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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

My experience with Proactiv

I don't know whether or not my previous post on this topic was submitted because I can't find it- but oh well! I'll do it the second time So I just wanted to share my experience with Proactiv and how it helped meend the 10+ year struggle I was having with severe acne on my cheeks and chin. For more info you can go straight to my blog by clicking the link in my bio! I have been struggling with acne for over 10 years and could never find the good products or set that could help me get rid of them. What was even worse is that my acne started getting even worse about a year ago- and I felt helpless.I have visited over 8 doctors in 2 different countries. I have been on a variety of special diets, I have tried chemical peels that would burn my skin off, I had dozens of prescribed medications and topical creams to help me with my comedones but nothing helped. The comedones ended up turning into active, severe, cystic acne that did not want to go away. And I've also heard the good old \"just wait and you'll grow out of it\" when a doctor literally gives up on you and your struggle. After years of searching for the right set and cosmetics brand that could help me- I gave up. And my self-esteemgave up on me because of the terrible bullying I was put through- and it was not my fault, it was my skins fault. So after years I finally came up with the idea to try Proactiv. It was my very last resort and I wentwith the thought \"it can't get worse than it already is- and it won't be the first time I get a reaction or it doesn't work so let's give it a try\" AND THANK GOD FOR THAT. Of course I didn't get super clear skinafter the first 60 day set- but I sure as hell did after the second set. It was like magic!Just by creating a beneficial habit and being focused on following all three steps that come in the set- it actually worked for me! After 10+ years of constant struggles with active acne- I could finally go out with no foundation, no cover ups or big shades to cover at least part of the acne I had coming out of my cheek. My self-esteemfinally hit the roof and I started to go back to my normal self. I can't stress it enough how much this set and the following products listed below helped me and my struggle. Of course everyone's skin is different and I am not a professional- but I am a person that has been strugglingwith acne for years, and I know how it feels when you don't feel good in your own skin and giving up. I do understand the struggle, that's why I am sharing what worked for me- because maybe it helps someone out therethat has been going through all these prescribed meds and topical creams and nothing is working. Just remember: You are still an amazing person and acne can't take that away from you- EVER! These are a couple of pictures from my worst days and the skin I have today thanks to thislifesaving formula PROACTIV - Proactiv Solution 3-Step Acne Treatment System, 90 Day SizePROACTIV - Emergency Blemish ReliefPROACTIV - Skin Purifying MaskPROACTIV - Green Tea Moisturizer


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