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first, I'm super pale and have no idea what to use for contouring stick or powder wise any product suggestions?

Second, I have no idea how to contour I know I have a round face but I have no idea what to do... 

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Re: contour

If you can go to a store you should and ask them to do a small make over for you and suggest. That is what I did in the beginning. Make sure you have foundation on because they won't apply everything. They will only do one (either foundation or contour). If you have a round face contouring will look amazing on you to bring out a shape. 

Re: contour

I am also extremely pale.  The thing is that warm tone bronzers don't work well as contour colors for us.  If you have the funds, the kevyn aucoin sculpt shade in light is good.  If not, look for a transitional cool tone brown shadow that is hard pressed (smash box is a good one).  I would avoid creams to start.  To beginners, always follow your natural face shape.  once you feel more confident you can start playing with different placement for effect.  Just suck in your cheeks to hollow them out and use that as your guide.  Always use about half the product you think you need, blend, and build up as needed.  Also, go to a window with a compact to make sure it looks right in natural light.  indoor lighting is much more forgiving than Mother Nature.  

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