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Lip plumper

Good morning! What is the best brands for lip plumping? I have smokers lines and was hoping a lip plumber would fill those in a bit... 

thank you! 



Re: Lip plumper

I Love Love Looooove Plumpers. 

Hands down my favourite item of makeup.

I also smoked for many years, and I have to say that while I don't think anything but fillers/surgery will get rid of what you speak of. . the temporary miracle you're looking for is called Huda Beauty Silk Balm Hydrating and Nourishing Lip Balm. 

Many of the reviews on this one say it doesn't smell like anything. To me it smells like plastic almonds. But dude. 



It makes my lips look huge, takes away allll lines, and feels incredible. 

Cons: It's temporary, and again. . . that smell is weird. 

If the Sephora Favourites "Give me some Shine Lip Gloss + Plumper Set" is still available where you are, I'd HIGHLY recommend you grab it. 


Re: Lip plumper

Not that I really need a lip plumper, but I was impressed with Buxom lip glosses because I believe majority of them are lip plumpers.  

Re: Lip plumper

Hi @Moph! I'd be happy to help with this! I have a self-diagnosed lip product addiction, and I love lip plumpers! I think that the type of brand that you should go for really depends on what kind of product you want. There are plumping lips balms, and then there are plumping glosses (there are also some plumping lipstick formulas, but for some reason, I don't really like those). So lip plumping balms and glosses are two very different things, and you'll end up with different results depending on which one you decide to go for. 


For a more understated but still plumped look, I would go with Burt's Bees Original Lip Balm. While it looks like a very basic balm from a drugstore brand, the peppermint oil in it really helps to give me a nice plumped-lip look. It's also $3.60 per tube, which is a great price (and even less when you buy it in a 3-pack!). If you want a plumping lip balm, DON'T buy the other flavors of Burt's Bees Lip Balm other than the Original - most of the others don't have the menthol or peppermint oil in there, so while they do smell good, they won't plump your lips! Don't be misled by the fact that Burt's Bees a drugstore brand - it has one of the best plumping lip balms that's out there! 


For something that's sort of in between a lip balm and a lip gloss, I'd recommend another Burt's Bees product - the Lip Shimmer. The Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer gives your lips a nice, shimmery finish that isn't super glossy, and there's a bit of pigment in the formula (there's different colors and flavors of the product!). At $4.99 a tube, it's really quite a steal! 


With a plumping lip gloss, I would say to go for something a bit more expensive: the Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme Lip Plumper (they have a not extreme lip plumper, but I haven't tried it, since this one works so well for me). This really plumps my lips like no other product can - when you first put it on your lips, you can immediately feel your lips start to swell (not in a bad way), and the feeling can be a bit off-putting for some, but you quickly get used to it. The result is shiny, glossy lips that look plumped to perfection! It is sold in multiple different colors, such as clear, a light rosy pink, or red, so that you don't have to layer it over lipstick to get your lips to a desired color (I personally don't love layering lip products, so this is a real plus for me)! While this product is a bit more expensive, it lasts for a while, since most people don't plump their lips every day, especially during this time of quarantine! 


Those are my recommendations for a plumping lip balm, a plumping lip gloss, and something in between! I hope that this was helpful! 

Re: Lip plumper

Thank you so much!!! I don't get out much due to a disability so I don't need anything extreme... And while for years (until 1 1/2 years ago) I presented myself to the nines on the daily; now I find myself in yoga pants every day wearing little to no make up... I am starting to feel dragged down and want to feel pretty again even if it's just for me... even so, I have never tried a limp plumper... I had no idea burts bees was such a wonderful secret!! That's amazing! I use chapstick everyday so maybe this could be good for everyday use?


I definitely want a good lip plumper to apply every so often for maintenance since I only apply make up, except a base daily at the moment, and I looked at the one you mentioned. I don't mind the cost if works but it's not over the top... I will definitely go with your suggestions! I truly appreciate your time and amazing advice!!! 
Most sincerely, 


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