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Nail Care

What are some benefits for keeping nail cuticles (eponychium) trimmed? 💅 ✂️ 

Re: Nail Care


Thanks for the tag! I'm not good at poking around the board much anymore, so I appreciate the heads up that there's a question I might be able to help with 🥰



First things first, we have to define nail anatomy! 



pic from scratchmagazine dot


The cuticle is dead skin that sticks to the nail plate, and for anyone that uses any sort of polish or other nail enhancement, it must be removed for the products to adhere properly, as nothing will stick well to dead skin.


I have a sneaking suspicion that your question though was really meant to be "what are the benefits for keeping the eponychium trimmed?", and the short answer is none. 


The eponychium is live skin, a living seal protecting the matrix (where nails form just before they grow out where you can see them), keeping out bacteria and other nasties we don't want inside our bodies. That doesn't stop anyone from doing it, plenty of folks do for aesthetic reasons with things like a Russian Manicure, but it's risky.


Keeping the cuticles pushed back and taking care of your nails with a regular moisturizing routine and the occasional exfoliation can help keep that skin in excellent shape, minimizing hang nails and dead bits that need to be clipped off. If this isn't something you (the general you, not necessarily directed at you personally 😊) have been doing, it's entirely possible for the eponychium to be stretched out and can stick to the cuticle as the cuticle stretches with nail growth, so it may take a little time to train it back into a neater/smaller line, but keeping up with cuticle pushing and jojoba oil will make a huge difference over time.


Happy to answer any other questions this may have brought up!

Re: Nail Care

@RGbrown thank you for explaining this.  I never knew 

Re: Nail Care

@CorgiMommy @missaa8 

Happy to help! 💖

Re: Nail Care

@RGbrown️thank you 💖

Re: Nail Care

@missaa8 I am no expert but I dont remove mine. I push them back after a shower (when they are soft) sometimes. I am not the greatest at trimming them. I am going to tag some nail experts @RGbrown @ather @WinglessOne 


There is lots of helpful info over at Show Me Your Nails 2.0 

Re: Nail Care

Thanks for the tag, @Mellmars1185 ! Looks like @RGbrown already covered it and spared y’all from my usual “don’t cut that skin fold—which, by the way, is not the cuticle” lecture. 😂 Seriously though, @missaa8 : the only benefit to cutting any skin folds around your nails is highly subjective aesthetics. I personally think health is more important than nail aesthetics. So does my dermatologist. 


For me, the only reason to use “cuticle” nippers* is to remove large hangnails, which reduces the urge to pick (or in my case, bite) at them. Gently pushing that base skin fold back is good. Key word = gently. Don’t go shoving it hard or you’ll end up lifting it off the nail plate and breaking that anti-cootie seal. Just gently nudge it daily, or every other day, or a few times a week, while that skin is soft. Doing it after a shower is good. 👍 So is doing it after applying oil and/or moisturizer to your nails and hands. 


*I always chuckle when I see them labeled “cuticle nippers/clippers/etc.” because it’s impossible to cut the cuticle with one of those tools.  

Re: Nail Care


Anti-cootie seal, love it! 🤣🤣🤣

Re: Nail Care

Communication Language Arts FTW, @RGbrown 😊

Re: Nail Care

@missaa8 @RGbrown  Heh, I did major in creative writing way back in college. 😄 


Just say no to cooties! Unless you very personally know the person whose cooties you’re getting, in which case, proceed at your own risk. 😂 

Re: Nail Care

You’re a total expert @Mellmars1185! Love your idea of pushing back your cuticles after a shower. 💡👍🏼 That’s brilliant, and I’m going to start doing that myself now! Thank you!

Re: Nail Care

@Mellmars1185 💕 💓 💕 

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