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Fenty Body Lava - Anybody have the same thoughts?

Wanted to fall in love with this so badly but it's just okay to me, especially for the price. This what i thought and wanted to know if others felt the same way or similarly:

  1. Body Lava, in my opinion, is a shimmer/glitter serum. It's not a body highlighter (with finely concentrated shimmer) or product that makes your skin look truly glowy or naturally hydrated (like a body butter or lightweight oil). After the serum sets, your actually skin doesn't glow under the layer of shimmer. It'll look amazing & glowy as you apply it, but it turns into a dry shimmer after 10 minutes.
  2. The "stickiness' other reviewers are mentioning doesn't bother me--Rihanna actually captured how supple your skin feels on an average night here in Miami (which goes along with the whole sexy, beauty, glowy vibe, which is impressive if it were formulated that way on purpose.)
  3. There's no "color" transfer with 'Who Needs Clothes' per say but the actually sparkles do transfer a little, but not by a lot. Not sure if 'Brown Sugar' will have a color transfer since it's a deeper tone.
  4. The gel/serum-like consistency is really nice and different from many products out there but wish the shimmer particles were more finely milled. It's not bad, just bigger than I thought.
  5. Didn't notice the smell when I put it on.
  6. There's a difference between glow, shimmer and highlight--this is shimmer, so if that's what you're looking for, you'll find it with this.
  7. It's really hard to capture in photos if that's what you'r looking to do, unless you're doing a video with lighting that works for it.
  8. The packaging is an absolute dream and if I had to purchase it based on one reason, it would definitely be that.

With all that, I'm still tempted to get 'Brown Sugar' for the exclusivity and novelty of it all but I think I'd lean toward more cost effective body butters. Thoughts?

RE: Fenty Body Lava - Anybody have the same thoughts?

I'm still trying to get my hands on who needs clothes, I'm in Canada and it's way too expensive to buy from Fenty Website and it's been out of stock since I learned of it with Sephora. I was REALLY hoping they would have more for the 4:20 🌿sale!!!

Re: Fenty Body Lava - Anybody have the same thoughts?

I like your screen name @IvyLeague1908! 💚💓


i have Brown sugar and it's for sure a glittery and a little does go a long way. I used a brush to apply it and I didn't have any stickiness. I prefer other body illuminators that have a bit less glitter. Tom Ford Soliel Blac shimmering oil is a really nice one. I also have African Botanics Shimmering Maryland oil and that's a more subtle, pretty sheen. Body Lava isn't bad for my legs, as a legit leg highlight; down the center only. If you put it everywhere you look like a disco ball. 

Re: Fenty Body Lava - Anybody have the same thoughts?

Imo it's only "sticky" if you apply too much. The trick is to apply a TINY amount, and I mean tiny. It will spread out and not be sticky. 

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