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Sol De Janeiro Perfume #71 attracts bugs?

So apparently #SolDeJaneiro perfume number 71 attracts bugs?
Im a High School student and almost every girl at my school RAVES about Sol De Janeiro perfume. But the other day I overheard a group of 6-10 girls at school talking about how number 71 attracts bugs. 

From what I heard one of the girls went hiking last weekend and bugs started to sum around her. She sprayed her perfume on when a lot of bugs started to crawl and fly around her. So is this true?

I took it upon myself to test this.

First I tried to spray it on one those misquito catchers except my doesn't work. I sprayed the perfume on it and there were only few misquitos came.

Something I did start to realize is that the girls at my school wear A LOT of perfume. So if there were quite a few sprays then my assumption would be correct.

So that’s what I did next, I sprayed it 5 times and a concerning amount of bugs came.

My conclusion is that yes Sol De Janeiro perfume number 71 does attract quite a lot of bugs. Now of course there a ways to prevent it the easiest one being just do 1 or 2 sprays.

The reason that this perfume attracts bugs is because of its sweet vanilla scent.


Thanks for your time, TBI


Re: Sol De Janeiro Perfume #71 attracts bugs?

That is the main reason why I didn't want to try that scent, I'm soooo scared of spiders 

Re: Sol De Janeiro Perfume #71 attracts bugs?

the first time i wore this perfume a bee landed on my finger 😗 be prepared for the occasional bug to try and pollinate you 

Re: Sol De Janeiro Perfume #71 attracts bugs?

I can't express surprise that I found a message about bugs here. After all, not so long ago, I had to prepare a small study on the behavior of insects. This topic was difficult for me, and I didn't know how to do it. That's why I decided to pay for homework and not worry about that research. And it turns out that different school situations can trigger different experiments that can provide valuable research results. I'm interested in your experiment to see if Sol De Janeiro No. 71 attracts bugs. I had to use the site for my task because I could not even guess that it was possible to conduct some experiments. But I got a good study. From my knowledge, I can add that different perfumes can attract different types of bugs and that bugs' behavior can also depend on location and time of day. Overall, your experiment was a great way to satisfy your curiosity. Thanks for sharing!

Re: Sol De Janeiro Perfume #71 attracts bugs?

@SolDeJeniero Lol I never wear fragrance when I go hiking because they attract bugs. And sometimes bees 😬

Re: Sol De Janeiro Perfume #71 attracts bugs?

@SolDeJeniero 71 is one of my favorite SDJ scents and I've honestly never had this problem.  Interesting observation...

Re: Sol De Janeiro Perfume #71 attracts bugs?

Haha I better watch out thankfully I haven't tried '71 yet so good to know.

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