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Weekly Wow 12/20!

Hello BIC! This week we have so many exciting offerings!  But before we share this week’s deals, we want to share a few reminders:

  • Deals go live each Thursday and most are only on sale for one week only
  • When items sell out, they are gone so I suggest snagging your favorite deals early
  • While deals are available in the US and Canada for now, we know that these deals have been inconsistent for our Canadian Community members. We do our best to stay up to date and keep you in the loop on what Canada will be offering and update you on any changes or decisions they make. We will continue to work hard and pass all your feedback along to our Canada partners.



TOO FACED - Then & Now Eyeshadow Palette - Cheers to 20 Years Collection - $59 $29.50 (USD) $69 $34.50 (CAD)

We reviewed this palette a while back when it first launched but I’m so happy it gets to be a weekly wow deal right on time for the holidays. This glam palette comes with 20 different shades, 10 original eyeshadows shades that launched back in 1998 and 10 completely new shades inspired by the OGs but with a 2018 twist. The colors are highly pigmented, bright, bold, and smooth like butter. It is larger than most palettes and would definitely make a great gift for the makeup lovers in your life who seem to have it all.




BOBBI BROWN - Crystal Drama Eyeshadow Palette- $59 $29.50 (USD) $69 $34.50 (CAD)

This palette has 12 different shades that are a mix of soft mattes, shimmers and metallic finishes. The pigments are neutral and subtle. It could also make a great gift for someone who prefers a more natural look or someone is new to makeup.


SEPHORA COLLECTION - Give me some glitter set - $10 $8 (US Only)

This week we have a set to get our sparkle on and keep it on! This glitter set includes three pots of glitter (pink, gold, and silver), and a glitter adhesive for your body and/or hair. I really like the adhesive because it is not sticky and it will not dry on your skin like glue would, yet it holds the glitter right where you want it to be.




 SC Glitter Applicators- $12 $6 (US only)

While I love glitter and all things that sparkle, it can get messy. These applicators make it much easier and prevents fallout. The silicone tips pick up the glitter and places the glitter exactly where you want it to be. I found out that the larger applicator made it easier for me to place the smaller glitter, like the pink and the gold on the picture above and the smaller applicator worked best when I used the larger silver glitter.  


FARSÁLI - Jelly Beam Illuminator - $40 $20 (US ONLY)

Farsali jelly highlighters have got to be on my list of holigrails and let me tell you why. It is so much fun, it applies like a gel and sets like a powder. It is a product I can use every day with little to no makeup for a natural glow or build it up with a full coverage and for the ultimate glam glow.farsali.jpg

p432862-av-07-thumb300.jpg SMASHBOX - Master Class Knockout Neutrals: Eye & Face Palette-$79 $39.50 (CA ONLY)

Everything you need in one! I’m a little sad that the US doesn’t get this palette as a Weekly Wow deal because because it is a four-in-one makeup palette with everything you need to nail a range of neutral looks for eyes, lips, and face, which is perfect for traveling or if you’re always on the go.

856478.JPGMURAD - Intensive-C® Radiance Peel- $55 $33 (USD) $65 $39 (CAD)

I used this peel for a month, the instructions said to only use it once or twice per week, therefore I used it a total of 7 times.  It did give me a slight tingling sensation when I would put it on but I read on the instructions that was normal and it was never overpowering nor did it irritate my skin at all. I did noticed my face would looked brighter and had a natural glow right after using it the first time but after using it a several times it also begun to look and feel smoother. I really liked it and I’m sad I have to give it back but happy I found a product I want to purchase and incorporate into my skincare routine.

s1172246-main-thumb-300.jpgMURAD - Advanced Active Radiance® Serum- $90 $54 (USD) $102 $62 (CAD)

I also got to try this serum for a month, but for this one I actually would use it every day. I liked that it can be used day and night and it has a yummy citrus smell. It is very lightweight on my skin and along with the Radiance peel it made my face look brighter.

s769836-main-thumb-300.jpgMURAD - Renewing Eye Cream- $80 $48 (USD) $90 $54 (CAD)

We didn’t have a chance to try this eye cream but really wish I could have because it’s not only an anti-aging treatment for the eye area but it also helps with dark circles by brightening and hydrating the very delicate area under the eyes. 

s775247-main-thumb-300.jpgMURAD - Perfecting Day Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30 PA+++- $54 $32.40 (USD) $59 $35 (CAD)

This is a rich day time moisturizer, however it does not feel heavy or greasy and it absorbs into the skin very quickly, plus who doesn't love a moisturizer with SPF? 


 Philosophy Microdelivery Resurfacing Peel- $72 $43.20 (US ONLY)

I didn’t get to try this peel set but since I was already testing a different peel at the same time. But it smells absolutely divine and it is a two-step exfoliating skin transformation. The peel has Vitamin C that helps brighten the skin and Peptide Resurfacing Crystals to gently exfoliate. The Lactic/Salicylic Activating Gel helps to minimize the appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles while providing a secondary exfoliation.

p428937-av-01-thumb500.jpgCLINIQUE - Pep It Up- $15 $7.50 (US ONLY)

@CarolBT got to try a couple of the products in this set. She loved they are scent free and liked that the moisturizer can also be used as a daily sunscreen. As for the under eye cream she thought it was very light, hydrating, and it felt great when she would put it on.



What is your favorite Murad product? Show & Tell!




***EDIT: There will not be a Weekly Wow the week of 12/27-1/2. However Weekly Wow will return the following week on 1/3. I hope you all have the happiest holidays and new year Smiley Happy

Re: Weekly Wow 12/20!

Missed the Kat Von D palette on sale =(

Re: Weekly Wow 12/20!

Can’t wait for this weeks sneak peek !! Hoping it’s a good one for Boxing Day Smiley Happy

RE: Re: Weekly Wow 12/20!

Is there one? I don’t see any posts; and the weekly wow tab just takes me to the beauty offers.

RE: Re: Weekly Wow 12/20!

Guess not!

Re: Weekly Wow 12/20!

Can I just shoutout Sephora on this Weekly Wow because it’s Friday and everything seems to be in stock still! 

Re: Weekly Wow 12/20!

For all my lovely Canadians - the jelly beam illuminators and glitter applicators listed as US only are half price for us as well! The applicators have to be searched specifically, they aren’t in the sale section. Most of the murad products are also in the sale section but not listed in the weekly wow tab in the app. Hope this makes navigating a little easier! 

Re: Weekly Wow 12/20!


Thank you for the Weekly WOW previews!  I count on these!

Re: Weekly Wow 12/20!

This is a great set of featured Weekly Wow products! That Too Faced palette was never a must buy for me but with Sale on Sale maybe... Also, the Philosophy! If I didn’t already have a mega size one I’d likely buy two at that price. Y’all know how I rave about it any chance I get. 

Re: Weekly Wow 12/20!

Thank you for sharing @BrendaBT!

Re: Weekly Wow 12/20!

@BrendaBT Thank you so much for always sharing with us.

Re: Weekly Wow 12/20!

Thanks for the update! @BrendaBT

RE: Weekly Wow 12/20!

Does Sephora actually have two versions of the Too Faced “Then and Now” palette? I’ve only seen the logo version (but not the cartoon eyes packaging).

Re: RE: Weekly Wow 12/20!

There are two versions but Sephora only carries one. At Sephora, they’re sold with the gold lettering. The one with the cartoon eyes is only from Not really sure why they posted a pic of the version they don’t even sell 😂 Hope this makes sense!

Re: Weekly Wow 12/20!

The Farsali Jelly Beam caught my eye! Looking forward to finally trying it a great price too!

Re: Weekly Wow 12/20!

@MlleCC It is AMAZING! Let us know what you think if you try it Smiley Happy 

Re: Weekly Wow 12/20!

Promising week, hopefully the palettes are actually in stock when the sale is live unlike the tarte palettes last week and the urban decay naked/back talk sales in Canada

Re: Weekly Wow 12/20!

@BrendaBT I think there's something incorrect with the price of SEPHORA COLLECTION - Give me some glitter set for CDN. $31 Reg on sale for $15 but in US $10 Reg on sale for $8? 

Re: Weekly Wow 12/20!

@GG84 it’s actually already in the sale sections listed as $10 USD on sale for $8 USD on the US website 🤷🏽‍♀️ Edit: it doesn’t exist on the Canadian site haha. It says “we do not currently carry the product you requested”

Re: Weekly Wow 12/20!

@cianni Thank you for noticing this. I contacted our Canada partners and will update you guys as soon as I get a response. Smiley Happy 

Re: Weekly Wow 12/20!

@BrendaBT thanks girl! I already have the glitter applicators in my cart ready to go 😉 The sparkle obsession is real haha

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