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Testers Suggestion Amid Covid-19

This is kind of a suggestion/conversation starter. 


I know that for sanitary reasons there will no longer be testers available in-store, but would it be possible to keep liquid foundation testers locked or behind the counters? I just don't see how one would find their shade otherwise. You could buy and return but that's extremely wasteful as that product would be thrown away. Shade finder hardly works and does not have products that are not offered at Sephora ( ex. MAC) which makes it impossible to use. 


I just think it would be more feasible to let a store associate grab a designated bottle that's locked away, squeeze it into a tube and let you take it home to try. 


Or you could expand the options in shade finder, make color IQ tool available in-app. 

Re: Testers Suggestion Amid Covid-19

I think companies will end up coming up with some kind of solution. I needed to find a new foundation a few months ago, but because I’m handicapped I had to order online. And that meant that I probably ordered 20 different foundations from different companies and different colors. All of them went back except one. If we end up going through that kind of a situation to find a foundation, or blush, or whatever, that is just not sustainable in companies will be forced to find some sort of solution.

Re: Testers Suggestion Amid Covid-19

Hi @KitCatkay!


I asked about getting samples in a post last week and the Sephora employee told me that if my local Sephora is open, I can call and ask them if I could pick any up.  Not completely sure how this works since I haven't tried it yet.  Not sure if it will even work because you know... Sephora and their mixed and confusing responses.

Re: Testers Suggestion Amid Covid-19

I've been wearing the wrong makeup colors my whole life and now I'm on a mission to find my most naturally perfect look. I'm struggling with the colors. I would love to see brands provide sample sets of their foundations, blushes, lipsticks, and eyeshadows. It can be a very small amount of product, just enough to swab a streak or three onto my skin to see how it looks and works with other colors. 


Anyone know if there are any brands doing this?

Re: Testers Suggestion Amid Covid-19

@KitCatkay I agree, samples to take home, preferably foil or blister pack samples.


In the world of perfume, it's really common for stores to offer decanted samples so people can try before they buy. It could be really cheap, like $2-5 for a tiny container of the stuff. They are also easily shipped.

Re: Testers Suggestion Amid Covid-19


I’ve been to 3 different stores since they opened. They all still had foundation testers out. 

Re: Testers Suggestion Amid Covid-19

@GG84 I saw testers as a germ fest before the pandemic and now I'm just like no way.

Re: Testers Suggestion Amid Covid-19


I would never swatch or try a tester at Sephora, that’s just not me. 
I wonder how stores like Lush will open again? Everything in there is “naked” and basically plastic free. There’s no way for them to meet Health Canada’s new guidelines. 

Re: Testers Suggestion Amid Covid-19

@GG84 A lot of businesses are going to have to change so much. At least LUSH has a robust online shopping site though I feel like the smell of a LUSH store was such a huge part of their brand.

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