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Happy trails, JennBT!



Yes, it’s true: Another member of our work family is moving on from @TeamBIC! It is with mixed emotions that we share that this week concludes @JennBT’s stint as a Community admin, now that @LexBT is back from maternity leave!


Jenn’s time on the team was temporary, but the impact of her work over the past several months has been maaajor! From helping us roll out the BIC’s very first Community Ambassador program, to helping us put together a regular spotlight of all of Sephora’s amazing new Black-owned brands, we’re so grateful for what she’s contributed to Community during her time on the team, and we know she’ll continue to do great things beyond the BIC!


Please join us in celebrating @JennBT and wishing her all the best in her next adventure!


Re: Happy trails, JennBT!

@JennBT Best wishes!!!

Re: Happy trails, JennBT!

Thank you for your hard work @JennBT ! Good luck on your next adventure !! 

Re: Happy trails, JennBT!

It's been awesome having you, @JennBT!  You've been such a great addition to the BIC 🙂

Re: Happy trails, JennBT!

You're amazing, @JennBT 💜 We appreciate you so much!! Best of luck on your next adventure 😊

Re: Happy trails, JennBT!

@JennBT good luck with everything!!! Thank you for all you've done for us!! 💐💗

Re: Happy trails, JennBT!

Thank you, @JennBT!  Best wishes in your future endeavours!  💖💖💖

Re: Happy trails, JennBT!

@JennBT Thank you for all your hard work.  I am so happy I got to meet you virtually.  Best of luck on your next adventure.  I know you will be awesome in it.

Re: Happy trails, JennBT!

@JennBT Thank you and best of luck with your next adventure!

Re: Happy trails, JennBT!

@JennBT!! Thank you for everything!! You absolutely rocked it! 😍

Re: Happy trails, JennBT!

Best of luck to you on your next undertaking, @JennBT! Come back and say hi when you can!

Re: Happy trails, JennBT!

THANK YOU for all that you did beautiful and sweet @JennBT! We'll miss you so much. 

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