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Sephora 20% Coupon

Did anyone here receive a 20% coupon? I’m seeing a handful of people saying that they got one via email and most people saying they have not. I am one of the ‘have nots’ and I’m wondering if anyone knows what’s happening?

Re: Sephora 20% Coupon

I didn’t receive one either. I find it frustrating that some got it and others didn’t. It’s like customer loyalty means nothing anymore. 

Re: Sephora 20% Coupon

Well that’s quite the bummer...

Re: Sephora 20% Coupon


It's targeted. Sephora seems to be doing a lot of that the last several months. 

RE: Re: Sephora 20% Coupon

Thank you for answering so promptly. I don’t know if these work overall from a business perspective but this makes me feel unappreciated as a loyal customer and makes me think that Sephora wants to be more like Ulta instead of being their competition. At least I got another year of free makeovers as a Rouge tier member, which I’m very happy about.

Re: RE: Re: Sephora 20% Coupon

I also feel that Sephora does not want my business. Targeted 20% off coupons, not honouring online codes, weekly wows for Canada switched to monthly wows, only two samples, a rewards bazaar that is a joke because the prizes are either ridiculously small or in unbelievable limited amounts... I could go on and on.


If Sephora's business plan was to alienate their highest tier of spenders then...success because I have become so irritated with Sephora's actions that I have switched to other stores whenever possible. I wish I knew who the board of directors/managers for Sephora are because I'd like to put a face to this idiotic business plan.

Re: RE: Re: Sephora 20% Coupon

Yes, I feel left out too!

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