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Lip liner for super-pale lips?

hi! I’m new here but excited to join up with my fellow beauty lovers 🙂 everyone seems so friendly + welcoming!!

my question is—I have SUPER pale lips (if relevant, I’m Eurasian, half Korean half French, Armani LSF 3.5/NC25, but my lip color is a super pale pink - not quite Factory Girl Andy Warhol concealer lip but lighter than a typical pinky nude MLBB lipstick, say. I’d post a pic but I’m rather shy 😉 

Every lip liner I’ve tried is too dark - I’d really love help finding a pale enough one!! (Eg CT pillow talk is too dark). I love lipsticks + glosses of all colors (though I tend toward lighter colors), I just prefer to start out with one that won’t clash w/ my lippie look of the day you know? As I’d like to overdraw my top + bottom lip subtly to accentuate the shape, but lip liners look clownish if the color doesn't match my natural tone. 

Politely asking all you beauty experts to for assistance! Hope you’re having a lovely day 🙂 


Re: Lip liner for super-pale lips?

Hi, @thomasinaC - I will also just mention that the classic, "invisible" way to use lip liner is to match it exactly to your lippie colour, even if you're overdrawing your lips. That way, you create the illusion that your lips continue past their natural lip line, as the observer only sees one smooth patch of (more intense) colour.


If you want to create the appearance of having larger lips without changing the colour of your lips, you could also try a sheer colourless lip gloss, and use a brush to extend a crisp line slightly past the natural edges of your lips as well. The shine of the gloss will serve the same function as the more intense pigmentation of lippie, though more subtly.

Re: Lip liner for super-pale lips?

Re: Lip liner for super-pale lips?

btw @lmaster thanks so much for looking that up for me, it was really kind of you! the reviews are super tempting! 🙂

Re: Lip liner for super-pale lips?

Hmm.. I'm not sure! a lot of the light lip liners are more of a neutral/brownish IRL... here's a photo of my natural lip shade in natural light (no lip balm either so dry lips lol!)lip liner query.jpg

Re: Lip liner for super-pale lips?

@thomasinaC ok I found this one too



Re: Lip liner for super-pale lips?

Ooh that looks so nice! (Baby pink is definitely how I’d characterize my lip tone - I hope it comes out that way! You’re a genius - with a keen eye for color! 💕 thanks!

Re: Lip liner for super-pale lips?

Hope it can lead you to something! @thomasinaC  😊

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