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Kids at Sephora


I am writing to express my perspective on the recent discussions surrounding the presence of children at Sephora stores. While the concerns raised are valid, I believe that banning kids from Sephora is not the most constructive solution.

Sephora, as a beauty retailer, serves as a space for individuals to explore, express, and celebrate their unique identities through makeup. Instead of excluding children, we should consider fostering an environment that educates and guides them in their journey of self-expression.

By implementing educational programs or designated areas for young makeup enthusiasts, Sephora can play a role in teaching them about skincare, age-appropriate makeup application, and fostering a sense of inclusivity. This approach not only addresses concerns about unsupervised behavior but also promotes a positive and educational atmosphere within the store.

I encourage a collaborative effort to find solutions that strike a balance between maintaining a welcoming environment for all customers and empowering the next generation of makeup enthusiasts.

Re: Kids at Sephora

I think times a different now, I know when I was a child in The Bay or Shoppers I knew not the play around with makeup and I knew how to behave in a store, so I was allowed in the store. When I first started shopping at Sephora it was a clean organized store that I could spend a while in, while browsing or exploring new makeup. However, lately, I can't bring myself to go into the store anymore because teenagers are running (for whatever reason) and destroying the samples, putting their hands in absolutely everything, and not making it sanitary anymore. It just doesn't feel high-end anymore, I feel like I'm at Walmart. Maybe some adult supervision and store etiquette would be beneficial for them. 

Re: Kids at Sephora

@blackolives  you make a great point. It’s interesting I think every kid is different when it comes to stores, but definatley in a store with samples and testers it would be adequate to have supervision especially if the kid has allergies and just to respect the store and everyone in its space 

Re: Kids at Sephora

Hi everyone! I am writing a story about this recent "Sephora kids" phenomenon and I would LOVE to interview some of you who have firsthand experience with this topic. If you work at Sephora, have a kid who loves Sephora, or have simply witnessed the kids in action, please reach out to me at if you have any comments or info that you are willing to pass on to me!  Thanks!

Re: Kids at Sephora

Just look at the questions on skincare items: Is the good for 12 year old skin? I'm 10 is this a good product? And they are getting all sassy: I disagree because a Sephora employee told me this was a good product. Really? A SALESPERSON told you the $80 product was good for your skin?


Look at some of the reviews on skincare products. There are young girls posting pics of their puffy-red faces. I mean honestly, it's disgraceful - you can tell the review was dictated by the child "in their own words" and typed by an adult to sound authentic. I don't know what they think they are doing. Can they really not conceive that there are miserable people like me looking at the pics and going, "Ha ha." 


I wonder how cosmetic companies feel about products intended for adults getting bad reviews from children.  I sort the reviews by age now, I really don't care what a 10 year old thinks about a product designed for mature skin. 


And yes, I have had encounters with Sephora Tweens in the wild. One that looked like Olive from "Little Miss Sunshine" was standing on line in front of me. Mom had on a Coach sweatshirt and Olive had a Coach handbag. At one point, Mom says, "Stop calling me Bro - I'm your mother." Okay then act like one. I'm guessing they were there to get products to hide the kid's double-chin.


2 more were wandering around with baskets brimming with skincare products. A man wearing camouflage was with them. I'm thinking he had them for the weekend and is buying their love after being told, "...but, Mom lets me."


Look at online hauls. One mom apparently didn't even know what the bag had in it. She pulls out Gisou $42 honey-lip oil and sarcastically goes, "Lip-oil - that's just terrible." Well, the next 3 items were Charlotte Tillsbury Bronzer, Charlotte Tillsbury Contour Stick and a Charlotte Tillsbury concealer. What could this kid possibly be concealing and contouring?


There are already parody haul videos "I went to Sephora and it was terrible. It was filled with old ladies. I think the one might have been 25." 


I think it's a spending power flex by parents like the woman in the Coach sweatshirt (honestly, how tacky) and other, like the guy in the camo are buying their childs love.


I how companies start complaining about bad reviews being posted by children. 



Re: Kids at Sephora

I don't have any first-hand experience with this particular situation, @mnvh, but my science teacher once told the class that animals use colors to let others know they're ready to mate.

Re: Kids at Sephora

I choked on my tea 💥 thank you

Re: Kids at Sephora

@KeeksMcBeeks, of course.

Re: Kids at Sephora

I think there needs to be signage in the stores that state if there are people abusing the samples or merch, they will be asked to leave. 

It’s really annoying to have these entitled, pretentious brats in there, when all I wanna do is have a positive shopping experience, like any other customer, and not have to deal with children who don’t belong there. 

Re: Kids at Sephora

You guys do realize that Sephora is actually for ages 20+ , I’m not saying 14+ shouldnt go but maybe they should have products for ages 12-16 so they won’t take products that aren’t for their age group 🥴

Re: Kids at Sephora

Hey let’s not bring logic into this, it might fix everything 💀

Re: Kids at Sephora

 I agree with this however; the issues that I have seen in my local sephoras stretch far beyond children simply damaging testers and being rude. I have witnessed parents drop their children who look no other than 12 off at the doors of the mall or the store and drive off like it's a daycare service. This then allows the children to treat the store/ mall like a play ground. 

 Being completely honest , sephora is not a child's store. Unfortunately unless you live in an area with a Justice, or Clairs there simply is not a store to cater to young girls who want to express themselves with make up and skin care.   So ID checking is a no but requiring an adult with minors under 13 in the store should be bare minimum. 

Re: Kids at Sephora

@leahbeaa maybe they need a "Sephora Teens and Tweens" section, or a pop-up store!

Re: Kids at Sephora

or a kids area too

Re: Kids at Sephora

I agree. When you where a little kid didn’t you want to play with your mom or big sisters makeup? What’s so different about it now?


Re: Kids at Sephora

I think the difference now is that when kids used to do it it was with Claire’s or makeup catered towards kids but now these disrespectful and immature 8-13 year olds are going in and being rude to employees, destroying product and not even having the money for some stuff. I don’t think it’s harmful for girls to be interested in skincare and makeup but the way parents are raising their kids they don’t act mature enough to be in a Sephora alone. especially because employees at Sephora don’t deserve to be treated like trash just bc some 9 year old wants a $70 moisturizer and wasn’t taught how to be kind 

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