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Natasha Denona Hy Glam Concealer

Hey guys, i've been using the HyGlam Concealer however i continue to get undereye creases every single time i use it. I've tried applying a light layer with the flat part of the applicator, blending with warm fingers, and setting with a light layer of my go to setting powder as recommended on the Sephora/NatashaDenona website but i still crease. I've tired other methods: changed up my moisturizers/primers & blending with beauty blender/concealer brush/velour puff/setting spray without success. Does anyone else experience this? everyone i talk to loves this concealer and i want to love it to but finding it difficult.... any advice/recommendations are greatly appreciated. xoxox

Re: Natasha Denona Hy Glam Concealer

@Rayray231 Like @SportyGirly125 I think concealer around the eye is bound to crease.  I have been loving this one in particular.  I would suggest making sure that your skin prep is done and given time to sink in a bit first.  I also use a colour corrector under it (my dark circles ... they be dark) and I make sure to let that set up a few minutes while I do my foundation.  I don't really bring my foundation right up under where I put the concealer.  The concealer itself I put on in the 'triangle' under my eyes and then leave it to sit there while I go make my coffee and get dressed.  Thats usually about 5 minutes then I blend it out with a damp sponge.  I do usually set my under eyes, mostly out of habit, but I'm very light with the powder.  I do find that I still get a few little creases, but they're very easy to 'stamp' out with a finger.  I'm also over 40 so there are fine lines to contend with.  I personally love how this concealer wears down so evenly and holds for quite some time.  It also blends into my sheer foundation so nicely.  That said, not everyone is gonna love the same products.  I happen to really hate the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer  yet it's a cult fav for so many.  No shame in moving on to another! 

Re: Natasha Denona Hy Glam Concealer

@Rayray231 I usually don't set my concealer. I tried with this one and it made it worse. This one creases on me but I just pat it out with a finger and it's good to go. I like that it's creamy but doesn't fade so I put up with a little creasing. 

Re: Natasha Denona Hy Glam Concealer

@Rayray231 I agree with everyone else here. Concealer’s thickness that makes it great for coverage also makes it crease and move. Less is more when it comes to the undereye area and when you think you’re done blending, blend some more! I get as much hydration as I can into my face before makeup. I only use a few dots where I want to brighten and use a blending sponge for my concealer, taking extra to blend it well. 

Check out Wayne Goss on YouTube. Search for “Concealer Trick! Never look old or cakey again!” He shows a few tricks including placement.


If you’re using concealer for brightening your under eye area, you can look into Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez Positive Light Under Eye Brightener. There are a few more like this from other brands, but Rare Beauty’s was the one I was considering during the recent sale. 

Re: Natasha Denona Hy Glam Concealer

@Rayray231 , I actually don't set this concealer.  I came across a description where someone described it as self setting, like it does dry down a certain way.  I apply it with a wet sponge and towards the outer areas of my eye and just blend.  Like @SportyGirly125 , it'll crease , but it looks less heavy to me this way.

Re: Natasha Denona Hy Glam Concealer

@danielledanielle I'm going to have to make a concerted effort to remember to try not setting this one.  It's such a habit I'll need to remind myself quite a bit when I'm still in sleepy morning mode.

Re: Natasha Denona Hy Glam Concealer

@Rayray231 @I have the concealer too. I think your under eye area is going to crease no matter what you do because we constantly have to move that area. My under eye creases so you are not alone.

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