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Anonymous Insider

How do you hit pan?

I see on some of the product reviews that customers complain about hitting pan after only a few weeks of use. How do you use your products for this to happen?


I'd say I'm pretty into makeup. I wear makeup almost every single day, using mostly my staple products. I have never hit pan on anything... foundation, blush, bronzer, highlighter, eyeshadow. I usually throw my makeup away after a year or two because it expires/bacteria but never because I've used it up. Technically I'm not even supposed to use it for that long but I feel bad throwing out an almost full compact or container. I have used up some lip balms and those deceptive automatic eyeliners that have no product in them (never a full sharpening liner). 


How in the world are people using these products up? Is it a technique in how you use the products? 


Re: How do you hit pan?

You really throw everything a way after a year or so? Like powder eyeshadows? The only things I toss within a certain timeframe are mascaras, but generally I try to use travel-size anyway so they get pretty well used up by the time they should be tossed. Foundations and BBs last until I'm done with the container. Powders, powdered blushes, eyeshadows, lipsticks... all last forever or until something seems off about them. 

Re: How do you hit pan?

Certain products can be sanitized, like powders. Others like mascara does need to be tossed. 


I have hit pan. With regular use, not necessarily daily nor with a heavy hand, products do get used. Depending on the product, hitting pan in a few weeks seems a bit stretched. Unless they are sharing it or using daily/full force. For me, it's after a good while..I do rotate products, and keep them out of the bathroom/light, which can alter it.

Re: How do you hit pan?

I honestly have this exact same question and have always wondered how it's even possible. I have literally never hit pan on any product EVER. But I also don't do a full face every day, maybe only a few times a week. I imagine it would be easier to hit pan if you used the same product every single day but like you said, at that rate your makeup has got to be old as sin and probably ready to be thrown out and replaced anyway!

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