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Avoiding Cakey Make-Up on Acne Prone Skin

I desperately need help. I was lucky enough to have clear skin with the rare occasion of a zit when I went through puberty. But I now suffer from adult acne and cannot find a skincare routine to keep it clear for more than a day. With that said I was glammed up one day and looked amazing! I bought all the products used, got home, tried to do it myself and it came out cakey and my bumps and redness seemed to show right through the foundation and concealer. I was using MAC (moisturizer, primer, eye shadow primer, concealer, foundation and setting translucent powder with setting mist) until Fenty Beauty was tried on me and seemed to sit better without creasing and felt lightweight. What am I doing wrong? Or are there specific brands that work better for medium skin tones with acne and redness?


Photos are me with nothing on but moisturizer. (Mirakle Moisturizer)20190122_085401[1].jpg20190122_085418[1].jpg20190122_085433[1].jpg 

Re: Avoiding Cakey Make-Up on Acne Prone Skin

Make sure you really moisturize a lot! I have dehydrated/combo acne-prone skin and I do exfoliate on a regular basis but I find that when I don't balance with a TON of moisturizer (day and night with masks 2x a week), my skin gets tight and breaks out. A really plump, well hydrated skin makes makeup application much better! 


For exfoliation I use CosRx (k-beauty) AHA power liquid, and for hydration I use the Laneige water sleeping mask, Weleda skin food, Embryolisse lait-crème concentré (probably my favourite), Pai rosehip oil and The Ordinary marula oil (all of these on rotation). 

RE: Avoiding Cakey Make-Up on Acne Prone Skin

mac used to break me out badly.

Re: Avoiding Cakey Make-Up on Acne Prone Skin

@Allykat89 do you exfoliate at all, specifically before applying makeup? I have dry skin, often with a bit of acne too, and found that using a gentle chemical exfoliator helped the texture of my skin so that makeup could sit more smoothly on top. 


I also found myself using more product than needed because I felt like I had so much to cover up; using really small amounts of product in light and medium coverage gave my skin a much nicer look. Try using less than you think you need, if you're not already Smiley Happy 


Good luck! 

Re: Avoiding Cakey Make-Up on Acne Prone Skin

Thank you. I do exfoliate before applying. I've kinda taken a step back and am trying to work on my acne then circle back to application techniques lol. Trying all kinds of things made my skin kinda spazz out. Taking zinc pills and using a new product (natural product I found through IG called Ancient Cosmetics) recommended is actually clearing up my skin pretty nicely.

Re: Avoiding Cakey Make-Up on Acne Prone Skin

Hi @Allykat89 I know this is going to sound CRAZY but it works!  Recently a friend told me about Zincofax Extra Strength Cream to clear up acne.  It's the same as baby diaper rash cream, I know crazy but stay with me here!  She purchased the Zincofax for $20.  I went to Walgreen's and found their brand of diaper rash extra strength cream had the same 40% Zinc.  Just put a little on at night on your acne or I will smear across my T Zone and on my chin.  You can keep it on overnight or I keep mine on about the same time as a mask and then wipe it off.  It really works!

RE: Re: Avoiding Cakey Make-Up on Acne Prone Skin

does destin work?

Re: RE: Re: Avoiding Cakey Make-Up on Acne Prone Skin

I did not work for me. I started taking Zinc pills I got from the Pharmacy and I bought this face wash Acne Be Gone from Ancient Cosmetics. Only been a week but my skin is less irritable, itchy and clearing up. 

Re: Avoiding Cakey Make-Up on Acne Prone Skin

I heard this! And I have a kid so diaper rash cream is in our house. About 3 different types in fact lol. Does it have to be that specific brand cause these all have 40% Zinc. I like the idea of a face mask, my kid can help. instead of smearing it on his toys he can help mommy. Thanks I will try this!

Re: Avoiding Cakey Make-Up on Acne Prone Skin

@Allykat89 Perfect and I love the way you think getting your kiddo involved ;-)  I don't think so, I asked my friend how much Zinc was in the Zincofax she got and just made sure I got one with the same amount.  Please let me know after you try it if it works *fingers crossed

Re: Avoiding Cakey Make-Up on Acne Prone Skin

So I tried it over the weekend. Didn't really make a difference (only gave it a couple tries though). I went in to return some make up and go a gift box with Drunk Elephant and some other samples. And their serum worked! I put it on last night and my face looks like 40% better. I'm going to go through this serum and if it works I may splurge on it.

Re: Avoiding Cakey Make-Up on Acne Prone Skin

Hi Allykat89! Ive been suffering from acne myself for forever now so I feel your pain. I really hope the Drunk Elephant serum works out for you. Can you tell me the name of it so I can try it too? Thanks!

Re: Avoiding Cakey Make-Up on Acne Prone Skin

It's the B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum. I also use the A-Passioni Retinol Creme with it. Belif True Cream has also worked wonders as my new moisturizer.

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