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Ok so I’m getting older and trying to combat wrinkles. And I’m not quite ready to dip into Botox. Has anyone tried the NuFace? Reviews are kinda back and forth. What’s everyone’s thoughts?

Re: NuFace

@ather  I don't know if you're still considering this issue, but I am two weeks in to using NuFACE, I absolutely love it, it has lifted and tightened my skin more than I hoped for.  But, tbh, it doesn't really tackle wrinkles (there is an attachment that claims to, which I do not have), it works for sag.  When I first got fine lines, I did a bunch of research and that's when I got really into skincare.  No doubt you know the usual wrinkle fighters, vitamin c, retinol/retinoid, all the topical ingredients.  But what surprised me was how much difference a supplement can make.  Antioxidants, of course, but specifically alpha lipoic acid turned back the clock on my fine lines for a good five years.  It's hard on the stomach so I can only tolerate 100-200 IU capsules, but they seriously work!  CoQ10 is also something you should be getting either in your diet, as the ingredient ubiquinone in your skincare, or in supplement form.  It has meaningful cardiac benefits as well, and heart disease is the number one cause of death, so there's really no down side.


As for Botox, I got Botox for migraines every three months for seven years, which involves extremely high amounts of Botox in the shoulders, neck, scalp, and forehead.  It saved my life by stopping my migraines, but I don't know that it did much for me in anti-aging as my forehead doesn't make deep creases.  But I would say that based on that experience and what I've seen in others, I don't consider Botox that big a deal.  It's easier to prevent wrinkles than to treat them, and two or three well placed shots can do wonders without anyone even noticing.  I honestly consider fillers to be more of a slippery slope because it actually stretches skin rather than preserves it and so many people end up addicted and distorted and even deformed.  Ultimately, Botox doesn't change the way you look.


Anyway, I'm not selling anything, but my advice is to become a freaking Ninja of antioxidants, and save the NuFACE for when things start to sag.

Re: NuFace

According to the YouTube channel Doctorly (2 Dermatologist give their thoughts and professional advice/experience on all things skincare) it’s a waste of money. I’d say watch their video on skin care products and decide for yourself. Good luck! 

Re: NuFace

@ather I bought the NuFACE Mini Facial Toning Device last month and so far I haven't been consistent enough with it, unfortunately! But I had watched a few videos on @MyieshaBD's Instagram awhile back that kinda blew my mind -- almost an instant-looking lift on one side of her face where she used it vs. the other side. And I have a couple beauty-obsessed friends who swear by theirs, so I thought I'd treat myself. 😜 But yes - consistency is key! At least that's what I hear.... I'll keep you posted once I can get back into the habit of using it on the reg. 🙂

Re: NuFace

@AlexBT  Thanks for the info!! I may need to add it to my basket for the sale!!!! 🤣

Re: NuFace

I have a micro current device called nuskin my daughter bought for me.  It’s one of those mlm companies - but honestly it works great.  But you do have to use it regularly - I stopped for a week and it was right back to before.  My only issue for it is you have to buy the gels and they get pricey, but Google tells me you can use another companies conductor gels and save money so I plan on switching to Nuface gel


the different really is remarkable but you have to use it consistently 

Re: NuFace

@ather @lmaster  I have the NuFACE FIX Line Smoothing Device . It does temporarily make a difference but I haven’t noticed a long term change.

Re: NuFace

@faeriegirl  Awww darn. Good to know tho. Thanks @lmaster 

Re: NuFace

@ather @faeriegirl I don't think anything other than Botox will give you longer results, but hey, I don't mind using a device that will fill in those lines daily 😆

Re: NuFace

@ather I believe @faeriegirl has a device, I don't have the device, but I love the NuFACE Fix Line Smoothing Serum 0.5 oz/ 15 mL 

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