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Post in Acne-Prone Skin


Hi all! I am a freshman in college and over the past 3 months i began to develop this dry acne type rash??! I’ve never had this happen before and I was wondering if anyone can give some input? I tried aquaphor, Neosporin, and the Clinique redness solutions. Any product recommendations or help would be so appreciated! 



Re: Breakout

Hi @SarahConroy ! Sorry you're dealing with that skin issue. It might not be acne at all: it could be a skin condition that mimics acne. I recommend seeing your primary care doctor or a board certified dermatologist, if you can, to get your skin diagnosed. 


Out of curiosity: what's your usual skincare routine (brand + product name), from cleanser to sunscreen? It's possible something in your routine has broken your skin barrier. In that case, rolling a routine back to basics (gentle cleanser, simple moisturizer and/or a petrolatum-based bam, and daytime sunscreen) for a few weeks will help skin heal. You'd need to stop using active ingredients (chemical exfoliants, ascorbic acid/vitamin C, vitamin A/retinoid, etc.) until your skin's in better shape. But I still think you should see a doc for a diagnosis and personalized treatment options, in case you actually have a different skin condition. 

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