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Hermes Kelly Caleche dupe

Anyone know of a less expensive dupe for Kelly Caleche by Hermes? TIA!! ❤

Re: Hermes Kelly Caleche dupe

@kbella5656 Not sure if it's easy to find but Madame Rochas might give you the same vibe as an old school aldehydic floral. You might want to look at other classic aldehydic florals and vintages. They are kind of tough to find cheap these days as the style has fallen out of popularity and it's mostly luxury houses like Frederic Malle who are doing them now for $$$$.

Re: Hermes Kelly Caleche dupe

Thank you so much for the advice! Also, I'm just not sure how much longer Kelly will smell good since being discontinued years ago. Same with other fragrances I love. Any advice on that? ❤

Re: Hermes Kelly Caleche dupe

@kbella5656 You're welcome and omgosh, I totally missed the "Kelly" in your post. I don't recall the scent of Kelly but this one is pretty different from the original. You might like to try Daim Blonde by Serge Lutens?


To answer your original question, it's not easy because with improper storage, sometimes the citrusy notes can go off. But if it's stored properly, basically in a dark cool place, perfumes are basically like spirits, they are mostly alcohol and keep really, really well. I have some vintages from the 70s and 80s so we're talking almost half a century now and they smell great! 

Re: Hermes Kelly Caleche dupe

Kelly has a powdery leather smell. It's gorgeous. Thanks again! ❤

Re: Hermes Kelly Caleche dupe

And, while the SL might be something to sample... it's definitely not less expensive! Lol 😆

Re: Hermes Kelly Caleche dupe

@kbella5656 Oh my, that's true! The original vintages can be a little tougher to source, but they can be better quality at a lower cost. A lot of niche perfumes at $300/50ml these days are rehashings of much more affordable scents from previous decades that younger consumers don't remember anymore. If you look on eBay, search the Basenotes forum to see if people have dealt with the seller. There are also some sites like The Perfumed Court and Surrender to Chance that sell vintage decants. Every now and then a full bottle goes by on StC.


As an aside if you tag my name using a "@" , or @ anyone else, they'll get a notification 🙂 I try to check into this group but sometimes I miss posts.

Re: Hermes Kelly Caleche dupe

@pocketvenus Oops, sorry. Thanks for all of your time and tips!!

Re: Hermes Kelly Caleche dupe

@kbella5656 No worries at all! Just don't want your posts to get lost 🙂

Re: Hermes Kelly Caleche dupe


Half a century, you say? 😲



I will die on this hill 🤣

Re: Hermes Kelly Caleche dupe

@RGbrown Ha ha ha 😄 The 90s are timeless and forever!!






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