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Brand spanking new to this community as well as others and wanted opinions on the best way to reduce overall redness. I have tried everything from the No7 “laboratories CICA- Rescue Skin Paste Mask” to the Clinique “daily redness regimen.” So far my skin has not enjoyed anything. Even when it comes to washing my face with the MIRACLE of CeraVe cleanser, she’s still red as a tomato. THANKS in advance.



Re: Redness

Hi, @Aleon010! What's your current routine? And what's your skin type- oily, dry, combo? I'm often more prone to redness when my skin is dehydrated, but there are so many variabilities out there. Have you seen a dermatologist for an evaluation?

Re: Redness

Thank you so much for responding!! I do have combination skin which is oily around my T-zone but dry around my cheeks and chin. 

AM: CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser for Normal to Oily Skin, Fragrance Free


CeraVe Skin Renewing Day Cream with Sunscreen (Encapsulated Retinol)


PM: Same as above


I haven’t found a reliable dermatologist due to COVID and my overall location being so small. Still on the search!!!

Re: Redness

Gotcha, @Aleon010. I know it's such a crazy time to find new doctors and fit in regular medical appointments. When you're able, I do recommend going ahead with that in case they are able to determine a root cause diagnosis like rosacea or something. But until then, in looking at what you're using now, a couple of thoughts. Are you using that same moisturizer at night? Since it contains spf I really don't recommend doing that. I'd look at switching to a simple moisturizer for nighttime use. You're skin may also be disagreeing with the retinol in the moisturizer. I know it's "encapsulated" to make it less irritating, but for some skin that may still be too overwhelming. I myself cause use most retinol formulations because they irritate my skin. That said, getting a more gentle nonspf formula for nighttime usage may help solve that issue. However, I'd also think about switching your cleanser from the foaming version to the cream version- I think with Cerave that's the hydrating version? Foam cleansers can often strip the skin and be a little harsher than cream or gel cleansers. 

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