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The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

Q: What is the Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar?

A: The BI Rewards Bazaar is replacing the current BI Rewards Boutique as the one-stop destination for redeeming Beauty Insider rewards online and on your mobile phone.


The new Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar offers access to limited edition beauty rewards across a variety of point values more frequently, with new updates every Tuesday and Thursday. Plus, rewards valued at 750 points and above do not require a purchase and shipping is included so you have instant access to your desired rewards.


We will continue to add new types of high value rewards so check back for updates!


Q: How do I access the Rewards Bazaar?

A: It’s easy! You can access the Rewards Bazaar on the Sephora app, mobile web, and on


Q: Can I still redeem my points for rewards instore?

A: Yes, 100, 250, and 500 point rewards are still available instore. Please note that rewards worth 750 points or more can only be redeemed online from the Rewards Bazaar.


Q: When are new rewards added to the Rewards Bazaar?

A: New rewards are released during business hours every Tuesday and Thursday, so be sure to check in between 9AM and 5PM PT.


Q: Do I need to make a purchase to redeem a reward?

A: There is no purchase required for rewards valued 750 points and above. To redeem a reward valued below 750 points, you must make a merchandise purchase. Multiple reward redemptions cannot be combined to reach the 750-point minimum (i.e. a 500-point reward + a 250-point reward).


Q: Do I need to pay for shipping?

A: All rewards worth 750 points or more ship free, regardless of whether you’ve purchased merchandise. Multiple reward redemptions cannot be combined to reach the 750-point minimum (i.e. a 500-point reward + a 250-point reward). Rewards valued below 750 points ship free with a merchandise order of $50 or above. Additionally, some rewards will ship separately from merchandise items.


Q: I’m a Sephora FLASH member. Can I opt for expedited shipping on my reward?

A: Your order is only eligible for FLASH 2-Day Shipping with a merchandise purchase. If you redeem a reward valued at 750 points or higher without a merchandise purchase, your order will be shipped via Standard 3-Day Shipping. 


Q: Can I add samples or a promotion to my order?

A: If you purchase merchandise, your order will be eligible for 3 free samples and a promotion code. The redemption of a 750-point or higher reward without a merchandise purchase does not qualify for additional samples or promotions.


Q: If I place a reward in my cart is it guaranteed to stay in by basket until I checkout?

A: Rewards are offered on a first come, first served basis.  Rewards will be confirmed with your order at checkout so if the reward is limited in availability and sells out before you finalize your transaction, the item will be removed from your basket.


Q: Can I return my reward?

A: Rewards cannot be returned or exchanged for points, cash, another product, gift card, or eGift certificate.


Q: My Beauty Bank doesn’t have enough points for this reward. Can I make a purchase and redeem this reward at the same time?

A: You can earn points and spend them in the same transaction. If you currently have 70 points, add $30 worth of merchandise to your basket in order to redeem a 100-point reward. Please note that adding a reward to your basket does not reserve it for you. If many clients are trying to order the same reward at once, it is possible that it will be removed from your basket if you have not yet confirmed your order.

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

I realize this is a long shot, but for someone who is a loyal customer like me, I feel like it's worth putting out there.


I genuinely value the reviews of my fellow Sephora shoppers. I also greatly appreciate those who take the time to upload pictures of the looks they've created and tag the respective products. Additionally, the Beauty Insider Community is extremely helpful, but I feel as though it would be greater utilized if some kind of reward system was implemented in that domain. I mean, besides the ungodly amount of money we spend here, we're also making significant contributions to your product marketing in the feedback we provide to Sephora and our fellow beauty consumers. 


Here's my suggestion...give us some points for our feedback! I realize this is probably not a new concept, but I do think it is worth more than just your consideration. One point per review? Review with a photo for two points? Maybe create a points ladder for the number of likes received on looks/answers? Any points for active involvement in the BIC would be greatly appreciated. 


I love the BIC and all that it offers. It helps me navigate my purchase choices and provides me with, what I perceive to be, an honest network of beauty enthusiasts. With the online world so heavily saturated in scams and deceit, it's nice to have a community like this to turn to. Thank you for providing us this platform, & I hope you will seriously consider my suggestion. 

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

Sephora, I am so mad at you. We have this typical love hate relationship going. I love you for all your wonderful products and the rewards you do have. BUT I hate you because I never get those rewards, EVER. Also you love me because I spend so much money on you. 


I work full time (to make money to spend on you) and on Tuesdays and Thursdays I can't sit by my computer or phone all day refreshing the Rewards Bazaar from 9 - 5. When I do get to check in by lunch or even after I get off the train in the morning the new rewards are sold out. 


What gives? I wish I could boycott you  but we both know that will never happen because you have the goods. You also know how much I love to see my points rack up and save for better rewards that I hope to god I will get (but won't). It's a vicious cycle. A cycle that is driving me absolutely nuts.


I think you need to come up with a different system and while I don't know what that system will entail, it just needs to be better than this one. So hire someone to figure out a better algorithm so I can get my just rewards. 



Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

I get annoyed with the rewards bizzare too! Never any good 100pt items! and definitely never seen anything above 500pts available. Even the 500pt rewards are iffy, they keep adding new ones but I haven’t seen one that’s worth it! 5items or more though is good value to me with that bracket. They need to update the rewards way more often!!! 

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

I agree! I actually don't work and check all day and still never manage to get the good stuff. I wonder if they drop at like 8 am EST or something... which would suck for those of us on the west coast because most of us are still sleeping at that time. None the less I tend to spend more money at another retailer because I prefer their rewards.... I never end up spending my Sephora rewards because there is never anything worth it to me, and when something fabulous is offered it's gone before I even had a chance!

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

I feel you. I don't even try to be honest. I just hope there is going to be a 500 point perk worth it one day. I actually got the 100 point perk of Becca Highlighter Opal which I actually needed. I'm hopeful that they will hear the feedback and come up with something better. 

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

I used 7500 points to redeem a reward from the rewards bazaar, then I received a package in the mail with a phone number to call to redeem my reward. I've called that number 3 times. Each time I'm put on hold for a long time then the phone rings and promptly disconnects.

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

you have to keep calling, they DO pick up and they are very nice people.

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

Thanks you were right, I tried again another day and the call went through. They were very kind.

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

Does anyone know how to get the rewards to show up? Every time I have gone to get a 1000 point reward, I refresh right at 9. There is nothing under "new rewards" and then it shows up when its sold out. I have written a letter to Sephora but they just sent me an automated response that had nothing to do with my complaint. I have tried Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, as well as the app. I have also tried to get my boyfriend to do it from his computer from a different location and it still didn't show. I want to spend my points on something worthwile and I am dying to get the toofaced x quay set. Anyone have any ideas? I'm getting very frustrated with Sephora and their customer service.

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

I'm so discouraged by this program. Even while refreshing every Tues and Thurs I am never able to get a 1000+ perk. What is even the point of offering these if not to lie and deceive customers that these are "offered" when really it's like a lottery and 1/10000000000000 are able to score one.

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

Sephora, you really need to stock quality point rewards, and more of them.  Quality rewards sell out within minutes of posting. "They  go quickly because so many people have points" is a lame excuse.  If you know that you have a large number of customers who have points and would like to use them then stock more! You know which rewards are desirable,  you've been doing this long enough.  Popular brands, full-sized or deluxe sample size products that people want to use. When the stores first opened the 500 point gifts used to be full sized items. Points are a reflection of hard earned money customers have spent at your stores.  If you disregard this and make customers scramble for a limited amount of high-quality rewards,  leaving them with worthless low-quality throwaways, you're going to lose customers. I have personally started traveling an 1hr 20min out of my way to shop at Ulta because their point system is so much better than Sephora.  The point systems are ways to get information on customers and keep them coming back, in exchange you offer "gifts" to these loyal customers.  So, PLEASE stop feeding your customers BS company lines, either stock more rewards or end the honest with your customers. 

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

will you ever have any products 750 points and above that are going to be in stock.   This program is SUCH a joke.   I have been actively going to Nordstroms and Ulta to participate in their points program .  

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

Rewards get released on Tuesday's and Thursday's.  They go quickly because so many people have so many points.  In a few months it should be easier to snag rewards as people will gradually lower their point stash.  

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

Does anyone know if they restock the rewards?


Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

They restock rewards on Tuesday's and Thursdays.  Rewards that are oos already do t get released again.  It's always new rewards.  

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

@Makeupjordanz they don't restock what was launched and OOS but new rewards should be coming for the month of October.

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

I'm not impressed with any of the free picks.  I don't wear perfume due to scent sensitivities and it seems that's all that is ever offered when I am making a purchase.  I am so tired of seeing stinking perfumes offered and little else.  I don't use face masks  or exfoliators.  It would be nice to get reasonable free samples of concealers I can actually use.  The last pack was Bobbi Brown and they were all horribly wrong.  Most samples I get end up in the dumpster.

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

These rewards suck!! I'm disappointed...definitely will not be hitting VIB rouge from now on. Not worth it. 

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

Did anyone see if there's any 750 pt rewards today? I didn't see any and I refreshed the website a few times today

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs


No, I don't think so.  I didn't see any and I haven't heard of any.  This was just the first day. 

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