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Makeup Help for Dry Skin

Hey everyone! So I'm in need of tips, tricks, and products on how to make my makeup last through the summer. I have a few outdoor events I have to attend this summer and I was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to make my makeup last on my dry skin. What are your favorite moisturizers, primers, foundations, and powders. And also if you apply powder, how do you do it in a way that doesn't cake on dry skin? My skin tone is tan (Indian skin tone) if anyone has any suggestions on powders that won't make me look ashy. Thank you so much!

Re: Makeup Help for Dry Skin

Re: Makeup Help for Dry Skin

Does the Hollywood Flawless Filter lose its "glow" when u put foundation and powder over it?

Re: Makeup Help for Dry Skin

Thank you so much! Ive heard of the Hourglass powder being really good for dry skin. I'll have to try it now. 

Re: Makeup Help for Dry Skin

@cass08  Hi!  My skin tone is not the same as yours, but hopefully I can make some useful suggestions.

I do have very dry skin, (except for my forehead!)  Dry patches on cheek, etc.  I can't miss moisturizing for a day because the patches will reappear.

Regarding moisturizers, Drunk Elephant makes two products that work very well together: their B-Hydra Serum and Protini moisturizer  

I had used their Protini moisturizer, and loved it because it worked and made my skin smooth enough that I did not need to use a primer most days.  Then, I was gifted the B-Hydra as part of the Passioni retinol cream for skin cell renewal from Sephora, and it was incredible!  It made the red spots on my cheeks disappear.  I highly recommend all three of these products. Tongue406712Smiley Tonguer... Tongue439926Smiley Tongueroduct Tongue427421Smiley Tonguerodu...


I recently purchased and really like YSL's Touche Eclat Blur Primer.  It spreads very easily, adds a little bit of glow, and makes my makeup look very smooth and even when applied.


This is my favorite foundation:


Last, about the finishing powder- the easiest type of finishing powder to work with would probably be one that has no color.  I find Ilia's to be very pretty, but make sure it is applied lightly, as with any powder, to avoid a chalky finish.


Re: Makeup Help for Dry Skin

Wow thank you so much! ^.^ I'll try these products out 

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