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Focus Question: Beauty Insider



BeautyTalkers! We want to hear from you:


What can Store Employees do to make you feel appreciated and valued as a Beauty Insider while you are shopping in store?


Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Re: Focus Question: Beauty Insider

Had a terrible thought- We have all been complaining that the 3 free samples and availability of deluxe samples online are what drives us to shop there over the brick and mortar stores. It would be ironic if Sephora decided to stop giving out online samples to make shopping more like in store! Smiley Sad

Re: Focus Question: Beauty Insider

Then I would only order from nordstrom Smiley Happy

Re: Focus Question: Beauty Insider

It would be nice to not get brushed off because of age...  My husband and I are 50+, and we find that no one even asks us if we need help, and when we do ask for help, no one wants to spend more than 30 seconds with us.  My husband and I are always courteous and kind to all employees (at any and every store that we do business with), so we are a bit miffed that we get ignored the majority of the time.  Also, ditto what everyone else says about getting samples.  It practically takes an act of Congress to get a sample in-store.

Re: Focus Question: Beauty Insider

Being able to use codes instore and I would have more events for Beauty Insiders. I know that some stores have classes and events but none of mine do in the entire state. 

Re: Focus Question: Beauty Insider

Agree, I used to live in an area where the Sephora near me had a lot of BI/VIB events held (singers, whatever) but have moved a bit away from that and don't get any more event notifications to stores nearby.

Re: Focus Question: Beauty Insider

Oh - another thing: Returns.


I don't buy in store very often because of lack of samples at check out, and negative attitude/lack of good product information available from SAs (I research online instead - yay BT). 


But even more, I don't buy in store because I am VERY sensitive/tons of allergies (and I'm also just very picky), and I may need to return.  I almost always have my reciept, box, product is barely used, etc.  --


In store I get the worst attitude, snippy comments, dirty looks.  Never been refused or anything, never had a problem per se with a return (all well within policy and I probably only made 3-4 returns in store last year).


Most recently I got the SILENT TREATMENT.  The cashier literally would not speak to me, answer my question about the store credit I received, etc.  I was so shocked and insulted, I just left (still wish I would have followed up with manager).


Since then, I haven't purchased in store at all.

Re: Focus Question: Beauty Insider

If I could heart this post a million times, I would. The last time I made a return in-store (like you, everything was in perfect condition, in their boxes, and I had my receipts) and the SA INSTANTLY went from smiling and friendly to stone-faced. She was clearly annoyed about the return.


I very very strongly suspect that this is the result of a Sephora headquarters policy of some sort. That SA was clearly capable of being friendly and helpful, but it was like I slapped her across the face when I said I had some returns to make. 


And god forbid, I should have returns from more than one order. 

Re: Focus Question: Beauty Insider

i get the same reaction also when I make a return!  The SA (usually the same one for some reason) suddenly turns very serious and doesnt talk to me and avoids eye contact!

Re: Focus Question: Beauty Insider

lol YES - phew I'm kinda glad it's not just me!!!!!!

Re: Focus Question: Beauty Insider

Oh gosh yes, this is my experience, too.


I agree that whatever policies are in place that make them really rude about returns in store should be examined -- Sephora should not incentivize this behavior in SA's through corporate policies.

Re: Focus Question: Beauty Insider

Like everyone else has said: samples! I much prefer to shop in person than ordering stuff online, but I always feel like I'm missing out or not getting the best deal for my money because the free samples are only given out online. Also, there are frequently online deals but you can't get them if you go to the store. I would love if the SAs at checkout would give a free deluxe sample to Rouge members too. We are probably a much better bet than most for getting a return on investment with those.


Also, I always feel guilty requesting a sample of anything. I would love if more SAs would ask if I wanted them to make a sample. I've only had that happen a few times and it was always wonderful. (As a side note, please encourage SAs to give decent sized samples, especially with skincare. The eye cream sample I got yesterday was pitifully small, I'll probably need to get a second sample to test it's effectiveness.)

Re: Focus Question: Beauty Insider


Re: Focus Question: Beauty Insider

Stop giving me attitude! Some employees are just rude and need to work on their customer service.


If I'm talking to you make me feel like I matter. Don't look around the store and act like a jerk. Don't act like you have better things to do.


If I want a sample, I should get a sample.  I have sensitive skin and prefer trying new skin care via sample.  If it works I'll be back to buy the full size.


If I want to see a product I should be able to see it. It takes forever to get new products on the floor in Canada.  So if the product is already released on-line and it's in the back room because you guys didn't get the new display I should be able to see it if I request it. I have 2 stores in my city.  One refused to do this for me... the other one was super happy to help.  They brought out the colors I wanted to see and made testers for me. This resulted in a few purchases.

Re: Focus Question: Beauty Insider

I'd had a lot of false promises.  People who tell me they can't find an item but won't help me find it elsewhere (or instock in another store locally).  Or tell me that they will be unpacking some boxes this evening in the back but don't have an inventory list but would call me if the items I wanted were there (as I did not want to make a long haul to come back to that store unless they were in stock)... and never got a call!


I realize best efforts, but lots of times I feel like they get my hopes up.  I ask for things, but no one seems willing to find me something else related to what I'm looking for if they are out of it, answer tends to be "sorry!" and then they leave me behind and off to the next customer (as If they feel they can't satisfy me or it's a waste of their time to try to accommodate the out-of-stock product and find something similar).

Re: Focus Question: Beauty Insider

YES! I was interested in buying Naked3 and THREE TIMES I went to my local store they were out of stock. Each time an associate told me "we'll be getting more in next week" but no one offered to call, and the one time I got an exact day from someone I showed back up and surprise- they didn't get any in, or even have a shipment come in that day!


I wish Sephora had the personalization that department store counters have- I bought a Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer ONCE from Macys and the girl who works there called me about sales and specials for like a year after. And when I dropped by she remembered me! I know that the dept. store clerks probably work on commission, but it would be nice to get that level of service at a store I spend so much of my money at.

Re: Focus Question: Beauty Insider

Thank you so much for this post, honestly i think that all employees should have a general knowledge of the makeup, brands and at least some skincare and fragrances that sephora carries, instead of the knowledge of working retail.


my nearest sephora has employee's who i call and ask about certain products and they tell me (very rudely) that they have no idea what i'm talking about, and to come in the store and thats the reason i called in the first place. 


also, i think maybe some in store samples would be nice. 

Re: Focus Question: Beauty Insider

I think employees need more general awareness of all of Sephora's promotions, perks, brands, services, etc etc.


They should be aware that Not All Sephoras Are Created Equal, and be ready to give customers options.


For instance, if a sales associate in Northern NJ notices a customer buying a lot of Make Up For Ever, they might mention that there is an extended Make Up For Ever boutique in the SoHo NYC store where the customer can shop an extended range of products and take makeup lessons from MUFE trained and certified artists.  Maybe that customer will not be interested, but maybe they will make the trip and learn something new.  Sephora has MANY perks, but I feel like we often know more about them than some of the employees.


I think more emphasis should be placed on the Sephora helping Communities program, and more attention should be drawn to it.

Re: Focus Question: Beauty Insider


  • include 3 samples with purchase, just like online
  • if something is out of stock, order it for customer and ship it free... i didn't think this was possible until one rare occasion when they were out of a clinique travel set I needed, and the SA gave me a slip for free shipping (no min) so i could purchase it online!
  •  have a greeter as you walk in to provide Rouge shoppers with a RED shopping bag instead of black!
  • make your email promo's printable- so we can get the same promos in store as well as online (deluxe samples, etc)

Re: Focus Question: Beauty Insider

Agree!   But the promos should be link to our accounts.

Re: Focus Question: Beauty Insider

hey cute idea about the red shopping bag Smiley Wink!


Good other suggestions for sure.

Re: Focus Question: Beauty Insider

It's been said already in this thread but it bears repeating - don't give me attitude!  If I'm coming into the store it's to try stuff on, so don't give me attitude because I don't have a ton on makeup on, or because I'm dressed casually, or because I weigh more than the other girls in the store, or because my hair has no product in it and is in a ponytail.


Or for any reason, frankly.


Also staff should be more willing to listen!  I've gotten brushed off with a pert and cheery answer even though what the sales girl is saying makes no sense.  For example: I went in store to get help because an order came to me in Canada by post, and it contained an Ohio girl's Clairsonic order including her packing, receipt and return mail labels.  The hotline was unable to help so I went in store wanting to just have this stuff taken off my hands.  The staff were all pleasant and helpful, but they told me to use the US return lablel and mail it back.  I had to point out that we aren't in the United States and that the shipping label wouldn't work.  The reply I got was "oh it certainly will - the Sephora girl I called in Texas said so!!". 


That's a long-winded example but it was something that absolutely defied logic and I couldn't understand why none of the three staff who were involved would actually listen to me!  They just kept smiling and nodding at me until I left.  It was kind of weird.


And are the samples taken out of the employee's pay?  Don't make me ask!


That aside, there are some staff who know their stuff, who are nice and who are willing to teach you how to use a product.  They aren't afraid to tell you to try something else, or to admit they don't know something and get someone else. They are invaluable and I'm sure the store managers know who they are - they need to be applauded and treated like gold. 

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