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Post in PLAY! by SEPHORA

Wrong box?

Has anyone received your play box and then gone to see more information about the products on the app, only to see that your profile has entirely different products than you received?


This is the first month is has happened to me and it appears the items on my profile would match my play profile and preferences much better than those that arrive. 

Re: Wrong box?

So it appears that Sephora either had some sort of catastrophic email meltdown where they sent a LOT of us an email showing we'd be getting one box and then what they actually sent was another grossly inferior box, OR they ran out of the first box and scurried around to put together a substitute.  Based on some information I have, I now believe it was the first scenario.  Adding to it all the excessive delay that many of us had in getting our box delivered.  It was not the weather, it was not the shutdown.  It was a delay on Sephora's part that they should have owned instead of the usual party line of "it's on it's way and you'll love it!"  


What made matters worse were Sephora employees telling us we needed to be logged in to see what we were supposed to get, when we WERE logged in, and them not being transparent about it when they totally blew it.  I had one employee imply I was lying about the box I got and insisting I had gotten a different box in a tone that seemed like they were mocking me for being upset.  Not cool at all.


Hopefully they have it all fixed moving into February.  


I blew something with a really good customer due to bad information I was given by a coworker that I should have double-checked, as this person isn't as reliable as they should be.  I owned it, I admitted I screwed up, and I apologized and made it right for them.  I treated my customer the way I want to be treated when things go south.  I wish all companies would do so.

Re: Wrong box?

This has happened every month with my box. (3) I will be cancelling. Itโ€™s disappointing, I thought Sephora carried higher standards. 

Yes. And I've also gotten the very very wrong samples sen...

Yes. And I've also gotten the very very wrong samples sent to me twice! Im a VIB now and the service seems to be getting worse! Just so so sad! Sephora was my retail therapy savior and the play! box always had such wonderful little treats and I often wanted to buy the products full size. But recently it seems like a lot is wrong even though I keep going back and making sure that my beauty profile is just right etc... I'll hang in for another month with play! and try ordering one more time but after that I'm going elsewhere :'(
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