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Post in PLAY! by SEPHORA

If you could choose your Play items....

what are some items you would want in your box?  


I would love to try Drunk Elephant Sukari and Framboos.  They're both expensive so I'd rather try before I buy.  I will probably buy them anyway but since this is a wish post, why not, right?


My ideal monthly box would be customized for me based on my answers and purchase history, and each box would have:

A cheek or eye product 

A skincare product

A lip product 

A foundation, concealer, or powder product

A wildcard "new" product to introduce me to something new that I might like.


I would also like to be able to "opt out" of things I don't use a lot of like eyeliner, mascara, and perfume.


What would your ideal box be like?

If you could choose your Play items....

that's a great suggestion, hope they can improve things in the near future! I also would love to try DE! not sure if it's good for oily skin or not.

Re: If you could choose your Play items....

Are you sensitive to acids normally?  I would think DE would help for oily skin but everyone is different.

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