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Sephora spring sale 2019

Does anyone know when the spring sale is going to be?

Re: Sephora spring sale 2019



Re: Sephora spring sale 2019

Omg awesome!!!! Thank you!!!

Re: Sephora spring sale 2019

Hey! So Trendmood posted an update and get ready for it.... Rouge is getting 20%!! The dates are as followed:

April 26 - May 6 for Rouge

May 2 - 6 for VIB (-15%)

May 2 - 6 for Insider (-10%)


Happy shopping 🙂

Re: Sephora spring sale 2019

Thank you!!! So excited 

Re: Sephora spring sale 2019

Hi @seh16,


Please be sure to stay tuned to Sephora's emails, and updates here in BIC for more information regarding upcoming promotions. Thank you!


Best regards,


Re: Sephora spring sale 2019

I periodically check back to see if Sephora is trying anything to win back my customer loyalty and once again I see that the answer is a flat out NO. A 15% discount is not particularly tempting considering VIB get the same discount for spending far less and considering that other stores routinely offer far better sales (eg just picked up $300 worth of products of my choosing for $200 worth of points at Shoppers Drug Mart/Beauty Boutique AND got a large number of samples as a bonus). On top of this Sephora 's empty promises to improve the now monthly "wows" and rewards bazaar have long ago worn thin. I am not sure why I even bother to check back with Sephora. 

It becomes clearer and clearer to me that Sephora does not want my business. Frankly, do they even want to be in Canada? I wish they would just sign over their exclusive brands to SDM/Beauty Boutique and be done with it instead of pretending they will improve.

Re: Sephora spring sale 2019

Wow! I couldn’t agree with your thoughts more.. I been a Rouge at Sephora for about 5 years in a row and it’s so upsetting the lack of thought and discount we get. I stared buying at Ulta recently because of it and I already achieve Platinum status all that’s lost business and I don’t plan to go back anytime soon.

Re: Sephora spring sale 2019

Thanks. I understand not everyone has the same budget but we should be rewarded a little more. It also made me think about how we were forced to redeem points for 2 day shipping instead of being rewarded with it in the past.i feel like it’s been more Take than Give the past year or so with Sephora. I have more negative facts and opinions than I do positive ones and know I’m not the only one.....

Although I will say since posting this I have seen it’s been confirmed online that rouges are getting 20% off his time around which I’m super appreciative of and will be doing a haul but I haven’t gotten my email or flyer in the mail yet and it starts in just over a week

also I wish Sephora would compete more and send out 20% discounts when ulta does the ones that includes prestige brands because then I’d still purchase from Sephora as I believe they have more Selection. 

However at the end of the day and all the hoopla I think I’m going to curb back this year and only purchase exclusives I can’t get anywhere else and look towards ulta more. You can climb the later faster and with more rewards 

Re: Sephora spring sale 2019

Has Sephora heard and considered all the buzz around Rouge only getting 15% which is the same as VIBs who can reach that status only spending $350 VS Rouge who spend at least $1000 ..... so you only give us rouges 20% once a year... then similar discounts as those who spend less.. especially with Ulta offering 20% off prestige brands a few times a year. What’s really left to keep me loyal and higher status with not much of anything in higher rewards.... and add in the fact the samples have been decreased from 3 to 2 and majority of the time they’re never what we pick anyway...just random ones tossed in"...... I’m underwhelmed just like many others. Just food for thought. 

Re: Sephora spring sale 2019

I completely agree. You have to make it worth it for your customers to stay loyal to your company when there are others such as ulta offering better incentives 

Re: Sephora spring sale 2019

I agree!  I'm not actively trying to re-Rouge anymore.  I know at VIB, I'll still get a comparable discount.  And  I am finding myself going to Ulta more - I've achieved their diamond level in a few months (yikes!).  Wish Rouge would get better continual discounts (like VIB sales).  But honorable mention to the recent round of Rouge Gifts a few months ago (like 750 pts or free 2-day shipping that you took from us...) 

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