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The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

Q: What is the Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar?

A: The BI Rewards Bazaar is replacing the current BI Rewards Boutique as the one-stop destination for redeeming Beauty Insider rewards online and on your mobile phone.


The new Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar offers access to limited edition beauty rewards across a variety of point values more frequently, with new updates every Tuesday and Thursday. Plus, rewards valued at 750 points and above do not require a purchase and shipping is included so you have instant access to your desired rewards.


We will continue to add new types of high value rewards so check back for updates!


Q: How do I access the Rewards Bazaar?

A: It’s easy! You can access the Rewards Bazaar on the Sephora app, mobile web, and on


Q: Can I still redeem my points for rewards instore?

A: Yes, 100, 250, and 500 point rewards are still available instore. Please note that rewards worth 750 points or more can only be redeemed online from the Rewards Bazaar.


Q: When are new rewards added to the Rewards Bazaar?

A: New rewards are released during business hours every Tuesday and Thursday, so be sure to check in between 9AM and 5PM PT.


Q: Do I need to make a purchase to redeem a reward?

A: There is no purchase required for rewards valued 750 points and above. To redeem a reward valued below 750 points, you must make a merchandise purchase. Multiple reward redemptions cannot be combined to reach the 750-point minimum (i.e. a 500-point reward + a 250-point reward).


Q: Do I need to pay for shipping?

A: All rewards worth 750 points or more ship free, regardless of whether you’ve purchased merchandise. Multiple reward redemptions cannot be combined to reach the 750-point minimum (i.e. a 500-point reward + a 250-point reward). Rewards valued below 750 points ship free with a merchandise order of $50 or above. Additionally, some rewards will ship separately from merchandise items.


Q: I’m a Sephora FLASH member. Can I opt for expedited shipping on my reward?

A: Your order is only eligible for FLASH 2-Day Shipping with a merchandise purchase. If you redeem a reward valued at 750 points or higher without a merchandise purchase, your order will be shipped via Standard 3-Day Shipping. 


Q: Can I add samples or a promotion to my order?

A: If you purchase merchandise, your order will be eligible for 3 free samples and a promotion code. The redemption of a 750-point or higher reward without a merchandise purchase does not qualify for additional samples or promotions.


Q: If I place a reward in my cart is it guaranteed to stay in by basket until I checkout?

A: Rewards are offered on a first come, first served basis.  Rewards will be confirmed with your order at checkout so if the reward is limited in availability and sells out before you finalize your transaction, the item will be removed from your basket.


Q: Can I return my reward?

A: Rewards cannot be returned or exchanged for points, cash, another product, gift card, or eGift certificate.


Q: My Beauty Bank doesn’t have enough points for this reward. Can I make a purchase and redeem this reward at the same time?

A: You can earn points and spend them in the same transaction. If you currently have 70 points, add $30 worth of merchandise to your basket in order to redeem a 100-point reward. Please note that adding a reward to your basket does not reserve it for you. If many clients are trying to order the same reward at once, it is possible that it will be removed from your basket if you have not yet confirmed your order.

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

So you expect to have people spend the whole day to see which reward will drop? This possibly causing major site congestion two days out of the week. The two days usually kept for product launches. I guess you didn't learn anything from the epic rewards fail and didn't listen to the multiple feedback given. Why do you always complicate things?

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

Hear, hear! Kudos to you veronika23!

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

@prettyinpa we've been on here for a long time (you longer than me) we've pretty much seen it all right? Smiley Wink I don't get why they don't get it.

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

Yes, my thoughts exactly.  I won't have time to check constantly to see if something I want is available.  Also, I can almost guarantee that if someone such as Trendmood on instagram gets a hold of the info about something dropping, she will share it with all of her instagram followers and the item(s) will be gone within 5 minutes.

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

yup. I swear must be men doing the marketing for Sephora... they don't listen and have no idea what women want. Smiley Very Happy

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

Quite honestly it is very rude of Sephora to think that people should wait around for 8 hours twice a week for rewards. As you have stated many times points should somehow equal money off wether it be a percent off or so many points = $ amount. Since Sephora can't learn from their past mistakes then they are doomed to repeat them. I foresee this being a disaster too. 

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

Yeah. I mean they should know from the past and popular product launches that people do wait around and refresh until they see/get what they want. On top of that we don't even know what's coming. So you could spend a whole day refreshing to see a new 100 point perk. Canada will no doubt get the short end of the stick again... that's why I keep repeating myself about points=cash... maybe one day they'll catch on! Smiley Very Happy


It could be so EASY!

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

I really don't understand dropping the small reward perks like this. I can understand if they are trying to make the higher tier rewards a bit more fair, but not for the ones 500 points and under.

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

I just don't get why it has to be like this. My issue is sitting around all day looking to score a nice perk and it's gone before you even blink. At least last time, although it failed miserably, we knew what was up for grabs (but not the quantity). 

Point conversion to Sephora money would make a lot more people happy. This is just anxiety inducing and I sense FOMO taking over twice a week until Sephora gives up on this too (like rouge....the forgotten rougies lol)

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

Instead of an yearly frustration, it will now be a "twice-a-week" frustration :/ 

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

Bravo! Well said Smiley Wink

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

Unless, of course, the 750 pt awards end up being just as lackluster as the 500 pt awards. One of the biggest issues I had with the 500 pt ones is that it's 500 points for 4 minis that would have been 100 points each, one or two of which I had no interest in anyway. If it's just 5-6 minis and a bag for 750 points, I'm predicting there will be zero issues with people causing site congestion with constant refresh two days a week. 

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

True. Some 500 point perks are pretty much the same as a VIB promo... So would I rather spend 500 points (500$ spent) on them or buy 35$ worth of stuff... it's the same thing with the 100 point perks. Often it's a recycled promo.  I don't know why they just don't keep them as promos and make it so that Rouge get a better deal with them... like staking promos codes.

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

It sounds like any other media promoted garbage to me. Exactly the same with minor additions, advertised as something brand new. We're alot smarter than that Sephora. Try harder next time. We spend alot of money with you guys.

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

Even though I never got anything, I liked the epic rewards because we could plan what we were going to try for. I think the only issues people had were regarding the limited quantities. Are these going to be just as hard to get as epic rewards, just released one by one?

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

@breyannaxo yeah as stated above... new perks will drop any time between 9-5 PST Tues. and Thurs. That means you have no clue what the perk will be, how much points they will cost you and what time they'll go live. 

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

Yeah I know Smiley Happy I'm willing to see what these new rewards are like being saying if I'm disappointed or not! I was just saying that I liked how we could figure out what we wanted from the epic rewards before they were released. I'm assuming they won't be giving hints for these rewards, so we won't be able to do that now. I have around 8,500 points that I've been wanting to get rid of so I'm curious to see what these new rewards are like!

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

yeah I agree with you that knowing what was coming was better. 

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

I am guessing a large number of people will not have the chance to participate; or keep checking for the availability of rewards, because they will be working 9 to 5 PDT. 

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

Right? I'm kinda busy for 40+ hours a week during the day making money to give to Sephora...

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

 I can see it already.. 

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

hahahah! good thing it is only online. ;')

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

It'll be a virtual beat down instead. I really really hope this doesn't turn into a crap storm. The days after the epic rewards fiasco BT was almost completely turned into basically a "grab your torch and pitchforks" against Sephora. I understand people rightly getting frustrated at the lack of planning, and I may be naively hoping that Sephora has this thoroughly thought out and planned for seamless transmission, but the dropping times throughout the days of Tue and Thur are no bueno. A lot of us do work and can't just sit around and play the refresh game. Doing that for one day is bad enough, but for 2 days weekly just seems excessive. If they did this once on each day at a specific time, no "IT issues" that made them drop at the incorrect time, and not throughout the day would make more sense. It would greatly ease traffic on the website, and keep a lot of us from tearing our hair out.

Re: The Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar FAQs

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