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Member Perk Lies

  • I was just wondering if it bothers anyone that Sephora lies on their tier of rewards area where they show what each tier gets. It says that the second tier gets “Free Shipping” is it Beauty Insider that’s the step down from Rouge? My brain is still percolating this morning, but that’s what I am. And I can only get free shipping if I use the code “Freeship” and usually there are other codes I want to use and you can only use one code, so it’s frustrating. I feel that they should have an “asterisk” by the free shipping on the tier. 

I spoke to customer service about it and I guess they refuse to do anything about it. They just keep telling me I can use the “Freeship” code. I mean granted usually when I’m buying online it’s over $35 but still it’s misleading to people who might think it’s an automatic thing that you don’t need a code for. Maybe I need to email the company. They’ve also had products that said they were on sale for “$3” like this Sephora lip product and then when you would click on it, it would immediately change to $15, and then you’d have to hunt for the one that was $3 again. I almost spent a lot of money thinking they were all $3 on sale and thankfully I’m very good at checking the total…cuz I’m poor like that 😂

Re: Member Perk Lies

You can combine freeship with other codes. I do it all the time

Re: Member Perk Lies

I remember getting an email recently explaining the shipping details,  did any one else? It was from Sephora and it had a link to thier site that explained how all the shipping works at different tiers etc..

I know it's confusing that it's not the same for everyone but I swear there was an email lol

As to the lipstick, I know when hunting sales it is only select sizes, colors or options of the brand that are on sale, not always the entire line, I bet that was frustrating @NiccisNarrative but sales are not always every size colour etc.. I'm glad you noticed before checking out

Re: Member Perk Lies

@CynthieLu @Yes I received the same email. 

Re: Member Perk Lies

@NiccisNarrative  It's not lies, but it is an offer disclosure issue. Sephora can't be called blatantly dishonest because they do link to T&C in the Beauty Insider Benefits section of the page, and the $35 minimum spend is explained in the T&C. 


But having worked on offer disclosure standards for a different company once upon a time, and knowing what the FTC doesn't like to see, Sephora would be wise to improve that page. I'm no attorney so hey, if Sephora's legal team says the page is good as-is, that's their risk to take based on their own interpretation of the FTC's laws regarding online disclosures. 😄 But if this page was run past me for FTC compliance review/feedback, I'd point out as possible problems (or at least things to consider): 

  1. T&C link is in the smallest font used on the page. There's no reason—not even a valid design reason ("it just looks better this way" doesn't count)—the T&C link can't be in the next larger font used for the California financial incentive statement. Whether or not the FTC dings a company for this may depend on how many other issues they find during their review. 

  2. Which T&C does that link point to? I know they're the BI reward program terms because I've skimmed them before. But some customers, especially newbies, may not realize that link is for the reward program T&C vs, say, only the benefits with an asterisk beside them. If nothing asterisked makes a customer want to check the terms, they might never click that link. This is a potential "can customers reasonably associate the link with the offer" issue. 

  3. In the benefits table, the free standard shipping row should have a note in very close proximity (right inside that row) that briefly explains the $35 minimum spend for BI and VIB. I could swear an older version of this chart used to spell that out, but not anymore I guess. Kinda odd it's not called out when a few other benefit rows do include notes. Sephora can't use an asterisk beside free shipping because the asterisk correlates to benefits found only at US Sephora at Kohl's stores. Free shipping isn't one of the benefits available at Kohl's. 

  4. Or, am I totally misreading that Sephora at Kohl's disclosure? It's worded kinda clunky. I assume it means no benefits listed in the table except those with an asterisk are available at SaK retail stores and Kohls dot com. It can't possibly mean the asterisked benefits are available only at Kohl's. 😂 There's gotta be a clearer way to convey the intended message. 

  5. The FTC hates it when companies bury key elements of offer terms in big ol' T&C documents. This practice makes it look (to the FTC and some customers) like the company's trying to hide something by just shoving it into some massive doc no one will read in its entirety. Thankfully, Sephora T&C is nicely info-chunked with a clickable table of contents. But to quickly find info on free shipping, a customer might need to search the page for "free shipping" or related keywords. (I often do that in most companies' sprawling T&C docs, but I don't necessarily represent the average user.) Now I wonder how many customers looking for that info click the "Certain Tier Benefits and Rewards Explained" ToC link. Hopefully most, if not all, of them. 

Again, it's not a lie, but it is an opportunity for confusion and frustration for some customers since it's not mentioned at all in that benefits section of the Beauty Insider Summary page. 

Re: Member Perk Lies

@WinglessOne Thank you so much for taking the time to explain all of this in great detail, this post was very informative for both newbies within the Sephora community and also for the Sephora's internal team. I completely agree that this should be worded more transparently.

Re: Member Perk Lies

Thanks @QueenMarceline . I keep telling myself I should stop working for free for Sephora. 😂


But yeah, that review/feedback represents a slice of my former career life. I don’t know how Sephora’s web team is structured or if they have in-house designers (vs. a 3rd party contractor, like they probably do for BIC/Lithium dev issues). But I can almost hear a designer grumbling “but… but then the page won’t look as good!” I’ve done web design and have led UX design and content teams, and I can confidently say there are easy ways to update that Sephora page for a better and clearer customer experience. 

Re: Member Perk Lies

@WinglessOne Haha completely agree with you on that one. Matter of fact when I was reading this post initially the first thing that came through my mind was, "someone should give her a job within that legal department" and "I wish people I worked with crossed their t's and dotted their i's like this". It shows you definitely had/have a passion for your former career and that you were also pretty damn good at it as well. 


I truly think this is some extremely valuable feedback that the Sephora team is lucky to get (if they take it seriously, as they should) and for free! 😉 😜

Re: Member Perk Lies


The freeship code stacks with other codes.

Re: Member Perk Lies

@NiccisNarrative The tier down from Rouge is VIB. If you read the terms and conditions you do get free shipping but you have to spend $35 or more to get it or you can use the free shipping code.  The only tier that doesn't need a shipping code because they get free shipping regardless of the amount is Rouge members.


Certain Tier Benefits and Rewards Explained

Standard Shipping Benefit

All Beauty Insider members will receive free standard shipping on all qualifying online purchases in the U.S. and Canada when they make a purchase of $50 or more.

VIB members will receive free standard shipping on all qualifying online purchases in the U.S. and Canada when they make a purchase of $35 or more.

Rouge members will receive free standard shipping on all qualifying online purchases in the U.S. and Canada.

The standard shipping Benefit is not valid on international shipping, on or on

You must check out with a valid Beauty Insider account to receive the standard shipping Benefit. Benefit has no cash value. No adjustments on previous purchases. Benefit is non-transferable. Benefit subject to change, alteration, or termination by Sephora in its sole discretion at any time.


Also, I understand the price issue you are seeing.  I have seen it too on the page but when I actually click on the item it shows you what the actual sales price is which can be confusing.

Re: Member Perk Lies

Oddly enough, I have paid for flash shipping and if I order something less than $35 (whilst VIB) I get it crazy quick. If I order something that’s over $35 and they “give” me free shipping as my VIB perk (remember I’ve already paid for Flash) it’s slower, but once I hit Rouge shipping just can to a snail’s crawl. Rouge, with paid Flash and a $90 order made on Thursday (Sept 2) will not be delivered until Wednesday (Sept 7). That’s not very flash! And that’s IF I get on the day they project it will be delivered! 

Re: Member Perk Lies

@tinalee2 @Did you order something that cannot be shipped overnight or airfreighted?  Also, Monday is a holiday so your order will be delayed a day. 

Re: Member Perk Lies

No, nothing that couldn’t be shipped faster. Even giving them the weekend, and the holiday. There is no way a “flash” package (remember, I pay for flash and it’s supposed to be 1-2 day shipping) should take almost a full week to get here. 

Re: Member Perk Lies

@tinalee2 I have had some of my packages get delayed with flash. It usually happens when they have sales going on. 

Re: Member Perk Lies

Still there’s no confusion. It needs an asterisk by “free shipping” It does not say “free standard shipping with code” or “with $35 purchase” These companies need to rectify their lies.


Re: Member Perk Lies

@NiccisNarrative @If you look in the actual shipping page it has an asterisk at the end  339A0E1A-3E20-4238-B9E7-6B8E7FF31FC5.png


Re: Member Perk Lies

@NiccisNarrative @It’s not lying if it’s in their terms and conditions. 

Re: Member Perk Lies

Can they ship to St Croix USVI to?

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