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Post in PLAY! by SEPHORA

PLAY and the older set

When I joined PLAY, I did not know which color to pick for eye color: blue or brown. I’m a 62-year-old African American woman with corneal arcus senilis (CAS). My eyes are brown. The CAS has shown up in a blue color. It was the same with hair color since I have a salt and pepper thing going on. It would be nice to have products and tips that can help with improving the appearance of aging hair, lips, skin, and eyeballs. I just marked grey for my hair color. I do not want to dye my hair. I want to know how to make it look shiny and healthy. Maybe, Sephora should consider the plight of older women who still want to look put together using cosmetics and to grow old gracefully. There were no creases, fine lines, or age spots as choices for concerns in the skin section. There was no corneal arcus senilis in the eye color section. There were no eyebrow selections at all. Older and some younger women are very concerned about thin, sparse, patchy or greying eyebrows. I liked that cuticles were mentioned, but what about nails and esthetic nail problems like ridges, discoloration, and short nails. Let’s not forget lip wrinkles. Older women get them and they are a pain, especially with matte lipsticks. There is facial hair to contend with and that is not only for aging people. PLAY could stand to be more aging-friendly. Geriatric cosmetology may just be all the rage very soon.

RE: PLAY and the older set

@SaraSlay I think you bring up great topics to improve the play box. IMO Sephora listens to the beauty insiders community. They value consumer feedback. I’m not sure which mod to direct it to but someone will listen

Re: RE: PLAY and the older set

Thanks for the encouragement!  You inspired me to join the PLAY group to voice these thoughts there. 

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