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Anyone besides me have pimples in their wrinkles?

I'm 62 yrs young with extremely dry skin post-menopause, normal without any problems when pre-m., live at almost 8000 ft elev. with low humidity.


Now, with my aging skin I notice that I am getting white-headed pimples in  the *crevices* of the wrinkles on my  forehead!!


How do you manage very dry skin with pimples??  Help, please!


Anyone besides me have pimples in their wrinkles?

I don't have that problem yet, as my oily skin is drying out slowly as I age, but I'm wondering if you are using any kind of alpha hydroxy acid exfoliator? It makes sense that if your skin is dry, the dry skin cells are backing up and clogging your pores causing white heads. You may just need to help your skin shed those dead cells. The most popular product to do this is probably Sunday Riley's Good Genes which is a lactic acid serum. Many people swear by it, but it's very pricey. Farmacy has a similar product whose name I forget (maybe Honeymoon Glow?), and I haven't tried that either. One I have tried is the Lactic acid serum from The Ordinary, which costs around seven dollars and works great. There are some overnight AHA creams that may be a gentler way to start, and they're very popular now. Sephora Collection has one, as do many brands, but I wouldn't know what to recommend. The important thing with acids is to go very slowly and start using them maybe twice a week and then work your way up to more often as your skin adjusts. Of course, there are also scrub products but they can be downright brutal and can cause microtears in your skin that will make it more vulnerable to breaking out. A product like Glam Glow Supermud or Kate Somerville Exfolikate may get you faster results if your skin is very hardy, but personally I find them downright brutal. I wish there was more guidance and information for responding to skin changes during and after menopause, but Sephora staff seems to be generally far too young to be able to help beyond selling you whatever's expensive. They're really missing out on a huge demographic, not to mention major league skin needs!

Re: Anyone besides me have pimples in their wrinkles?

I really agree with you about the staff at Sephora being too young to understand about post menopausal skin. I've always been fortunate to live near Sephora brick and mortar flagship store in San Francisco. I've been going into that store for almost twenty five years. Always had fantastic results with their recommendations. Now that I'm sixty four years old and post menopausal I've been dissatisfied with the products they recommend. I've now back with a dermatologist and I'm much happier with my skin. I still don't know what to do about make-up though. Any thought




Re: Anyone besides me have pimples in their wrinkles?

I am surprised that there are not more BA’s of a certain age at the flagship store @Loureeda. At my local Sephora there are a couple of BA’s that fit that category and she was able to offer some guidance. Also one of the BA’s is a licensed esthetician. She gave me the best guidance.

Re: Anyone besides me have pimples in their wrinkles?

thanks! I live where I must order everything online, so will start looking-especially appreciate the suggestions with several price options as I have to be price-conscious 



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