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Spa Night

I was wondering some good products for a spa night ???

Re: Spa Night

i love facials for spa night and recently ive really been into the Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Dew Drops Serum its an amazing feel after it leaves me glowing!

Re: Spa Night

To create a game-changing spa experience right from the comfort of your home, you’ll need the below at-home spa essentials.

1. Bath bombs

After a long week at work, you might want to fill up your bathtub, light some candles, and just soak up some suds. Before you step in, you should give your bath the full spa-like experience that you deserve with a soothing bath bomb.

These spa day staples contain ingredients such as citric acid that can exfoliate your skin and oils that can replenish and hydrate you from head to toe. Plus, their relaxing scents are an added bonus that will leave your aroma delightful long after your bath. Depending on your mood, you can choose between lavender or chamomile scents for a restful aura or lemongrass to uplift your spirits.


2. Epsom salts

If you aren’t entirely interested in fizzy bath bombs, another option for restoring yourself after a long day is Epsom salts. These bath salts can soothe sore muscles and leave your skin feeling soft. The best salts contain essential oils such as lavender or eucalyptus for additional potential moisturizing. Simply fill your bathtub with warm water, add the directed salt solution, and soak for no longer than 20 minutes. And then, move on to your next relaxing spa moment.


3 Body scrub

You’ve probably heard that facial exfoliants are great for removing dirt and dead skin cells from your face. Body scrubs can do the same for your body. They can help cleanse your skin and give it the healthy glow you deserve. These scrubs come in many delightful scents from rose to coconut or vanilla and well beyond that.

To use a body scrub on your spa day, first, rinse your body under warm water. Then, apply a small amount of scrub into your hand and move around your body in a circular motion. Rinse off, wash with a regular cleanser, then apply lotion once dry.



4. Dry brush

Dry brushing is essentially a body massage you give yourself with a stiff-bristled brush with nothing on it, including water or any sort of scrub. This type of massage can help remove dry, flaky skin from your body. It’s best to dry brush before you shower, so you can rinse away any flaky skin or dead cells.

Especially after a long day at work, using a dry brush and taking a hot shower is a great way to unwind and decompress. Your dry brush can help you feel replenished, and your shower won’t take away time from your busy schedule.


5. Face cleansers

One of the best ways to set the mood for your day is to start your morning with all of your favorite skincare products. Your skincare routine doesn’t need to have 10 steps or take you 20 minutes to complete – you can easily fit it into your morning. It’s just a way to freshen up your skin and get ready for a busy day ahead. And the first step in a solid skincare ritual is applying a face cleanser.

Different people have different skin types, so a face cleanser that your friend recommends might not work as well for you. Do some research into what types of cleansers might match your skin type, then stock up on it for your at-home spa. To apply your cleanser, just rub a dime-sized amount into your face and rinse it off. Once you’ve cleansed your face, you can further your relaxing routine with oils and moisturizers.


6. Face masks

While reading a book or watching your favorite TV show, pamper yourself a bit with a face mask. Typically, face masks include ingredients that can hydrate your skin and give you a gorgeous, youthful glow. You can use sheet masks that mold to the shape of your face, or you can rub a thick liquid mask onto your face. Face masks are great for a weekly at-home routine that mentally transports you to your favorite spa.


7. Eye mask

For a more targeted type of spa day routine, you can always try eye masks. These patches fit right below your eyes and can help lighten dark circles and reduce wrinkles. You can store them in your freezer or fridge for a sleek, cooling feel that’ll help reduce puffiness. Try wearing them after a shower or as you get ready in the morning to feel rejuvenated and fresh for the day.


8. Hair masks

Your skin isn’t the only thing you can mask up on spa day. Hair masks give you that much-needed TLC in a whole different way. They help hydrate your scalp and can reduce dry, split ends. They’re a great choice the next time you're enjoying a warm bath on spa night. Simply put a small amount into your palm, add it into your hair, and cover your hair in a hot towel. Let it sit for 10 to 30 minutes for optimal results.



9. Pimple patches

When you become stressed, your whole body can react to it, especially your skin. Namely, acne breakouts are sometimes correlated with stress. Instead of worrying over your acne and worsening the problem, stop the breakouts and minimize your stress with pimple patches. Every time you see a breakout forming, place a patch atop your acne spot before bed. By morning, your acne may begin to calm down.


10. Hydrating moisturizer

After soaking in the tub or relaxing in a hot shower, you can end your DIY spa experience with a hydrating moisturizer. This type of product can help soften your skin, fight acne, and may reduce the appearance of aging in the long run. Try applying a generous amount in the morning and at night to feel hydrated and give your skin a dewy, glowing appearance.


11. Shea butter

Known for its soothing properties, shea butter is an excellent ingredient in lotions and other personal care products. After showering, use a penny-sized amount of shea butter and apply it to areas that could use a little hydration.


12. Facial roller

If you don’t feel like breaking the bank for an hour-long spa appointment, you’re already halfway there. All the above at-home spa essentials set up your skincare routine. The only thing you need to take it to the next level is a facial roller.

Many estheticians – the formal term for spa employees – use facial rollers in their treatments. That’s because the cooling stones on facial rollers can help reduce the appearance of puffiness. They’re also just a nice way to feel more at ease. You can create the ultimate refreshing spa treatment by keeping your facial roller in the fridge. These devices are affordable and can be found both online and in personal care product stores.


13. Towel warmer

Besides the massage, one of the best parts of visiting a spa is the heated towels you receive afterward. They’re soft and cozy, and they feel like they just left the dryer. If you want to feel like you're at a spa every day – and really impress your guests – a towel warmer might do the trick. Add body towels or facial cloths to turn your at-home spa into a five-star experience.


14. A comfy robe and fuzzy slippers

You can continue your spa day well after your bath with a cozy robe and fuzzy slippers. All the soft fabric can help you keep the spa-like vibe going. After all, slippers and robes are much softer and comfier than wearing regular pajamas. Plus, a robe is great for keeping the newly-introduced hydrating products on your skin, so they continue to absorb long after.


15. Foot spa

As much as you love going to the salon for a pedicure, what happens when you just don’t want to leave the house? A foot spa can give you the best of both worlds. These footbaths are affordable and compact – you can probably store them in your linen closet. For your next at-home spa experience, add warm water to the footbath, turn on the jets, and voila – you’ve created a relaxing experience at home.

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Re: Spa Night

@Anadosia I purchased OUAI Mini St. Barts Cleansing Scalp & Body Sugar Scrub 3.4 oz / 100 mL and the body lotion.  These products transport me to the beach and feel relaxed.


Also try SEPHORA COLLECTION Clean Foot Mask , these are fun to use and leave my feet super soft.


Light some candles and if you are old enough enjoy a  cocktail or a glass of wine.

Re: Spa Night

@Anadosia I love Leahlani face masks

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