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The Play pass ?

I can't go to a Sephora store, it's much too far away. Is there anything I can use the Play pass for? Or should I just throw it away?


Personally I think they should make promo codes to make t...

Personally I think they should make promo codes to make them redeemable online with a purchase. It's not easy to run to Sephora every month but I hate losing 50 points.

Re: Personally I think they should make promo codes to make t...

@claytonskitten  I think that's a wonderful solution! Isn't that they way it works in the store, you redeem the card when you buy something?

And keep in mind, for some of us it's actually impossible to go to a Sephora store. Just look at the map of stores, there's huge areas that don't have a store within reach! So those cards are really just for the people who can go to the stores, they should either be redeemable for everyone or we should have an option of getting something else in our box!

RE: The Play pass ?

Same! I just throw them away because thereโ€™s no way I can make it to a store that often.

RE: The Play pass ?

I live 90 miles away, Sephora told me to call them after a purchase and ask them to update my account for the 50 points. Give them a call:)

Re: RE: The Play pass ?

@DEL28  Thank you! Have you tried it? Did you call the number on the bottom of the page (877-737-4672) or did you get a different number to call? I can't drive so my husband would have to take a day off to take me to a Sephora store (I think there's one about 2 hours away). That's just never going to happen.

@kho651 and @gonerogue , I felt the same way you did! But won't it be wonderful if @DEL28 is right? And I suspect she is, I've seen other mentions by CS, but they never come right out and say it, you know?

I thought it was already too late to use the September card but I checked, it's good until the end of October!!


Re: RE: The Play pass ?

Yes, i call that 877 number and I just tell them sephora allows me to redeem my play pass online because of distance. Customer service has been great, they add them without a problem:) I have done it about 4 times already.

Re: RE: The Play pass ?

@PollyM0901 Yes, it would be nice if that option existed since I myself HATE going into stores for anything. Not because Iโ€™m lazy but because I am never thrilled with in-store customer service these days. 

Re: RE: The Play pass ?

But @gonerogue , at least in the store you can see the products instead of pictures! Sometimes the pictures and descriptions are really misleading. And I've read about mini-makeovers and things like that, that sounds like fun to me. Then you could go home and order from your computer, I guess. I don't really know what in-store customer service does, to tell you the truth!


I have read that now people are using their cellphones to look things up while they're in the store. I have to admit, I can't imagine why? (I haven't been in a store in years.)


I get really annoyed with online customer service (in general, not speaking of Sephora because I haven't had much experience with them). I keep having the same problem, over and over again, I get a reply that has no relationship to my question or problem. It's like they don't even read my question, they just pick an answer from their stock answers at random and send it. 

RE: The Play pass ?

Throw it away. You can only get the points in store. It's bs imho.

Re: The Play pass ?

You can only redeem your play pass in store, sorry about that!

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