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Sephora digital events

Are the Sephora digital event prizes or samples worth the 100 points? Has anyone gone? If so can you show what sample you received?

Re: Sephora digital events


 currently in the Lancôme class and it is sooooo informative!!! 😍

Re: Sephora digital events

@Kennnny @I’ve attended several, and I think they’re worth it, especially if a) you know you like the brand, or b) you’re super-curious about the brand and have yet to make a purchase! My favorites this year so far we’re the Maison Margiela 'REPLICA' Memory Box Perfume Set candle one (we received a Starbucks-style Sephora cup and a deluxe mini of “Bubble Bath edp “ and the Danessa Myricks Beauty Yummy Skin Blurring Balm Powder Universal  one where we received a set of three Sephora scrunchies and a mini “Twin Flames” multi chrome pigment in Crazy 4 U .  I still have a pic of that:


Danessa gave a real master class in makeup application, and even though I could never replicate it, it was amazingggg to watch!!

Re: Sephora digital events


 this just came in as the gift from the last event…

Re: Sephora digital events

Those are nice scrunchies, @RabbitRye

Re: Sephora digital events

I’ve attended every event this year and it is totally worth it! You get a full class from whichever brand you select as well as a gift from the brand and Sephora! I look forward to it every month! Here are a few photos…




Re: Sephora digital events

@RabbitRye @They use to be free without having to spend points and you would get the free samples and could be entered to win prizes. 

Re: Sephora digital events

@Kennnny @ather after attending the free ones back in 2020/2021 and getting samples from them I personally wouldn’t want to spend my points on them anymore.  I did win 2 prizes when it was free. 

I only took 1 100 point class to get the tumbler they were offering for the month but other than that I wouldn’t use my points for them.  

Re: Sephora digital events

@Kennnny  I believe @SportyGirly125  has won some prizes from the digital events. 

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