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I have really really really dry skin and have tried many products with no real help. Is there any peel or anything that might make my skin normal and actually take in the moisturizer that i have to cake on?? Please help!

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To help your moisturizer absorb the best you need to exfoliate, use a effective gentle exfoliator like Exfolikate by Kate Somerville that's only a suggestion and you can use any one you want. Using an exfoliator will remove those dead skin cells so your moisturizer can actually penetrate into your skin and do the job it was meant to do. Hope this helps!

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Hi!  I would definitely recommend CeraVe's pm moisturizer.  It's a lightweight, but intense moisturizer that really keeps dry skin hydrated-it even helped my excema better than my excema cream did.  You can find it at any drugstore, and apply it twice a day.  


(My dermatologist explained that the only difference between the am and the pm moisturizer is that the am has sunscreen, and it's usually better to apply sunscreen separately, so he recommended using the pm twice a day.)

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i just went to sephora to see some mosturisers for myself. so i reccomend the products from murad. try em

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It would be helpful if you mentioned some of the many products you've tried so we can tailor our recommendations accordingly. Our metabolism slows down in the winter, that's why it takes longer for deadskin to shed and for the glowy tender skin underneath to show. You can use a hydration mask (Origins 10min Quench Thirst, Fresh Black Tea, Dr. Jart hydration) or an enzyme mask will help you jumpstart your skin, my favorite was Ren F10 but haven't tried it again after they reformulated, and there are a lot of other good enzyme masks on the market now (peels are usually more harsh).


Have you tried any kind of chemical or physical exfoliation? My standby is Clinique 7 day cream scrub, because it's cream based with round beads, it's not as drying or abrasive as nut shell scrubs or cleanser scrubs. What kind of cleanser do you use? foam are good for oily skin while cream/milk/oil ones are good for dry skin. .


My favorite routine for really dry days is Clinique 7 day scrub, cleanser in the shower to open up pores, a peel-off mask to take off the remaining dead skin (Sekkisei Kose mask is the best hands down, but if you are not sensitive to fragrance then Boscia Black Mask), a toner mainly to scrub off tiny pieces of the mask I can't take off, then either a serum or oil and a moisturizer.

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