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Anti Aging Routine (20s)

Hi everyone! 

I'm 22 and am petrified of aging. I have light natural frown lines and wrinkles on my forehead already. Nothing to lose sleep over, but I want to prevent signs of aging as early as I can. My current skin care routine is the following: 


Fresh Soy Face Cleanser 

Son and Park  Beauty Water on some days
Glossier Super Bounce Serum on some days (Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin b5) 

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil on some days (Trans-retinoic Acid Ester) 

Sunday Riley Good Genes on some days (Lactic acid)


What do you guys think? Is this an effective combination? Am I missing anything? What would you all recommend?


RE: Anti Aging Routine (20s)

Sunscreen and water. I’m 37 and between using sunscreen ever since I was 19yrs old. I use it inside, outside, day and night. I know it sounds crazy, but I feel like it has helped with slowing the again process. I just add a little on my night cream.
Anonymous Insider

RE: Anti Aging Routine (20s)

Sunscreen, serum, drink ALL the water, and at home glycolic acid peels will be your best friend after 30 😉😂 k Biggest advice, be consistent!

Re: Anti Aging Routine (20s)

ike everyone else has already said, sunscreen! Also, while there is nothing wrong with Good Genes by any means, Farmacy's Honeymoon glow gives the same results but for $40 less- if you can get a sample I highly recommend it

RE: Anti Aging Routine (20s)

Exfoliate, vitamin c serum, sunscreen and do a face mask at least twice a week! I have combo skin and will usually switch back and forth between a firming mask and a brightening mask

RE: Anti Aging Routine (20s)

Wear sunglasses EVERY SINGLE TIME you go outside during the day. Also? Try to never squint. Best advice I ever got.

Re: RE: Anti Aging Routine (20s)

At 45 I'm now grateful for my light-sensitive eyes because they led me to wear sunglasses. My biggest skincare regret is not taking better care of the backs of my hands. They look at least 10 years older than my face and neck. Now I use all the skin care samples I accumulate that have too much fragrance for my face on my hands.

Vitamin C, moisturizer, sunscreen and exfoliate every now...

Vitamin C, moisturizer, sunscreen and exfoliate every now and then.
Anonymous Insider

Re: Anti Aging Routine (20s)

I wish I was as on top of my skincare game in my 20s as you are @ckc721!  Your routine looks pretty solid. I'd recommend using sunscreen on a daily basis and incorporating a vitamin C serum into your routine.

RE: Anti Aging Routine (20s)

@ckc721 For 22, you have a pretty solid skincare routine. I use Luna and GG every single night. My biggest recommendation is to use a sunscreen. At least SPF 30 every single day. That is going to be the best way to prevent premature aging.
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