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PLAY! By SEPHORA Box Versions: Your Questions Answered

Hi PLAY! by SEPHORA subscribers,


Some of you have been wondering how we curate each of our boxes, so we wanted to let you know how it works!


Every month, our team of beauty experts determine a selection of products around a theme or trend. We then take these products and create different box versions. Because we want you to love all of the deluxe samples you receive, we then choose which version would work best for you based on the answers you provided in your PLAY! PROFILE. This way, the products you receive are appropriate for your beauty needs.


Still have questions about how we determine what goes into your PLAY! by SEPHORA box? We want to hear from you! Check out the FAQs and chat with us below.


Q: How does PLAY! by Sephora decide which products to send to subscribers each month?

A: PLAY! By Sephora curates a selection of products every month that align with a particular beauty theme or trend we’re loving. From here, we develop box versions – which vary based on different beauty preferences like skin tone and hair. Then, we target these box versions to each subscriber based on his/her PLAY! PROFILE. We always try and send you the box that we believe is best for you.


Q: What if I don’t like the products I received in my box?

A: If you’re not sure about why you received a certain product in your box, we encourage you to take your PLAY! PASS to your local Sephora and ask for a personal, one-on-one consultation with one of our Beauty Advisors. This is one of the many perks you get with PLAY!. In-store, a Beauty Advisor can help you find a similar or complimentary products. They will even make you a custom sample so you can try it out at home.

OR, if you can’t make it to a store, you can always call or shoot us an email us: 1-844-PLAY-HLP or


Q: What is the PLAY! PROFILE and how do I update my information?

A: The PLAY! PROFILE captures your beauty preferences and concerns. We use your PROFILE answers to determine which box version is best for you each month. To update your PLAY! PROFILE, first go to My Account and then click on the My Information in left navigation. From here, you can your PROFILE information like hair type, skin concern, and skin tone.


Q: What if one of the products in my box is broken, damaged or missing?

A: If you have a problem with your box, you can always call our PLAY! phone extension at 1-844-PLAY-HLP or email us at We’re here to help!


Re: PLAY! By SEPHORA Box Versions: Your Questions Answered

I generally enjoy getting my box every month, but one thing I have noticed about the boxes and the play profile is that while they address particular concerns, the makeup samples I get are not often things that I wear. The last three boxes I have received contained nude or nude pink lip gloss. I do not wear lip gloss, and I don’t care for nude lip colors. I have a friend who gets the Play box and she often gets red lipstick but she does not wear red lipstick. I think if Sephora wants to cater more to the people getting their boxes, then part of the play profile should include questions about colors that the customer likes, brands they like or want to try, and questions about types of products (lipstick vs. Lipgloss, powder or cream blushes, etc). It’s a little disappointing to pay $10 a month to end up swapping the things you get with friends when the problem could be easily avoided in the first place. I hope the PLAY! Curators consider the suggestion of a more personalized questionnaire so they can better tailor their products like they claim they do.

Re: PLAY! By SEPHORA Box Versions: Your Questions Answered

You guys @sephoraadmin2 CAN NOT cater to every single one of us! Its just impossible. There are literally thousands possibly a mil of us out there who are all subscribed to the same service. The whole reason for the Play boxes are to try new products or brands that most of us would've otherwise never bothered with. Our individual profiles are yes to help improve our skin/makeup/hair needs when it comes to testing new products but it is not a guarantee with the subscription. There isn't 1 person sitting and reviewing everyone's profiles selecting shades and colors every month. Sephora develops a few different boxes every month so not everyone gets the same products at the same times. If that many of you are disappointed either cancel your subscription and let someone else take your spot (because for a while there was a waiting list) or go into the store and have a 1 on 1 with an associate. It is encouraged that if you are not satisfied with a product or service to reach out to someone. If you didn't get a foundation sample that matches or there's facial product that gave you a reaction, go into the stores and explain that it simply didn't work for you and 99% of the time an associate will help you find something else more suitable AND give you samples to try at home. If they don't automatically bring it up you can ALWAYS ask for samples. I have gone in soo many times wanting to try new products but was unsure and didn't want to throw down a chunk of my hard earned money on a product that may not work for me! I have always been able to get a sample or return a product if it really didn't work out. I know that I probably sound bias but instead of whining or complaining, be proactive about it. Not all of us are going to love every box we get every month, its just impossible. Each of us like different things, but that is the chance you take when you have a subscription. Whether its a beauty subscription, crafty box, or even a weekly meal box, you're always taking a risk of not know what you'll get or like. I know we all want to LOVE everything we get all the time but its just not going to happen. As a beauty lover I'm extremely passionate about the industry and as a consumer its sometimes hard to understand the processes of things, and its easier to bitch and complain. But we can only be responsible for our own happiness, so if your that unhappy then do something about it. Okay rant over.

Re: PLAY! By SEPHORA Box Versions: Your Questions Answered

I agree with you to an extent but they should not advertise "tailored" samples based on our profiles if they can not do this for us... I do not expect an amazing playbox that blows me away every month. With a profile set you addressing my skin color, concerns, and interests-I do expect samples to be close to my skin tone and simply within the same category of my interests. In addition the playbox is try "new" items-only about 25% of my samples are new products. The rest are recycled samples from rewards. Maybe I do expect too much-but since they pushed to fill out my profile I figured I could expect a lot. Tailoring our playboxes would not require a lot of man power or people individually analyzing each profile. They could have pre-made bags based on approximations to profile interests. They have programs that will analyze peoples profiles and highest rates of concerns and interests, assign codes to each group, and ship out the boxes closest related to each code. Maybe they have something of the sort set up and are sorting out the kinks as we go :-) I guess we all have different perspectives and can respectfully agree to disagree :-)  

Re: PLAY! By SEPHORA Box Versions: Your Questions Answered

I got my very first Play box (#974) and I'm disappointed. I didn't expect a color match so no surprise there, but the CoverFx customer enhancer drops and mineral veil also don't work for dark skin. The only thing that worked was the Sephora moisturizer and it wasn't really something I was looking forward to. My suggestion? offer a skincare only box - with options for dry skin, oily/combination skin, acneic skin; a make-up box, that by skin color. It would remove the problem of creating a box that meets color, skin type and hair type requirements. 


just a thought...

Yes to the skincare only box!

Yes to the skincare only box!

I've been getting a Play! box for about four months now,...

I've been getting a Play! box for about four months now, and I'm totally happy with it. People seem to get really bent out of shape if they don't love every single thing, but for 10 bucks, getting six or so decently sized samples and the little bag is pretty solid. Unless I'm giving it away to someone specific, I'll still test the lip colors, etc that aren't quite right for me to see what the texture is like. The only improvement I can think of would be an option to sub/opt out of fragrances, since allergies are so common. I enjoy them, but my asthma is well under control and I can see it being a dealbreaker for other people who would be fine otherwise.

Re: PLAY! By SEPHORA Box Versions: Your Questions Answered

The profile questions need work. That would make a huge difference. Other companies ask things about your style like adventurous or classic and they ask if you look for certain things in your products, for example I use natural beauty items only. That might have kept me, at 34,  from getting a dark red lipstick and glitter eyeshadow I would never ever wear. I don't wear glitter anything and red looks clownish. I got another bag shipped today and I'm canceling. There are products I really wanted to try in two bags and nothing I'm interested in at all in the one that was shipped. If the profile gets some better questions I'll try again. 

Re: PLAY! By SEPHORA Box Versions: Your Questions Answered

At the very minimum it would be nice if we could choose cruelty-free brands only. I like all the products and I am always happy to try new things but in this day and age requesting makeup not tested on animals shouldn't be a big deal.

RE: PLAY! By SEPHORA Box Versions: Your Questions Answered

I just went to Sephora in JCPenney and used the play! Pass they scanned it but I don't see any points added into my account. Does that take a while? I haven't seen my purchase points too. So I agree I wish we can use the pass online too.

Re: RE: PLAY! By SEPHORA Box Versions: Your Questions Answered

If for any reason it doesn't end up showing up just contact customer service and they can adjust it for you. 

RE: PLAY! By SEPHORA Box Versions: Your Questions Answered

Yeah, it usually loads within 24 hours. It does not work for the same visit.

When they scanned mine last month it didn't show up till...

When they scanned mine last month it didn't show up till the next day

it would be impossible to create a box that every single...

it would be impossible to create a box that every single person liked. For $10 a month, I can't complain too much. I've seen months that I thought were really good and others - - like last month - - where I was very disappointed. I also realize that although we all kind of "blame" Sephora for the samples we receive, most companies only make limited types of sample sizes of things so it's not necessarily Sephora's fault for not being able to send more different product types or colors.

A lot of posts complaining...but you have to remember thi...

A lot of posts complaining...but you have to remember this box is only $10! Keep the stuff you want to try and give a few things away. I dont use perfume but I keep all the samples and give them away to friends who are thrilled to have them.

Re: A lot of posts complaining...but you have to remember thi...

I agree if you don't think its worth it then don't pay for it! Right now they have subscription availability, but there was a time were people were on a waiting list. Let someone who really wants the subscription have it!

RE: A lot of posts complaining...but you have to remember thi...

Feel ya. I can't believe how much people are complaining.

Re: PLAY! By SEPHORA Box Versions: Your Questions Answered

Interesting; I read through the first couple pages of comments and there seem to be quite a few unhappy people.  Maybe it's that I'm fairly new to beauty boxes, but I've been enjoying Play.  I think September was my 4th or 5th month, and while I've had a few months I was maybe a little less enthused than other months I can't think of any months I was actually unhappy.  I always give away the perfumes, and I really like the skin care stuff.  


It's kind of nice to have a little surprise come in the mail once a month!

I normally feel the same as you do. But last month I rece...

I normally feel the same as you do. But last month I received my box with the perfume shattered and it got on all of my items. Mistakes happen, BUT the perfume HAD TO BE like this while the box was being put together because not one of my other items were damaged. When I called Sephora they said that they were out of stock and gave me points. Now today as the new rewards popped up in the REWARDS BAZAAR, I am seeing quite a few of the items for 100 pts that I have previously received in my boxes. i don't know what to think😐

Re: I normally feel the same as you do. But last month I rece...

If it was the Kat Von D sample perfume, I had the same thing happen to me. Although I didn't have the same problem saying that they were out of stock. I ended up just contacting customer service the day after I received it and they just sent me a replacement box. I think there was a shipping or packaging error because even in the replacement box the 2nd perfume was broken also. I didn't care enough about getting another replacement because all the other items were fine and I didn't really like the scent. But its happen to me a few times and they usually send a replacement box.

RE: PLAY! By SEPHORA Box Versions: Your Questions Answered

Wondering why I received the Gimme Brow in #5 Deep? It’s waaay too dark for me. According to my profile, #3 would’ve been more appropriate.
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