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$20 off $50 Sale?

I always remember that this sale is available after all the other discount sales in November, but today I received a Spend $50 get 20% Dec 18-24.  What is Sephora doing?  I already used my 20% off at the beginning of November, not a very good incentive or marketing.  Disappointed. 

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Re: $20 off $50 Sale?

I also haven't received my 20% off email today. I was waiting and don't see anything in my inbox or online

Re: $20 off $50 Sale?

@Nica6 @mimicakes @beautyaddict99 @jenkrock @cianni 

The code is the same for everyone: J8ERGSERJ

If the promo has been activated on your account, it should work. If it doesn't work, then you'd have to contact CS to find out why. 

Re: $20 off $50 Sale?

I didn't end up getting the email until 6:48pm EST yesterday. weird.

Re: $20 off $50 Sale?

@RGbrown Thanks! I got my email a few hours after posting and ...... poof I spent it and it’s gone 😂😂

Re: $20 off $50 Sale?

Thank you, I never got an email but that code works. Appreciate it

Re: $20 off $50 Sale?

I spent the $50 in November per email saying you will get a one time 20% off discount on December 18-24, but I haven't gotten an email with a code for the 20%off. Anyone received an email yet? 

Re: $20 off $50 Sale?

I did the same and didn’t receive a code, when I contacted Sephora they said it’s for selected insiders, it’s so unfair because I spent the money thinking I’ll get 20% off but didn’t...

Re: $20 off $50 Sale?

I'm also still waiting on mine. 

Re: $20 off $50 Sale?

Waiting on mine as wel.

Re: $20 off $50 Sale?

@mimicakes  I’m still waiting on mine too 

Re: $20 off $50 Sale?

Hi all! 


Please check out the Holiday Hooray 2019 promotion details in this thread here:

Thank you!


Best regards.

Laurie 🙂

Re: $20 off $50 Sale?

I got this email few weeks ago. I didn't use it. Last week I got the spend $75 get $25 off in the mail. They just want us to spend spend spend.

Re: $20 off $50 Sale?

I haven’t even received anything from Sephora. No mails nor emails. I have no idea why...

Same. I still haven't received the $20 off $75 coupon......

Same. I still haven't received the $20 off $75 coupon... disappointing... especially since most companies were offering 20-25% off this week - I'll be very disappointed in Sephora if I don't get the coupon or if it's less than last year.

Re: $20 off $50 Sale?

Hi @Nanaa912


I will send you a private message so I can check your email subscription.  Thanks! 


Best Wishes,



Re: $20 off $50 Sale?

For the 20% off Dec 18-24 I can’t figure out if it’s one purchase or one item. Any clarity? I didn’t see it in the fine print in the email 

Re: $20 off $50 Sale?

@Nica6 its 20% off a one time purchase during those dates.

RE: Re: $20 off $50 Sale?

I spent way over $100 on Friday at Sephora in the mall and I did not receive my 20% coupon. Can you help me with this?

Re: RE: Re: $20 off $50 Sale?

@TrishaSisakBrow you should get the email by or on 12/18

Re: RE: Re: $20 off $50 Sale?


No one has received the email yet. If you made a qualifying purchase, you will receive an email before the promo begins. 

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