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When to throw it out?

I have a seriously large collection of polishes, some that are years old - I’m talking 10+ on some of them. Beyond the obvious reasons (extra tacky or hardened) is there any reason to throw away a polish after so long? Part of me wants to ditch them and start fresh, but I’m also having a hard time justifying dumping a polish just to go buy a new one in a similar colour. They’re a variety of brands from #essie #sallyhansen #quo #opi and more. 

Re: When to throw it out?


Nail polish never really expires, but I would throw it out when it gets clumpy or dried out.

Re: When to throw it out?


Polish never goes bad! It may thicken over time, but even that can be remedied easily with a bit of polish thinner. The solvents in the polish make it inhospitable to any sorts of germs or bugs, so there's no reason, from a hygiene standpoint, to worry about them expiring. If you still like 'em, keep 'em!


A year or two ago, I found a small stash of my older polishes, and some of them probably date back 15 years or more. I've accumulated tons more over the years since then, and while I like the older ones, they won't see heavy rotation anymore as I have plenty more that I like better now. I kept them anyways as a touch of nostalgia, and they do perform perfectly well, even after all these years!

Re: When to throw it out?

@RGbrown Okay this is seriously helpful! Also appreciate the anecdote of just the occasional rotation of an old polish and not letting that stop you from getting new ones.... you're feeding my justification for getting new ones just for the hell of it haha

Re: When to throw it out?


As someone with a collection of over 800 polishes, I am all about feeding justification! 🤣🤣🤣

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