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Kylie Cosmetics

Whether you love them or love to hate them, the Kardashian/Jenners have built an empire.  I never expected to succomb to the siren call of the fabled Kylie Lip Kit, but given that I have a teenager in my house, resistance was futile. I was surprised to find that I actually like most of the Kylie products I have tried. 🙂


Are you looking for swatches of any lipsticks/shadows/Kylighters?


Have a scoop about upcoming releases?


Would you like to share a review of a Kylie product?


Would you like to better understand the hype? 😉


If so, this thread is for you! 🙂


To start us off, here is my household collection of Kylie Liquid Lipsticks and Glosses:


I only included unique colors, between myself and my daughter, we also have several dupes.

Left to Right:
1. D*mn Gina DS Gloss
2. Poppin' DS Gloss
3.  KoKo Collection Bunny Matte Liquid Lipstick
4.  KoKo Collection Sugar Plum Gloss
5.  KoKo Collection Bunny Matte Liquid Lipstick
6.  KoKo Collection Doll Matte Liquid Lipstick
7.  Dancer Metal Liquid Lipstick
8.  Kymajesty Metal Liquid Lipstick
9.  Love Bite Matte Liquid Lipstick
10. Posie K Matte Liquid Lipstick
11. Posie K Gloss [Note:  It is very annoying that the Lipstick and Gloss are not the same color...]
12. Candy K Matte Liquid Lipstick
13. Candy K Gloss
14. Strawberry Cream Velvet Lipstick
15. Koko K Matte Liquid Lipstick
16. Apricot Matte Liquid Lipstick
17. Dirty Peach Matte Liquid Lipstick
18. Exposed Matte Liquid Lipstick
19. Exposed Gloss
20. Maliboo Matte Liquid Lipstick
21. So Cute Gloss
22. Naked Velvet Lipstick
23. Birthday Suit Velvet Lipstick
24. Bare Velvet Lipstick
25. Commando Velvet Lipstick
26. KKW Kimmie Creme Liquid Lipstick
27. KKW Kiki Creme Liquid Lipstick
28. KKW Kim Creme Liquid Lipstick
29. KKW Kimberly Creme Liquid Lipstick



Re: Kylie Cosmetics

Super late posting, but here is my Kylie Birthday Haul:


From her 21st Birthday Collection:
1.  Sippin Pretty Palette - I actually really, really like this!
2.  Birthday Lip Trio
3.  Five out of Six Matte Lipsticks
4.  Champagne Showers Highlighter
5.  Eat Cake Glitter Eyes
6.  Fine Wine Glitter Eyes
7. Twenty-One Matte Lip Kit
8.  Makeup Bag
9.  Keychain GWP

I am dying to get my hands on some stuff from the Kylie x Jordyn collection and also want to snag some stuff from the upcoming Halloween collection! ❤️ 


Has anyone picked up anything else recently?

Re: Kylie Cosmetics

So, I caved and bought several items from the Summer collection - the packaging totally sucked me in!


Did anyone else pick anything up? ❤️


RE: Kylie Cosmetics

@Tamara76 I love the intro to this thread 😂! I haven’t tried any of their products. I just can’t make myself. Luckily my daughter is a toddler so I don’t have an external fight.

Re: RE: Kylie Cosmetics

LOL - Thanks, @KNC24!!!  I definitely fell down the rabbit hole thanks to my daughter's influence! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 

Re: RE: Kylie Cosmetics

@Tamara76 I can’t lie and say there weren’t somethings I was interested in.  It’s just like Jeffree star for me. If my daughter were older I would probably be in the same boat as you

Re: Kylie Cosmetics

My most recent haul:


1. Sorta Sweet Palette:  Beautiful colors and awesome formula and pigmentation, but I feel like I have all these colors in other palettes
2.  Iced Latte Lip Liner
3.  Glamour Super Glitter Gloss
4.  Posie K Anniversary Trio
5.  Cinnamon Gloss
6.  Caramel Lip Liner
7.  Kourt x Kylie Blue Palette:  Beautiful!

Has anyone ordered anything from the new summer collection yet?

@influensterkels  @Joleenxo @Vero8878 @katkapivarci @whitepolkydots @gonerogue @xoYinka





Re: Kylie Cosmetics

@Tamara76 If it weren’t for the exchange rate and the atrocious duties, I would order so much more from Kylie Cosmetics. Enjoy it for all us non-US residents lol 😁

Re: Kylie Cosmetics

Thanks, @PinkEvergreen!  I know Kylie is controversial, but I love the liquid lipsticks and loose highlighters soooo much!  I have a teenaged daughter, which is why we started getting into the brand in the first place and it just blossomed from there.💗

Re: Kylie Cosmetics

No, I have not! I actually haven’t been too intrigued with much of her stuff lately so I haven’t shopped with her for a while. Did you pick up anything fun recently?? Do tell! 🙈

Re: Kylie Cosmetics

@gonerogue We haven't snagged anything from the Summer collection yet and based on Nikkie Tutorial's review, I'm not sure I will....


Sorta Sweet has an awesome formula, but the colors are so similar to other palettes I have. ❤️

Re: Kylie Cosmetics

I also caved on the recent bogo lip kit deal:


1. Mary Jo K Matte Lip Kit
2.  True Brown Matte Lip Kit
3.  Poison berry Velvet Lip Kit
4.  Charm Velvet Lip Kit

Re: Kylie Cosmetics

I have been seriously neglecting this thread... Sorry y'all...


Here is my Kylie x Kris Collection order:


1. Kylie x Kris Palette - Super pigmentation - love the colors!
2.  "Give Me a Kiss" Creme Lipstick - Gorgeous color and the formula is awesome - long lasting and moisturizing!

Swatches of the Kylie x Kris Palette:



My Kylie x Kourt Collection Order:


1.  Pink Palette
2.  Velvet Lipstick in Minnie
3. Velvet Lipstick in French Kiss

3.  My Weather Collection Order:


1. Calm Before the Storm Palette


1. Lightening Bolt Ultra Glow
2.  Flash Gloss

And finally a recent t-shirt GWP:


1.  Infatuation Creme Lipstick
2.  Lace and Leather T


Re: Kylie Cosmetics

My daughter's latest Kylie order only took about a week to arrive - yay!!! 


Cross-Posting from the January Hauls thread:


1.  Velvet Lipstick in Boy Bye
2.  Lip Gloss in Cupid
3.  Concealer in Sand
4.  Matte Lip Kit in Boujee

My daughter was really disappointed that there wasn't a Valentine's Day collection this year... 😞

Re: Kylie Cosmetics

We finally got our order from November 22nd!!!!  This is how their shipping used to be - hope it's not slipping backwards!


Surprisingly, my daughter opted not to get either palette, but she did pick up the Red Velvet Lip Kit. 


I also got a loose highlighter in Wisteria and we both got the Wet Set - I am super impressed by the highlighters!!! ❤️


RE: Re: Kylie Cosmetics

Nice! I’ve heard really good things about the wet set!

Re: RE: Re: Kylie Cosmetics

Thanks, @Kim888!!!!   It's not quite comparable to an ABH Glow Kit, but still quite nice!  


The loose powder highlighters are absolutely amazing if you are looking for serious pop!!! ❤️ 

Re: Kylie Cosmetics

Did anyone pick anything up from the new Holiday Collection or take advantage of the Black Friday sales?



We skipped the eyeshadow palettes, but ordered the Wet Set. ❤️

RE: Kylie Cosmetics

I never thought the day would come.. but I’ve been into glosses lately 🙈 tempting

Re: RE: Kylie Cosmetics

I was able to hold off on this, but her glosses are really nice! Did you get any, @whitepolkydots?

Re: Kylie Cosmetics

I caved and ordered my daughter the Purple Palette and the Penelope and Bubble Lip Kits for her birthday (shhhhh!):


I may have also added on Ultra Glow Loose Highlighters in Santorini and Tahiti for myself. 😉


Did anyone else pick anything up from the Fall collection?

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