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Nuface Mini charging help

So my Nuface mini arrived yesterday.  I promptly plugged that baby in because I was excited to give it a go.  That was at 2pm yesterday.  16 hrs later and it is not charged.  I did unplug it once last night.  I have read two things regarding this.  1- if you unplug it, it starts the charging process all over (which sounds strange to me, but okay).  2- some users report it taking 48 hrs or more for it show fully charged and usable. 


Does anyone have any experience with this device?  Thanks!!!


Re: Nuface Mini charging help

Ive read that charging is a common problem with this product. The first one I bought would not charge at all. Plugged in the entire night and nothing it was a dud. I returned it and got a new one that worked!


If you are having issues with charging it I would return it right away get a new one, it should work after an overnight charge. Ive had mine for a few months now and have only had to do an overnight recharge twice, a working one keeps a charge for pretty long.


That being said I like the product I think it does help tone your face (cheeks feel perkier after use) haven't seen much improvement in my forehead wrinkles  though.

Re: Nuface Mini charging help

Update!!!!....Spoke to Nuface customer service yesterday.  Was advised that the rumors are true.  You cannot unplug this thing during the charging cycle or it will restart the whole process.  The initial charge can take 24 hrs. (After double checking, the included literature states that the initial charge is 4 hours)


Found it had finally charged around midnight last night (about 30 hrs total charge time due to the fact I had unplugged and the process restarts).  Unplugged.  Went to try out my new gizmo this morning and nothing.  NOTHING.  What can I do?  I plugged it back in.  Again.  So for $199, so far, I have purchased a real pain in the behind.  Looks like I will need to return.  Whenever I have the time to make the trip.   Happy Holidays to all!!!

RE: Re: Nuface Mini charging help

Wow...thank you...I would never have known abou I’m trying to decide between NūFace and Ziip...any advice? I don’t have fine lines and wrinkles, but I have marionette lines, and I am starting to see some drooping..😢to see do hae marionette lines and drooping...noticing that my eyes are starting to look a bit hooded

Re: RE: Re: Nuface Mini charging help

Hi there!  I finally purchased this after seeing a youtube video where Lisa Eldridge demo'd how she uses it and noted an improvement.  You should check that out.  I have been on the fence about it for awhile.  So many gimmicks out there.  I hoped to improve the skin tone around my jawline.   I will mention that it finished charging (second time around) last night around 8pm.  So about 16 hrs to finish charging this time.  Will not power on again.  The packaging and product appeared brand new, so do not suspect that this was a return that got sent out again.  Very disappointed.  I am pretty busy, so hate fooling around with returns.  Good luck!

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