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Post in Acne-Prone Skin
Anonymous Insider

Skin Care HELP!

Hey y'all!


So I am 26 and have been blessed until now to have great skin that hasn't need a complex skincare routine. However, adult acne is real and I have been getting pretty killer cystic acne on my face for the last few months. I have been dabbling with a couple of things but nothing had really work.


That is until my beautiful best friend got me Space Race for Christmas and after just a couple of days my skin started to really clear up!...and then I started to develop a really nasty reaction to it. I'm talking huge rash under one of my eyes that started swelling! Kinda scary. 


Part of my really wants to try Space Race again one the rash goes away but I'm nervous that it will just appear again. So here's the challenge...what next? Obviously acne prone and startlingly sensitive. I am oily and am in need of a full routine!



Anonymous Insider

RE: Skin Care HELP!

Clinique has a 3 step line for adult acne and it’s amazing haven’t had a breakout since

RE: Skin Care HELP!

I just started using the Dudu Osun African Soap & Clean pore Astringent. It’s intense at first but the results are fast. My acne tends to goes away by the next day. The Didi Oaun soap will help with the dark spots. I’m also on an antibiotic and topical cream which my dermatologist prescribed. Trying to figure out what works for you is like a trial and error game.
Anonymous Insider

Re: RE: Skin Care HELP!

You are the second person to recommend African Black Soap! I think that I really must look into this some! Thanks so much for the help. It's starting to sound like African Black Soap may be my saving grace!...fingers crossed

Re: Skin Care HELP!

my acne used to be really bad, and i had tried everything from proactive to x out to even using birth control as my doctor said would help. nothing worked, until i got the clean n clear advantage acne kit (i got mine at target). it was definitely less than $20 for all three products. i used this for a few months and my skin instantly began to clear up. i have stopped using it and now i use the african black soap bar from sprouts, but they also sell it at target and walmart. the bar soap helps keep my skin less oily and helps keep the acne away all naturally:) i hope this is of some help

Anonymous Insider

Re: Skin Care HELP!

Love that your method is only $20! I'll def check out the clean and clear kit. I've never heard of African black soap. What's the deal with that? Just a bar soap? I'll check it out though. Thanks!

@devonodoodle I would stay away from the ingredients in t...

@Anonymous I would stay away from the ingredients in the Sunday Riley Space Race kit until you can figure out which one irritated your skin. The best thing that EVER happened to my skin was Ren Glycolic Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask. It uses (incase it wasnt obvious from the name) Lactic and Glycolic acid. If I feel a bump forming beneath my skin I immediately apply the mask for 10 mins and the next day my skin is normal. It also is fantastic with eliminating texture/bumps from the skin (forehead).
Anonymous Insider

Re: @devonodoodle I would stay away from the ingredients in t...

Oh i like the idea of this mask shutting down breakouts that quickly! I'll make sure to check it out!

Re: Skin Care HELP!

@Anonymous Have you been to a dermatologist? Especially if it’s hormonal, they have prescription tools like spiro and tretinoin that may help


I also really like lactic acid. Sunday Riley Good Genes is excellent, but I also just tried a sample of Drunk Elephant Babyfacial which was really really nice too.

Anonymous Insider

Re: Skin Care HELP!

I hadn't thought of going to a dermatologist which should have been one of the obvious first steps! Ha thanks for the suggestion.


My best friend who just gave me the Sunday Riley set also just gave me a sample of BabyFacial and Drunk Elephants day and night serums as well. She's really too good to me. I start testing those out!

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