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First Timer for makeup

I am new to all this and would like to have a consultation/lesson with a male makeup person. It looks like Sephora does not do this from what I can see. I am overwhelmed with what to do. Can anyone recommend where to go?  Thanks!

Re: First Timer for makeup

Believe me Kenny, this is a safe place full of helpful non-judgmental people. There are amazing artists out there whose work is phenomenal, but beware of feelings of intimidation from Youtube and Instagram. I adore Wayne Goss and he posted a "Warning" video a while back denouncing filters. In his wonderfully kind way, he angrily  demonstrated how filters can create a look that no human can emulate. I've been playing with makeup for 40 years and except for glorious episodes working in community theater, it's been about playing with my own face like a Kindergartner finger paints masterpieces only she or he appreciates. 


Now that Covid restrictions are lifting in many areas. I've noticed my local Sephora store is adding services, including 60 and 90 minute makeup consultations. I've typed a lot of words to simply say:  You're among friends here, have fun, get crazy, get sultry. Your face is your canvas and even though you haven't posted a picture yet, your face is beautiful because it's yours alone. 

Re: First Timer for makeup

@kennyr1234. Also consider that some Salons have a m.u. Artist available, at a price. Many hairdressers /stylists have had training in m.u. too. 

Is there a specific aesthetic you want? Good to be fairly focused when a consult is only x minutes. Do you want a refined, sleek matte look, or semi-sheer yet polished? Or something completely different?

Before having a consultation, you might find a useful framework and/or inspiration in a m.u. book. 

3 titles either in a local Library? or secondhand shop (maybe at thrift shop prices?):

Styling Your Face (1981) by Way Bandy (5 designs designs for a male face); I think WB drew the illustrations for it.

Making Faces (1997);

Face Forward  by Kevyn Aucoin. (4 to 6 designs for a male face). 

Fundamentals are covered within their pages, besides the Designs, in all 3. Really good starting-points. The sky's the limit! 

I guess there are videos online, but aren't books more relaxing?  Good Luck!

Re: First Timer for makeup

The problem is that I am new to this and don't know what I want. I'm looking for someone to tell me what is best. I watched some great youtube videos but they all vary in a way. Wayne Goss has some great advice there. Don't want it to look like I am wearing makeup. All this stuff is a bit intimidating for a newbie. I just contacted Sephora and they stopped with their consultations due to Covid for now but I did find they have a make makeup person about an hour away from me. 


Thanks for the references!

Re: First Timer for makeup


What Makeup can do for a face has fascinated me for 40+ years. Although I've no formal training, I daresay I've figured out a few approaches. I've done Stage MU for a few productions over the years too.
Wayne G. does v.good videos. So helpful for learning application techniques...buffing, stipple, etc.
Based on your reply, if I was a guy starting w/ MU who wanted a Natural, imperceptible Look, here's

What I'd use:
Skincare, Concealer(s), Translucent or Untinted Matte Powder, Brow pencil, un/ Tinted (ie BurtsBees) lip balm.
[ optional: sheer, Matte Powder-Foundation, or sheer Tinted Moisturizer; maybe sheer Matte Bronzer-powder. Concealer is also optional? maybe the Brows don't warrant a colorant? ]
Also a couple relevant, clean Brushes, ie Ecotools or RT, clean toothbrush for Brows (old school!), a basic sponge,  a MU Removal Routine; Good lighting & Plenty of Practice-Time.

end part l.


Re: First Timer for makeup


The approach, as to enhance one's best features in a very subtle manner, centers on a semi-matte skin, with a sheer application. 'Perfectly imperfect' is the aim.
1) Skincare. wait for it to settle!
2) Dot-on Tinted M. & blend-in well with brush, sponge or fingers- per rec. Technique.
But needn't be All-over- maybe just in Center & blurred /diffused. Less is more. Pause.
3) Dot Concealer where needed* & Blend-in very well.
4) Use a large fluffy Brush to dust-on translucent Powder. This is to Set the above products; might have mattifying properties, thus extending wear.
Blot w/ tissue to remove any excess. Or use a Fan Brush to remove excess.
5) frame-up Brows as you want.
6) Lastly, lip balm.

* depending on intensity of scars and shadowy under-eyes, spots or other To Be Concealed stuff, a TM or Powder-Fndtn. might adequately cover. Thus, Concealer would be extraneous.

It could be that a Powder Fndtn is better suited to your skin (and variable temperature & Humidity). For example, If skin is oily or has a v. oily T-Zone. So apply Concealer(s) first, then PF. Might skip the Translucent powder...or not?

I do not mention a Liquid or Cream Fndtn, as many are often Transfer-prone & can easily Crease in any Lines. even with a multi-step procedure. Can be tenacious, requiring extra time to remove. Can't rec. high maintenance stuff if you are starting out.

I do not mention Primer, as there are Moisturizers that can act as a Primer. Ditto SPF.

Not keen on extending m.u. beyond jaw to Neck.  Avoid a stark demarcation line by having well-matched tinted product and a diffused, well-blended application.

> figure out what works with your skin, if you haven't already done so. 
> keep Brushes & sponge, etc. scrupulously clean.
> Have a light hand, as it's easier to Add than Subtract product, be it TM, Powder, brow-color. 
> Do Practice when you can monitor if/how The Look wears over a period of hours: How product interacts w/ skin's pH, ambient temps & Humidity.  With tinted product, Oxidation can occur quite readily, even Brow-color can (especially Liquid types).
Note what is required to touch-up and when. 
> Have reasonable expectations. To look flawless or 'perfect' is imperfect, imo. Keep face's individualistic Character.  Yeah, I's a book.


Re: First Timer for makeup

Wow - thanks for this. I always use moisturizer in the am so that will replace the Primer I see. During the summer I use a tinted moisturizer for a slight tan look. I guess that will not do the job with the makeup on top of it?

Re: First Timer for makeup

@kennyr1234 Ok, so TM can be a good base. But you want to add a bit more...with Concealer? or go for a blurred-effect? Both?

Have you compared a matte to semi-matte look vs. as-is, no-powder just reg.moisturizer, or TM? Say, apply TM as typical. Then apply a Matte or Semi-matte powder to one side, as to discern what pleases you? Whether you try MAC's 'Blot'($31) or Essence's  'All about Matt!' ($4, 8gm. at ulta), or other, it's fun to see how it affects The Look. I dig a matte look b/c of the dramatic difference it makes. 

Essence does have a bunch of quite decent products at wallet-friendly prices, btw. No, I don't work for them!

Harrison's advice is excellent, btw.  Cheers!

Re: First Timer for makeup

@kennyr1234 @have you tried the MAC counter or Nordstroms?

Re: First Timer for makeup

Never heard of MAC before but I will check it out. Nordstroms will probably will be pushing the most expensive products.

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