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Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

GeorginaBT monthly favs Mar2020.jpeg


Hey there, BIC! With March slowly coming to an end, it’s now time for us to share all the beauty products we’ve been loving this month. I’m sure many of us are grappling with rapidly changing circumstances nowadays, but I am very grateful for a few key products that have been helping me keep up with my #selfcare and maintain a sense of normalcy. 😅 This month we're changing things up because self-care could not be more important at this time. Be sure to add your self-care savior(s) to your list, and see below for mine!


Here are my March favorites:

My self-care savior: VOLUSPA Panjore Lychee Home Diffuser 3.4 oz/ 100 mL


What products have you been leaning on lately? Remember to tag your favorites in a response below and call out your self-care savior! Make sure to show and tell. 😊

Re: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

@WinglessOne you always have some of the best products to recommend.

*I love that crease brush as well!!!

Re: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

Thanks @CookieGirl1 ! 

That brush is so nice! Many synthetic crease brushes are either too stiff and scratchy or waaaay too floppy for my lids. This Sephora brush is surprisingly neither of those things. I’ll always travel with one; it’s going in my travel kit. Well, when we’re allowed to travel again. 😄 

Re: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

Praying that day comes soon, @WinglessOne .

Re: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

Hi @WinglessOne,


I love seeing your favorites! Mine favorites have switched from mostly cosmetics to a lot more skincare items this month! 



Re: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

Thanks @RebeccaBT! All this stuck-indoorsness has been a great time to focus on skincare. 🙂 

Re: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!


I have really been liking the leave on exfoliators lately. 😆I wake up with smooth skin without doing any work. The kate Somerville retinol is very nice got it as a gwp. Not sure if I would repurchase due to price. Makeup wise I’m really liking the double wear for a quick application with beauty blender. Good coverage, lasts well and looks pretty natural. Bonus I got a free pump with Estée Lauder direct. Loving my Natash Denona palette that I traded in points to purchase. The eyeliner works well with lots of eye looks and is easy to apply. Concealer is new to me but I’m liking it for quick application to under eye area. Lastly is my Bareminerals illuminating mineral veil for a bit of a brightening effect.

Re: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

That ND palette looks so pretty @jen81! 😍

Re: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

Nice favorites, @jen81!! I love that Kate Somerville retinol. It really works and smells nice, but it so expensive!! It is a GWP often-ish. 

Re: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

I really like that concealer too @jen81!

Re: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

Love those! These are my favorites this month!Drunk Elephant B-Hydra™ Intensive Hydration Serum with Hyaluronic Acid 1.69 oz/ 50 mLBELIF - The True Cream Aqua BombHerbivore Emerald CBD + Adaptogens Deep Moisture Glow Oil 1 oz/ 30 mL

Stay safe and healthy! xoxo


Re: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

Great favorites @MelissaBamb! 😃 Your skin must love you! 💗

Re: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

Yes to all of these, @MelissaBamb! I especially love the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask and the Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Serum. Great picks. 🙂 

Best regards,


Re: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

My list of favorites is short and sweet this month. EE4B84AD-0075-4C4B-8913-F66B8148480E.jpeg

The Gucci bloom hair mist is just beautiful.  I’ve been reaching for it a lot and it’s been pulling double shift as my perfume as well.  I find it much easier to wear than the parfum while still getting to enjoy the beautiful floral recipe. 

The PTR Niacinamide Discoloration treatment is awesome.  I bought it to try to fade the permanent freckles from sun damage on my shoulders.  My face and neck are freckles free and I thought it looked odd to have clear skin down to one area and then freckle party! 🥳.  Vitamin C and retinol being brought down to my shoulders wasn’t cutting it.  I’ve been using a pea sized amount in the AM and PM for a month now and my freckles are nearly gone!  Very impressed with this product!  

The Pat McGrath Opulust in Venomistress has been my go to lip product when I don’t want to think about it.  It’s super glossy, non sticky, smells like cupcakes, is a beautifully wearable shade and has subtle (inside)yet intense (in the sun)glitters that do everything for me. 

The Wander Beauty Wanderess After Party eyeshadow trio is sooooo easy to wear.  The shadows melt into your skin. There is no trace of chalkiness.  They’re lovely to wear on their own for a natural bronzed shimmer eye.  Such a good little palette for on the go or for a quick elegant look.  

Re: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

@heartsmyface great to know the PTR is working so well for you! Niacinamide is such an underrated ingredient! 

Re: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

@averylayne  It is underrated for sure!! Vitamin C gets all the glory:D I can already tell this treatment is going to get an honorable mention in December.  

Re: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

@heartsmyface that's awesome! adding it to my list!

Re: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

@heartsmyface   Glad to hear it about it the PTR. I plan to try this with next sale. Does it irritate your skin?

Re: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

@jen81 Not at all.  It’s like putting any innocuous moisturizer on except just a pea sized amount.  It spreads nicely too.  

Re: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

Beautiful photo @heartsmyface! 💗 That PTR sounds amazing - great ingredients in that product. My skin responds well to alpha arbutin and teanexamic acid too!😍 I’m intrigued by the Gucci hair mist - now would be an excellent time to have the ability to smell something without having to go into the store. 

Re: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

@itsfi   Ha, do you happen to have a large perfume sample vial collection where the perfume version may be lingering?  Just checking my stash to see if I have a vial I can send.  

edit- sigh, I have many versions of it but nope.  I wish I had a diffuser funnel to make samples.    I wonder if I can order one so I can push perfumes on people.  😄 

Re: Monthly Favorites: March 2020 Edition!

You're so sweet @heartsmyface! Great idea; I will check if I have a perfume vial of this one this weekend. I know I have a couple of Gucci fragrances. I have a handful of those perfume vials and the plan (at the beginning of the year) was to go through them to pull the ones I know I love, together with the ones I am interested in trying, and then the rest gets donated. May have to follow through on those plans now. 😉 

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