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Post in Makeup Is Life

What Makeup Will Tell Your Significant Other

For those who have someone special in their lives, I applaud you. Mostly because I will be forever single, but that's not the point of this article. The point is to let you know ladies that your makeup can tell that someone in your life what your thinking. 

For example, if you really want to go to dinner but they aren't feeling up for it, get yourself dressed up! Paint your face like the Picasso you are and go for the eye makeup look that you did when you first met! They'll want to show you off for the world to see because they are so proud that out of all the people they chose, they sure are glad they chose you.

Ladies, we have all had this happen to us, you wake up on the day you have plans with your love. You suddenly feel so crappy, look down and you're redder than the red sea. So what do you do, you go with a light powder, gloss the lips with a clear gloss, paint your crease with light shades of brown, up on a quick cat eye and a little bit of masquara. They'll know your not in the mood to go out. Instead stay in and cuddle to your favorite movie. 

But of course it's nice to just stick to the normal routine, your regular makeup, your regular face that they love to see every time they come over to see you. Because they love you no matter what you wear. Just remember that 😉 But then again if none of this works and they are completely ignoring everything you do......probably aren't the right person for you, or they are just very oblivious and you really need to tell them what you want hahahaha. Remember to stay beautiful ladies and gents, Leo is out!

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