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Kylie Cosmetics

Whether you love them or love to hate them, the Kardashian/Jenners have built an empire.  I never expected to succomb to the siren call of the fabled Kylie Lip Kit, but given that I have a teenager in my house, resistance was futile. I was surprised to find that I actually like most of the Kylie products I have tried. 🙂


Are you looking for swatches of any lipsticks/shadows/Kylighters?


Have a scoop about upcoming releases?


Would you like to share a review of a Kylie product?


Would you like to better understand the hype? 😉


If so, this thread is for you! 🙂


To start us off, here is my household collection of Kylie Liquid Lipsticks and Glosses:


I only included unique colors, between myself and my daughter, we also have several dupes.

Left to Right:
1. D*mn Gina DS Gloss
2. Poppin' DS Gloss
3.  KoKo Collection Bunny Matte Liquid Lipstick
4.  KoKo Collection Sugar Plum Gloss
5.  KoKo Collection Bunny Matte Liquid Lipstick
6.  KoKo Collection Doll Matte Liquid Lipstick
7.  Dancer Metal Liquid Lipstick
8.  Kymajesty Metal Liquid Lipstick
9.  Love Bite Matte Liquid Lipstick
10. Posie K Matte Liquid Lipstick
11. Posie K Gloss [Note:  It is very annoying that the Lipstick and Gloss are not the same color...]
12. Candy K Matte Liquid Lipstick
13. Candy K Gloss
14. Strawberry Cream Velvet Lipstick
15. Koko K Matte Liquid Lipstick
16. Apricot Matte Liquid Lipstick
17. Dirty Peach Matte Liquid Lipstick
18. Exposed Matte Liquid Lipstick
19. Exposed Gloss
20. Maliboo Matte Liquid Lipstick
21. So Cute Gloss
22. Naked Velvet Lipstick
23. Birthday Suit Velvet Lipstick
24. Bare Velvet Lipstick
25. Commando Velvet Lipstick
26. KKW Kimmie Creme Liquid Lipstick
27. KKW Kiki Creme Liquid Lipstick
28. KKW Kim Creme Liquid Lipstick
29. KKW Kimberly Creme Liquid Lipstick



Re: Kylie Cosmetics

You are welcome!   I may or may not have placed 2 orders in the last 24 hours myself.... @gonerogue

Re: Kylie Cosmetics

@Tamara76 Looking forward to the posts on the July Hauls thread 😉

Re: Kylie Cosmetics


Re: Kylie Cosmetics

That is quite the collection @Tamara76! I know you and your daughter love her products. I have yet to try them but if she somehow end up selling their products in Sephora or Ulta I may consider trying one out to see what all the fuss is about lol 😄

Re: Kylie Cosmetics

Thanks!  @Mcakes


I really never thought I'd really like them this much - I just thought they were over-hyped and over-priced, but my daughter kept begging me for a lip kit so when they became more accessible online last summer, I totally caved.


I do think her quality has improved for the most part and I like that she now offers free shipping and GWPs, sales and special deals.  Initially, her shipping was exorbitant and she didn't run sales/specials.


Given the commercial appeal of the family, I could definitely see a major retailer picking the line up eventually - Ulta seems more likely to me. @greeneyedgirl107

Re: Kylie Cosmetics

Yes I'd ideally try one of these using an Ulta 20% off coupon during a point multiplier event 😛 

Re: Kylie Cosmetics

It would also be cool to get minis as GWPs!  🙂

Re: Kylie Cosmetics

Mini everything is my weakness 😄

Re: Kylie Cosmetics

Same! 🙂

Re: Kylie Cosmetics

@Mcakes I agree - I am not actively seeking them out, but I would definitely try them if they were at a big retailer with testers!

Re: Kylie Cosmetics

Omg @Tamara76 your collection!! 😍 Do you think the KKW set was worth it? Im not even sure if it'll be restocked, so I might just be "considering" items that I'll never be able to get my hands on. I was worried the colors would be too similar on the lips, but a few weeks later I saw on social media that friends I didn't even know liked makeup had bought it. Instantly got some FOMO from that..  maybe I can just try one of her new velvet formulas before commiting to a four pack


Exposed is the first nude I've liked on myself (aka didn't make me look dead), Love Bite is a unique gray purple that I love, and Kristen is what I hoped KVD Double Dare would be 🙃

Re: Kylie Cosmetics

@whitepolkydots  Thanks!


Yes!!!!   The KKW set is my all time favorite of all her products.  I split that set, the Koko set and the Nudes set with my daughter and I totally regret sharing the KKW set.  I hope they restock it someday!  The formula is awesome - it's called Creme, but it is very similar to the Velvet formula. I also feared that the colors in the KKW set and in the Nudes set would be too similar, but they definitely aren't! 🙂


I ordered Kristen last night because it looked really amazing on my cousin and I am even more excited now that I see your comments! 🙂

Re: Kylie Cosmetics

Nooo!! Of course they'd be great since I passed on them 😂 I also did not realize they were not the same as the new velvets, so I'm definitely keeping my eyes wide open for a restock. fingers crossed!! Thank you for the review and I hope you love Kristen ❤️



**This thread inspired me to open up another liquid lip (Ginger) and I'm a fan! My lips were suuuper dry tonight and I could see it in the results, but it still looked WAY better than the satin Laura Mercier lipstick I wore in the daytime.. which I usually love. I think her products just reallyyy agree with my lips.


Also, not sure if you've tried this before! But personally.. I find that I can add lip balm carelessly to any of her liquid lipsticks and smush my lips around without messing up the evenness of the color. It does darken the color, but I love the versatility when I decide mid-application or mid-day that I'd prefer something glossier 😄


@Tamara76 (sorry for rambling.. lol! <3)

Re: Kylie Cosmetics

Please keep rambling!   This is a fun topic! I have noticed the same thing - When I'm out, I may pop a little Burt's Bees on top of the liquid lippie and it doesn't totally kill the color!  😘😘😘@whitepolkydots

Re: Kylie Cosmetics

=O holy moly, you have a huge collection!!!! I'm so jelly!! How do you like the formula of her lip products? I have very dry lips and matte lipsticks are not my best friend!! I need to moisture my lips and scrub off all the dead skin on my lips before i wear any lipstick.

Re: Kylie Cosmetics



Same here!   I definitely need some extra moisturizing and a good lip scrub before wearing the Matte Lip Kits.


I find that the coordinating glosses and the gloss toppers help give a little extra moisture and they are nice because they aren't super sticky.


I also really love the Creme and Velvet formulas because they are less drying.


Re: Kylie Cosmetics

@Tamara76 What are you using for "extra moisturizing" before wearing matte lips?

Re: Kylie Cosmetics

@greeneyedgirl107  I have been on a quest for my HG for a while now and haven't yet found "The One," so I am currently rotating Dr. Lipp's, UD Lip Love, Aquaphor (for lips), Lush Key Lime and Dior Creme de Rose.


I'm also really loving MAC Lip Scrubtious in Nectar, possibly even more than my Lush Lip Scrubs.


Do you have any other suggestions? 🙂

Re: Kylie Cosmetics

@Tamara76 Thanks for the tips on moisturizing products.  The only thing I might recommend is Bite Beauty's Lip Scrub in cherry.  Good luck!

Re: Kylie Cosmetics

@greeneyedgirl107 I am pretty sure I have that one, too!  I'll have to add it back into my rotation.  🙂


Also, I like stick lip balms for when I am on the go, so I keep my purse stocked with Burt's Bees, Drunk Elephant, Sol Janeiro and Intelligent Nutrients.

Re: Kylie Cosmetics

@Tamara76 Thanks for all the info!  I have a lot to look into!

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