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Post in Makeup Is Life


Anyone have any tips for getting the higher value rewards. I've been saving for years, but everything is always sold out. So frustrating.

Re: Rewards

@summerfun3480 I have to admit that I haven't saved very long. I became Rouge until 12/19 in February Lol .. but I saved for about 6 months and got up to 6000 pts. Like you, everything was always sold out. But TODAY I actually caught an item I wanted in stock and spent 4500 pts on the ATELIER COLOGNE CALI DREAMS. I'll post it when I get it. Keep the faith. Keep saving.

RE: Rewards

The Canadian rewards are SO boring and haven’t changed in a while 😤.


I've been waking up early for weeks every Tuesday and Thursday and they always sell out. It's really frustrating.

RE: Rewards

It’s really disappointing. They didn’t used to be like this. The 500 point rewards were much nicer and the 1000 rewards didn’t sell out immediately.

Re: Rewards

I'm glad you asked. I was literally coming here to ask if there were any tips to actually obtaining a reward since it seems they are constantly sold out. Why even bother keeping them up on the Bazaar after they're sold out? Just to see what I didn't get? Annoying.

RE: Rewards

My trick is to literally set a timer on my phone a minute before the new rewards would come out (10:59 in my case, which is Central Time) and have my Sephora app open and then at 11, I open the Rewards Bazaar and order as fast as I can! Lol 😹😹😹 works for me all the time!!

Re: Rewards


New rewards typically drop at 9am Pacific on Tuesdays and Thursdays (unless Sephora is doing a "new rewards every day" promo, which are usually advertised in advance). There's still a crowd of folks to fight for 'em so success isn't guaranteed, but that time is your best shot at getting one.

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