive.  They are normally worked into your routine gradually to avoid excessive dryness.  Both of these will also help with hyper pigmentation as will the SPF use.  Most would only apply the treatment at night in place of the SPF of your morning routine. 

The other idea is to see your dermatologist or a medical spa for laser treatment that can help with brightening.  

None of these are super glamorous suggestions, but they also don't cost an arm and a leg and have a proven track record.  I find skincare fun and love trying out new products, so I get the allure of testing every cream out there, but any time I mention all this to my dermatologist she'll time and again say how a good basic routine is what will work wonders.  I think if you aren't prone to loving skincare and doing a 12 step routine, keeping it simple and affordable can make it more manageable.  Keep in mind that skincare does take time to work as well.  There isn't a quick overnight solution, otherwise we'd all be doing it.  

Re: Wrinkles

A couple of ideas---one, do NOT buy the Estee Lauder advanced night repair serum, it's a huge waste of money.  What will help with both brightness and lines is vitamin c.  One great product is OLEHENRIKSEN Truth Serum Vitamin C Serum 1.0 oz/ 30 mL .  This contains a gentle, stable vitamin c and thioctic acid (aka alpha lipoic acid) which is great for fine lines.  If you want something a bit more aggressive, the most famous (and overpriced) product is Skinceutical's vitamin c serum with vitamin e and ferulic acid.  It's stupid expensive, because it works, but Timeless Skincare makes a dupe for $25.  These serums sting your skin and need to be handled carefully to prevent over-exfoliating your skin, which causes burning, peeling, etc.  But, they work, for real.  All vitamin c serums will brighten your skin and encourage your skin to produce more collagen.


I don't know if you're already using one, but I would strongly recommend using collagen powder every day to help your skin rebuild.


Another ingredient you want is retinol or a prescription retinoid.  There are probably hundreds of retinol serums and creams for sale from Sephora, and they all work.  So do the ones sold in drug stores.  Retinol has been clinically proven to both reverse and prevent aging.  They will brighten as well.


Honestly, because of the severity of what your skin has been through and it would be best if you had help dealing with it, I would strongly recommend you use prescription retinoid under the supervision of a dermatologist.  The best way I have found to do it is through a telemedicine service called Curology that gives me unlimited online access to a dermatologist for all questions and concerns and every two months they send me a custom blend of prescription skin cream and charge my credit card $40.  They adjust my prescription based on how my skin reacts and how sensitive it is, set up specific goals with me and come up with a plan to achieve it.  It is awesome.  Curology is the only service I have used, but there are others probably just as good and affordable.  I can literally text them a question in the middle of the night and they will get back to me as soon as they get into the office.  It is especially ideal for someone who isn't very experienced with skincare.  Check this out before you buy anything else because they may put other ingredients like vitamin c in your prescription and you'll have wasted your money.


Whatever you choose, the most important product you need to find is a sunscreen you like and will wear every day.  That can be a challenge if you are sensitive, but the brand supergoop! has very popular products in a huge variety of formulas.  The great thing about sunscreen is that it HAS to be tested and proven to work by the FDA.  


There is so much improvement you can make to your skin, you're going to be amazed.  I don't work for any skincare company, but I genuinely think having a medical professional guide you through this is the best way to go and will save you a fortune in products.  Good luck!

Re: Wrinkles

Thank you so much for the advice. I probably have put my skin through alot especially having fair skin whole life and never used sunscreen. I'm definitely going to start incorporating that into my routine when outside. But I believe ur right I should probably get advice from a derm before plastering my face with a 5/6 step regimen. Thank you for your advice I never knew u could  get help u unless u had something serious aside from a derm. for aging and beauty care of skin.I my big thing know is learning what not to be mixing as I have the basics you would want but need to incorporate them in a way where I'm not gonna have reactions. So far I been lucky as patience is a virtue and it's been

  couple of weeks. I'm not sure if I'm really noticing a difference other then my face isn't dry and oily as bad. It's become more moisturized then ever in that department. I been using they inkey list and they seem ok

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