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Sephora Rewards Bazaar Recommendations

While I'd like to redeem my points for something worthwhile, I don't have the time or inclination to sit in front of my laptop trying to perfectly time a two minute window to obtain something I might actually use. So now I'm stuck with thousands of points that I can't use unless I want to redeem them for a few dozen "deluxe" samples of lip gloss I don't need, makeup that doesn't suit my complexion, or moisturizer I can't use. That said, I have the following program recommendations that might make the redemption experience more equitable and satisfying:


1) Dutch Auction Points Redemption

In this scenario, people would bid their points for a particular item (e.g., anything that would be offered for a 1000 pts or more), with items going for the lowest point total for which all the units would be sold (i.e., redeemed for points). For example, lets say Sephora was offering 10 one-on-one makeovers with Kat Von D, and 13 people decided to bid on them with the bidding looking like this:


Bidder No.1: 70,000 pts

Bidders No.2-3: 50,000 pts

Bidder No. 4-8: 40,000 pts

Bidder No. 9-11: 35,000 pts

Bidder No. 12-13: 30,000 pts


The 10 makeovers would wind up "selling" for 35,000 points, with No. 1 thru 8 getting their makeovers for 35,000. Bidders No. 9 & 10 would receive the last two makeovers because they submitted their bids before Bidder  No. 11. This format would give VIBs a better chance at getting rewards they really want, while giving Sephora a better indication of the kinds of rewards VIBs value most.


2) Points for Charity

In this scenario, Sephora creates a program where people can donate their points to buy products for people who have cancer or some other medical condition, where they would benefit from a makeover or special skincare products. Forced point hoarders like me would at least get the chance to use our points to benefit others, versus the far less gratifying option of getting ANOTHER mini-tube of baby pink lip gloss.

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar Recommendations

Wow!  That's a whole lot of points!

Re: Sephora Rewards Bazaar Recommendations

That was just an example. I don't have that many points, and think the only people who do are professional MUAs who're savvy about taking advantage of 3X point events.

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